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    Begogian got a reaction from Lights in Outer space and how it's messed up   
    To pick at some of your points. I think this "gravitational block" everyone is mentioning is probably built into the CU, not a separate mechanics which makes it very realistic. The main component holding the voxels together and creating this construct is also controlling its personal gravity.
    Also, in space, there is no up. It is one of the biggest controversies over space, which way is up. Up is a relative term we use which in reality means; "away from our core/center of gravity on the rock we live upon." There is no defined up or down in space. It is all relative to where you are looking because we as humans have simplified it to this system so, no, he wouldn't be falling, he would be floating away from the center point of the ship.
    Because this is a futuristic style game (most of the tools and mechanics don't exist today), the fact that our species in this time has now figured out how to control gravity and build ships that have gravity makes sense. If not this, then our species has mastered the art of magnetic pull, which allows our ships and boots and tools and so on to "stick" to the larger ship. Though anything built on the ground doesn't have this feature so this would rule out any form of "magnetic tethering." On planets, you can't build a tower and walk vertically up the the tower but you can walk "up/away from the construct's center" when in space so I would guess the CU is using a form of future gravitational technology that applies to the construct and objects that come in contact with it. 
    Let me know if I made any mistakes but I think I covered everything.
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    Begogian got a reaction from AccuNut in Non-Static Cargo Containers   
    JC mentioned at GDC how to build these types of things. You will need to build small constructs that hover and have mounted containers. You can make a ship that hovers and carries 50 containers if you have the time and resources to build it.
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    Begogian got a reaction from Jamar_ in "Super Weapons"   
    As many people stated there won't be any gigantic/very destructive weapons introduced ever, but that is what an army is for. The"super weapon" will be a conglomerate of an entire Org all attacking at once which will be great to see further through launch. Imagine placing 50 cannons tightly around a single point and having 50 people control them. All firing at once you can basically create a "super weapon."
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    Begogian got a reaction from Lord_Void in Periodic Table of the Elements   
    It will probably expand as the game progresses. After release they have talked about these free "expansions" which will be the updates they release, and they said some may be mineral expansions so we will see full updates that come will loads of materials, minerals, and resources added to the game.
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    Begogian got a reaction from Lord_Void in Stargate Fees   
    Hopefully there can be elements which can transmit the ship's info to a mechanic as the "weighing" mechanics. As you are building a ship, the core unit tracks the amount of voxels used to build and creates an overall weight, a sort of stat for your ship. Each material has a general weight, track the amount of voxels of each material, multiply by their designated weight, add everything together and you have your ship's weight. If it is a carrier, then the CU can also factor in the weight of any items loaded onboard in crates or on people. When the ship gets scanned at the Stargate, the basic stats are relayed and that is how the final tax is created.
    I think the idea is wonderful. It would most certainly create a more realistic view on trade and commerce because, like in the real world, when you transport items into countries, in DU it would be solar systems, they are taxes, especially when using a mechanic that takes an incredible amount of resources from the creator to build.
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    Begogian reacted to Lord_Void in Stargate Fees   
    As I currently understand it, Stargates will be usable based on having the proper permissions or something along the lines of a key. The Stargate owner can collect fees when people use the gate. This is a nice system; it's simple, but I think it can be easily expanded. I think a system that can be based on the mass of the ship will allow for more emergent gameplay around stargates. People could of course choose to just have a flat rate, if that is what they prefer.
    I propose three additions: 
    The ability to charge a fee for using the stargate based on the mass of the ship. The ability to set different tiers of mass that have different tax rates. The ability to crate different "keys" or permission levels that have different tax settings.  
    I will now go into more detail why I think this is good system and why it should be very easy to implement.
    First, taxes based on mass: why? Well, it's more fair. Why should someone who is flying a tiny shuttle pay the same fees as a space trucker who is hauling millions of kilograms of goods? How do you balance the two if you can only charge a flat tax? A mass tax helps solve that. If you charge one Quanta per 10 kilos and the shuttle is 1000kg, then that person pays 100 Quanta whereas the massive freighter of, say, 10,000,000kg pays a million Quanta. The freighter can easily afford a larger sum because it will make money off of the cargo it is carrying and it is just a cost of doing business. The pilot of the smaller ship will be happy because their fees will be low, since they don't have to pay some middle ground, one size fits all rate. The stargate owner is happy because it let's them collect more taxes overall while still remaining competitive. How difficult would this be to implement? It shouldn't be too hard based on what we know. NQ have indicated that ship and cargo mass will be taken into consideration by the physics engine, so they data already exists and all that has to be done is some basic multiplication. The plus side of this is that since cargo is also already accounted for, an empty cargo ship pays less fees than one that is fully loaded
    Mass tiers, this is where it really starts to get interesting. Users should be able to set "tiers" of mass that have different rates between them. For example, perhaps the rate for ships between 0kg - 10,000kg is 0.1 Quanta per kg, 10,001kg - 50,000kg is 0.5 Quanta per kg, and 50,001kg and up is 1 Quanta per kg. In this way, the large ships get the more they have to pay. Consider three ships:
    Ship 1 is 5,000kg and pays 500 Quanta.
    Ship 2 is 30,000kg and pays 15,000 Quanta.
    Ship 3 is 120,000kg and pays 120,000 Quanta.
    Why would you want to do this? To dissuade larger ships either for market reasons or military reasons. Or perhaps there is the theory that the bigger the ship, the more money the owner has to burn. That's up to the gate owner, but the true power of the mass tiers comes out with the third point.
