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  1. The game will grow a larger community, when more infos will be known to the devs and communitcated. What do we have? A game with full groundbased pvp and fully destructable environment on ONE planet (while most people dream of exploring a space sim) A game which only offers tools, but no real content. People tend to consume content, most don't like to do something to be entertained Many interesting questions in the current Q&A thread offer "we might add in the future" answers to things quite vital to a game to succeed All this combined is quite underwhelming. DU seems to sound great at first glance, but it simply does not offer enough to get people hooked. I was looking for a space sim. I don't care for groundbased pvp hacking my way around to collect ressources for weeks to build a ship which can't even leave the starsystem. I see the option to destroy everything not as an advantage, because it will discourage people to build something, when they have to fear it will be destroyed after they log on next. Pvp on ground is offered in a wide variaty of games. Destructable terrain will only hook so many. DU can only score with its customizable spaceships at a large scale and of course something to do with them other to bring them down again. Currently I get the feeling the devs only have some ideas but lack the big picture of the game. And after talking to other potential customers, I am not the only one with this feeling. Fanboys will cry "Pre-Alpha, what do you expect", I know, but currently DU is not much more than a vision and it will show at the kickstarter. DU seriously lacks many different types of content(either way the game is intended to go) to get much more people interested. You have only so many people interested in raw pvp and onyl so many interested in minecraft like building and both type of players don't mix well, if you ask me. I don't want to rant, DU intrigues me, but currently (pre-alpha, I named it) there is not much to it to attract masses.
  2. Well, if voxel planets make everything possible, think about what kids love to do with sand and water... Someone will fill your underground city with the water of the nearest river ... at least, if everything is possible
  3. So let us see, how the number is growing until the release of DU hits the market
  4. Goemoe

    Hi all

    Willkommen! We will see how much of a simulation we get
  5. Hm... mal sehen, was aus dem Spiel und der Legion so wird... ups...
  6. My thoughts exactly. And will a single player be able to safely store that amount of resources to ever get a chance to build one himself?
  7. Interesting... the ship developed conciousness and fled
  8. You would be surprised for what little buffs people buy and use food in MMOs
  9. I am sure some of the dev team read along in the forum, since it is not too hard too track currently. I guess the hundreds of users here now will grow to many thousands by the end of the year and by then it could be hard to read all we 'mess around' in here. So I suggest, you just pick the questions you are able to answer, perhaps even in a new dev blog so everybody can see, even if he is new to the site.
  10. Hi real Beowulf, I am here for nearly the same reasons. Also it is always interesting to accompany a game during development. Let's what happens around Alioth. Ready to arkify?
  11. As long as the game will be released for pc, it has to offer mouse and keyboard control. Simply because many people don't like or even own joysticks or gamepads. When you use them, you have to realize, the game is split between cockpitmode and walking somewhere. Your UI and your options will be different. Who(nobody?) wants to use totally different controls for either playmode?
  12. I do like the idea of biological ships. You could find new ingredients on different planets to upgrade your options, growing your ship components. Or you could find very special fertilizer to make stuff grow faster/stronger.
  13. It is quite funny, but the food to survive question comes up in nearly every early stage of a MMORPG. Everytime there are enthusiasts voting for it and (nearly) every time it will be cancelled or ignored because of a simple fact: it generates frustration and offers nothing. It is a sci-fi game which will - as we currently know - play more on planets than in space. You will spend more time struggling to get back to space, defending your properties or attacking other peoples stuff than cruising harmlessly around picking flowers and cook a meal. This is not picknick in space, it is a fully blown all against all anarchy universe. It would be as vylqun said: only a chore without benefit. Which is the reason almost every game skipped it during development. Most games use food to buff you in some way, but it is not necessary to play. Food could make you faster, more effective while harvesting stuff, clever food makes you research harder or something. But don't ever make it a necessity.
  14. Understandable. But not everyone is into crafting. Creating a big ship will use up not only loads of ressources but also quite some hours of designing, testing and adjusting. I am sure not everyone is willing to spend that much. Especially the big ones are worth a blueprint.
  15. Easy one. We have to use several premade stuff to build our constructs. They could offer cosmetic variants to them or even new ones, only available with the shop. As long as they would not be more powerful (noone likes pay to win) this would be interesting. Keys to some ancient vaults found throughout the universe All things cosmetic we could look at (clothes, armor, helmets, weapons, capes) - offer an appearance slot and you have a truckload of opportunities for your shop, your spacecraft has stylish flames trailing it? Your engines are yellow, red, violet, sparkling pink Convenience items which let you mine slightly easier or in style, hover you around instead of running, bigger backpack, greater resource load? If we collect ideas or look at other games shop, there will be plenty of options for any possible game without hurting the game balance. Yes some people will cry at every shop, but some will cry at everything, always, everywhere
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