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  1. Shores of Hazeron use to be free, and it allows most things DU aims for, without the voxels, but if you're lucky you may be able to get a free friend code for a month of someone in the game.
  2. Honestly this, There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gifted a key, and there is also nothing wrong with someone gifting that person back some ISK Though ofc it seems that the keys only reference closed beta.
  3. I think ascension would be a cool endgame for orgs, they move up into the next plane of existence. Then ensues a different gameloop of spirits in the spirit realm where the gods don't delve into lowly mortal matters lol.
  4. It was just an observation and then a question of why; I never implied there was a civil war, but that was certainly a riot.
  5. Yup perfectly justifiable! 500 people are "Just a few" of those arrested by the way..845 cars vandalized? hah! Chump change.
  6. Why were there riots in France after? https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/989289/world-cup-final-france-vs-croatia-riots-Paris-French-celebrations
  7. The issue I've noticed is that things can get de-synced very easily in DU. NovaQuark should outline their confidence in how much bandwidth there will be between each dynamically scaled node in their clusters, If there are 6000 players in an area only a few cubic kilometers across in DU, in orbit above a city, how well will the synchronization of assets passing in and out of the subsequent scaled nodes be is a question that remains to be answered. Even though DU is single shard, how will they tackle high latency between users near their server and users far from their server geographically? The only way I can see things behaving fluidly is if they have more than one central server based on geographic distance, we don't have instantaneous internet connections.
  8. With proper asset protections in place and a "join an org or perish" mentality, this would ensure that players can safely experience the game mechanics without interruptions from trolls etc. It will be quickly realized that the most valuable aspect of the game won't be the leaders or the orgs, or even emergent gameplay, the true value of the game will be the "grunts", the "workers" of each org or lone mercenary orgs. The willingness to give up leading but rather submitting to an org as a subordinate is the most valuable aspect. Organisations should do everything that can to convince players to join their cause.
  9. Space is not hard at all.. If you have fusion.
  10. It's just semantics; in the end it always meant a single playing field, but every cubic kilometer represents a virtual server, as the density of players increase the virtual servers decrease in size, maintaining the same load on each server. The issue will always be latency. I'm interested in how NQ will approach this problem.
  11. No such thing as realistic physics in games. They are all either graphical tricks or other tricks. But what you could say is how realistic will the physics appear and that depends on how much depth the devs wish to go into physics and how constrained the hardware is. From what I've seen, the physics seem complete enough. We're not going to be kerbal space program physics, or Sandbox Universe 2 level. Also, planets aren't going to revolve around stars because according to the Devs this adds a lot of problems with trying to make sure ships and people remain in the frame of reference of planets, so not sure how much further you wish to go with this.
  12. I'd really like material processing to be somewhat realistic. e.g. You can only manually extract the easy elements, like iron ore, silicon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, etc etc. It doesn't have to be super complex, but the most common materials could be extracted and thus refined in predefined stations that combine raw elements into useful intermediate materials, like Steel (Carbon+iron), refined copper, refined aluminium, and even fractional distillation for petrochemicals, like crude oil => fractional distillation =>Natural gas all way down to heavy oil =>plastics, automobile fuel, lubricants, plastics etc etc. For things like power generation, you'd actually have to construct a working industry with your player group. E.g. Strategic amounts of resources need to be applied with economies of scale. You thus need machinery to extract raw materials, large furnaces and refineries to refine and concentrate said raw materials and finally manufacturing stations or robotic plants that build pre-defined constructs based on blueprint. Eventually, you then extract Uranium Oxide (yellow cake) with Sulfuric acid deep pipe extraction, and thus intermediate centrifugals that condense the U235 from the U238, allowing you to make fuel rods and then finally core of a nuclear power station. So in simple terms it would logically work as; Raw materials => recipe => intermediate product => blueprint=> Finished item/or part of a construct => blueprint => construct/finished Building Raw materials => recipe => intermediate product => blueprint=> Finished item/or part of a construct Raw materials => recipe => Raw materials => We can then go even further. There could be a mechanic similar to 4x games where certain planets, due to geological reasons posess better potentials for certain resources etc. You could call it yield per hour, or the amount of material extracted per hour depending on the construct/planet/region on planet/climate/planet biome(s)
  13. Dialing is better because it's more aesthetic. Also, if security is a concern, all the better, groups should co-operate together to ensure the security of both sides of a portal, also more emergent gameplay.
  14. I am looking forward to test the scalable load balancing multiplayer system.
  15. Way better just getting lifetime tier pledge for Dual universe and not getting an oculus at all, wait for the next versions, or even the third refined version of oculus/vive..
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