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  1. The main reason I bring this up is that with the realism of DU I believe it wouldn't feel right to talk to a superior using a username which can kind of be equated to a first name. Captain Jones to me sounds much better than a username, or any other title that usually goes with a last name. Really want to know what everyone else thinks though.
  2. Ok thanks for all the feedback, I was trying to think of a way where an organization could build up it's supplies of materials without the need for directly demanding/asking for the materials from the players. Like in this case they get higher grade stuff in exchange for the massive amount of raw materials that an org would need to operate. Taxes could be used to do this but people would become fed up with them very quickly if the benefits of them aren't very tangible.
  3. Ok thanks that makes sense, and sounds super cool
  4. Do you guys think that armor's especially light ones could have enhancements to abilities such as increased jump height, and running speed or should those remain the same for everyone. I don't think DU with have a stats page so if you can't put points into movement speed like in other games should there be a different way of increasing it, or would it simply ruin the immersion, and any change wouldn't be too significant in my opinion in order to keep things fair.
  5. I was reading a book recently that had a video game as it's setting. Within it there was a storage system for guilds in which items or other things with value could be given to the guild in exchange for guild contribution points which could be used to get other items in the guild's storage that had already been collected. And I was wondering if the storage systems could be set up with a fairly complex mechanic such as this, and wondering what everyone else thought about it. Also would it be honor based or possibly enforced by the system.
  6. I would vote for a minigame type that closely resembled real life hacking, If I'm going to hack something I want it to be as close to realistic as possible within the bounds of the law, and doing a bunch of math isn't the main part of hacking, it's mainly either waiting for a program to input the right password or finding a unsecured connection to the server, so It would be cool if they could do that in DU.
  7. Yea I would never be for forcing people to fight bosses, I really really like your idea of making hunting a thing, that is almost exactly what I was hoping for. I prefer hunting being hard also but I can see that if they become too difficult people won't kill them without a large reward which turns them into bosses so I'm cool if hunting has to remain fairly easy.
  8. Yea that would work for planets turning off mag when your near them, but I wonder if we would just use mag boots all the time on our space ships? I would be fine with that but gravity units would be cooler, here is to hoping we get them.
  9. Ok cool, I was worried about nothing it seems. Can wait to see your auto targeting beating my maneuvers
  10. I said rare fluid not special, this fluid should not be unique but instead just rare. I do not want bosses what I was suggesting is identical to finding a large vein of a metal or mineral, if extra large veins of iron exist then yea people would go out looking for them, if there is a special worm that drops fuel then yea people would go looking for it. I see no difference in the two, please let me know if I'm missing a difference. At the same time though I agree giant space worms dropping fuel would break immersion. Basically I hope for some challenge being present in the game not created by p
  11. I would like to point out that they have mentioned taking blueprints and submitting them to factory units for construction, I feel like this implies that ships with blueprints can be created without doing so manually but I could be wrong.
  12. I was just outlining one way they could go about adding terraforming to the game, I agree it would add quite a bit of calculations on the servers end but terraforming a planet I believe is an undertaking many would want to do, this assumes that some planets are not habitable from the beginning. I 100% agree with you that this should not be done right now or even in the near future, but if they do have inhabitable planets one day an Org will want to set up a base on one and that is when terraforming would come in to play.
  13. Hmmmm, I had not read that yet. Ok my point is void then. If it is a choice between gravity that exists in a bubble in and outside of a ship and Mag boots I think I would prefer mag boots. Although maybe there is a work around you could do such as having gravity interactions be turned off when a player is in space, checking to see if a player is in space could prove to be just as server intensive though so I do not know.
  14. Ok, I see your points. Now that I think about it yes drones seem like a bad idea. As far as bursting someones ram, yea I wasn't expecting to be able to do that however I was thinking that getting on someones ship, typing up a self destruct protocol for it, then sending it's activation code from my ship later would be something that is possible if Wireless LUA is implemented. Last thing, I don't see why those of us who wanted to couldn't write elaborate programs. If I wanted to set up warning lights in my ship or an asteroid field detection system. Or even an evasive maneuvers pattern I don't s
  15. I agree it favors larger orgs but to me that makes sense. So in our world today we have large countries with gigantic armies able to wipe out defensive structures of smaller countries one reason they don't is because it is too much effort to do so. I feel like while yes the biggest of orgs could go around smashing small pirate bases with gigantic fleets, the pirates should set up their bases as hidden or very well protected. So as far as making players not in large organizations closer in terms of ability I agree with you, but I would like to have it kept in mind that I think my way is much mo
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