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  1. Seldsum

    Timer on shields

    Yeah protection bubbles like that for ships would be a really bad idea. Shields are fine, just an additional layer to kill before the ship goes *pop* , but the protection bubbles should be reserved for planetary (or asteroid) instalations only.
  2. Seldsum

    Timer on shields

    Hi, Just going to throw in my 2 cents. - With regards to the spy/hacker bringing the shield down or even modifying settings like the warning message, that would make sense, especially since it was already mentioned in one of the video's that a hacker can also hack a TU, so why not the shield. - The maximum dps will only really promote blobs (see Eve and citadels), not sure that would be the best option for DU - I like the option where the shield's power would be proportional to the attacking/defending force. So if the defending force is a lot bigger then the attacking force, make the shield a little weaker and if the attacking force is a lot bigger then make the shield stronger to balance the odds a little. In essence making the battles a lot more engaging for all sides (no pun intended). - I like the "specialised shield killer" type ship/module option as well, that would promote some teamwork on the side of the attackers that would be similar to the "wild weasel" teams where one aircraft baits a radar and another kills it with a HARM. It would be really nice to have a combination of the options, not just a single one.
  3. Hi guys, Just out of curiousity, how much do you guys think people will roleplay? Will it be commonplace? Or do you think it will be more along the lines of games like Eve where there is a small part of the playerbase that actively roleplays while the majority of the playerbase then steamrolls over them going "omglol j00 suck!" ? Looking at the different recruitment posts I think there may be a fair amount of roleplay going on in the universe of DU.
  4. Yeah until someone noticed a constant change in IP from one country to another within minutes, and lock the account for sharing.
  5. And lets not forget that since resources are finite (even if they are fairly abundant), that will inevitably spark wars between organisations that want to control the flow of a certain resource.
  6. I looked up the reference and here it is for easy lookup: JC Baille's comment on leaving safezones
  7. According to the interview with JC Baillie by Bicyclewalrus there will be cloaking technology, JC named it specificly.
  8. Yes that is what I thought as well, however from the posts in the thread it seems like he sent single messages to multiple people. Fair enough it was a really simple copy/paste message but thats beside the point. Anyway I look forward to seeing everyone ingame in a few months (hopefully).
  9. Ah I see, in that case there are more culprits then just Solar Secure. I have more then one such invite from more then one source. Not sure why people cant just respectfully decline and ignore the remainder of that message though.
  10. Oooh that is so cool, now you have me hooked. This is more fun then ship spinning in Eve , it will keep me entertained for hours. Thanks for that link
  11. I have probably missed something here, but I've only seen 2 recruitment posts (so technicly a single double post) and a forum PM. How is that spamming? It could happen to anyone posting on the forums if they have a connection issue at the time they hit send on the original post. But again, I probably missed something. Either way can we just step over this, shrug it off as a mistake and move on? Hostilities are fun ingame to create some content for people, on the forums hostilities serve no purpose and if we really want to entice more people to go for the game we would do well to keep the hostilities to a minimum in my humble opinion. Either way, it's apparent that the situation has been dealt with by the leadership involved and we as a community should leave it at that.
  12. ... and if you had read a few posts down from the one you had responded to you'd have seen it was already resolved and not needed to bump this thread back to the top of the board where it is now. Move along , nothing more to see here as I mentioned in my other post in this thread I hit send before I took enough time to search and already apologised for it. Necro fails, sorry dude. just let this thread die the silent death it should.
  13. Hi guys, I have been trying to look for info on the bounty system but couldnt find it. Will the bounty system work like eve, in the sense that if someone has a bounty and you kill them, you get a percentage of said bounty? Or will it be more like you take out someone with a bounty, get some kind of item (or just flagged or whatever) wich you then turn in at a bounty office (just as an example)? And what kind of system will be in place that makes this bounty system worth using, unlike the eve system that is for all intents and purposes a big fail? One thing that might slow down exploitation of the bounty system is that people in the same organisation cannot collect it. That would of course still not stop someone from making an alt to collect the bounty themselves and generate some income for themselves that way, but it would avoid the whole "hey corpmate, shoot me and we'll split the profit" scenario.
  14. I agree it is too similar, however unless I have some personality disorder I don't know about it is not me. But yup, by all means investigate, IP traces should reveal the truth
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