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  1. Hello everyone. This is the official announcement that The Void Republic and the Galactic Commonwealth have merged. Our ideoligies seem to be similiar and so we came up with the merger idea to increase our member number and have a better chance at competition. For now, this is still the trial phase. We will each keep our discords and individual organization registration. The new unified organization will be called the "Unity League" to honor the merger. Our goals will be mainly to create a competing power block against Cinderfall Syndicate & allies. Secondar
  2. hi, so our empire is deliberately looking for people with skills in graphic making, video making, lua scripting or administrative skills would anyone of you fine fellas like to join the GC and help out? we even have free leading positions so if you're more that kind of guy who likes to lead, there is a job offer for you.
  3. Will modules like artificial lights require a power source? i think that would be a little bit more realistic and there is great fun in it too.
  4. Slaxx


    will it be possible to make rockets? i wanna fire ICBM-like rockets at invading space fleets <3
  5. are you serious? stop damage prevention. they literally say that everywhere. the games main advertisement focus is about limitless constructs. there are a couple of videos where they say that. i specifically remember jc saying "the only limit is how much time youre willing to put into it". what you are saying is a pure lie. they repeadetly everwhere say we can literally build unlimited size objects. stop lying to me.
  6. didnt they allways say that you can build limitless in size? that was the main point of the whole advertising.
  7. so, since you need to hand craft ownership devices to control a single tile, how the heck can you ever control a whole planet? are you supposed to hand craft and place into every hexagon a unique territory control unit? i cant see that working out with a space game that has hundreds of planets.
  8. are stars in the night sky actual stars that you can go to? i played another game like this and it was great fun being able to just head to the direction and come across a star. it would be a shame if the stars in the sky are just background objects.
  9. 100 members milestone reached! congratulations everyone!
  10. Congratulations to everyone who's in the corp! we reached 100 members today! first major milestone! looking forward to play with all of you. nice work.
  11. calm down guys, i was just trying to show NQ the technology, i was not seriously advising to change the engine. but if they want to make a super awesome game, they could use this one. i know people are sceptical about it, but if it works, it works. simple as that.
  12. So i had this idea that novquark could use the euclideon engine for maximal detail and best graphics. they should look it up. http://www.euclideon.com/ basically it grants you graphics on an unlimted detail.
  13. You are looking for a graceful empire that values their members and grants them personal freedom? Look no further. Here, at the Galactic Commonwealth, we grant the players the freedom they want, while providing a united front for players to work in team. Our goals are to prosper in the deep regions of space, far away from the known regions (namely the spawn world) and build up a well-established infrastructue in our realms regions, before we spread to the known regions. We provide a offical discord server for interested players to interact with our members and also to provide a
  14. yeah but im worried we cant get the lifetime subscription anymore with that.
  15. so i want to buy the ruby pack but i dont have the required money atm. can i know how long the pledging will go for and as it is right now? thanks.
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