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  1. Awesomeness! Congratulations to Aetherios, Temerian, and Devious_T. Excellent stories were written by all three and I enjoyed all the other entries as well. Thanks for the contest, NQ. It was great fun.
  2. It's only your opinion that you're opinionated! Just sayin'. Welcome.
  3. I read it and much enjoyed it. You're excellent at incorporating the large, small, and in-between and creating a complete world. Loved it!
  4. Yeah, try using that as a defense in a court of law, buddy. (Porco? Porco? That name sounds familiar.)
  5. Heh-heh, well, my Amazon Alexa and I get on pretty well. I'm glad you're liking the story!
  6. Totally enjoyed these. Brilliant. What is it about space and music?
  7. Heh-heh, thanks, Kurock. Thanks, Aetherios! (Whoops, and Anon.)
  8. Lethys, yeah, I was racking my brains a bit on how to identify it, but I noticed that there appear to be a range of identifiers for BHs. I settled on 'CTSB-4' thinking it would be the fourth one discovered by Aphelia and personally catalogued by her. If there's a system that covers all BHs, I'd be inclined to go with that. Thanks for the responses, all.
  9. Thanks for the word, guys. Sometimes it's hard to really know, except that I had fun with it. Thanks, again.
  10. Okay, here's a story (of a sort). I hope you all enjoy it. Same story, but improved a bit in the presentation (minor edits)... Revised 12/13 First Contact (Final).pdf
  11. One thing I don't like in games is where your body essentially becomes a bag for everything you pick up. I'm thinking that NQ might institute a system where you can carry some things in external bags (perhaps almost bottomless ones like you see in the movie Ultraviolet) or perhaps mini-transporters where you can transmit only small, inorganic objects to a local base. I like the idea of things getting as close to "reality" as possible. I suppose if it were done in bags, then there'd be the possibility of stealing things.
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