    Different keys. The tax settings should be tied to each key and not to the gate itself, allowing for different keys with different settings for different people. There are many reasons that people travel and this would allow the fee system to be better suited for each person. I will give an example. Perhaps someone is coming to tour an empire, or apply for a job or whatever, and they need to get around but don't want to spend a ton on fees. Naturally, the people who live in the region don't want somebody who may not be fully trusted dumping a ton of goods on the market to compete with local businesses or bringing in a large battleship and causing trouble, so the tourist is given a key designed to meet these needs. The key could be set so each use under 2,000kg is only 20 Quanta but over 2,000kg it's 20 Quanta per kg. So if that tourist tries to bring in a 20,000kg freighter they are going to be smacked with a 400,000 Quanta fee. More taxes for the gate owner and it strongly discourages that tourist from bringing in larger ships or a lot of cargo. It's emergent and not set in stone. You could also raise the price even further to really discourage large ships. Maybe over 10,000kg it's 500 Quanta per kg! That's 10,000,000 Quanta for that same 20,000kg freighter! Good luck turning a profit on that. So long as that tourist follows the guidelines of their key, they can avoid paying much in fees, but if they try to do stuff that they are not supposed to they will pay the price, literally. 
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    Begogian got a reaction from Sullos in Logging off Aboard a Moving Construct   
    As far as we know, and this is all speculation, I believe that once the construct you log off of is destroyed, your character re-spawns at the closest RN to your last known location in save.
    For example, take Point A and Point B. Point A is where you logged off and Point B is somewhere during your trip through space (while logged off). If your ship was destroyed at Point B, you would re-spawn at the closest RN to Point B, even though you logged off at Point A. Hope that wasn't too confusing.
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    Begogian reacted to Lethys in Spawning   
    Honestly, I think they'll only introduce a second arkship when Alioth reaches its threashold of population within the arkzone. It would only split players when it would be introduced earlier.
    But I agree: you should travel there first to "unlock" that RN and orgs should shuttle their members there instead of using a one time teleport or something
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    Begogian got a reaction from Hotwingz in No One Left Behind   
    For most games, basic rules are if you (the player) are in combat, you can't log until you spend X amount of time out of combat. If a ship gets attacked and you have not engaged in any combat, you should be allowed to log off.
    Also, as an idea, a big issue being talked about seems to be what happens if a ship explodes and your exact location is lost and now an invisible space "tile." What if when you log off and log back on, if you are now on a space "tile," you should move to the nearest RN. This could be another solution to floating away issue.
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    Begogian got a reaction from Lethys in Fast Track/Catch up Skills   
    This would ruin it for people who play 2 years who reach the same skill level as someone only playing for 8 months. Everyone should work towards their skills, yes you can train and teach people techniques to work faster but it shouldn't give them skill points faster.
    JC wants this game to be a progression, you start at the bottom and work your way up through time, practice, and genuinely working on skills. He wants things later down the road to only be easy for players who have taken the time to really dive into that skill and truly learn how to accomplish that goal, not just hand it off to a noob
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    Begogian got a reaction from Kuritho in Anyone bought Kyrium?   
    I bought Kyrium on 3 different accounts and use this account as a decoy. I didn't want to come forward but you forced my hand.
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    Begogian got a reaction from Anaximander in Is it going to be free?   
    If I were new, I would try to find info on the game before I joined the forums, but thats just me.
    Feels like we run in circles
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    Begogian got a reaction from Zamarus in Is it going to be free?   
    This is ridiculous. Does no one read the the Kickstarter or any basic info on the game anymore.....
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    Begogian got a reaction from Zamarus in Just want a assistent   
    This was talked about at GDC during the demo and Q&A section. They plan on implementing the ability to create robots that will follow you around but you will have to do most of the programming. After Alpha, possibly in Beta, they were talking about implementing short range access to drones so you don't have to walk back and forth from mining to the cargo drone but these will have to be modified and developed as much by the player as the devs
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    Begogian got a reaction from LynkxDev in Just want a assistent   
    This was talked about at GDC during the demo and Q&A section. They plan on implementing the ability to create robots that will follow you around but you will have to do most of the programming. After Alpha, possibly in Beta, they were talking about implementing short range access to drones so you don't have to walk back and forth from mining to the cargo drone but these will have to be modified and developed as much by the player as the devs
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    Begogian got a reaction from Lethys in Just want a assistent   
    This was talked about at GDC during the demo and Q&A section. They plan on implementing the ability to create robots that will follow you around but you will have to do most of the programming. After Alpha, possibly in Beta, they were talking about implementing short range access to drones so you don't have to walk back and forth from mining to the cargo drone but these will have to be modified and developed as much by the player as the devs
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    Begogian got a reaction from Hotwingz in Orbits   
    I think this is the biggest appeal. It is a vast universe to explore with little to no limits and endless possibilities. And with no loading screens (except logging in) it is seemless and free flowing
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    Begogian reacted to Lord_Void in Introducing the DU Search Engine   
    I am very proud to introduce the latest product from Evil, Inc!
    We have been working to develop tools that benefit the community, and the first such tool is a new data tracking website for Dual Universe at www.du-stats.com
    This site will function very much like zkillboard.com does for EVE Online. Right now it is very basic and only shows a map of the community. This will expand as time goes on with new features coming online over time. Most of the back end tools have already been built and feature development is now more a matter of web design than anything else! Upcoming features include forum statistics, friends list tracking, in depth user profiles, change over time displays, alt detection and organization auditing! 
    Now for some FAQ:
    What can I use this for? This is a good tool for checking on people who are in your organization, or want to be. It's also a good tool to see which orgs share a lot of members or figure out who that person you are talking to is.
    Is the data real time? No. The data is not real time and represents the last time when the website refreshed its data.
    How often does the data update? Depends. It generally is updated once every two days, but sometimes can be a bit faster or slower.
    Why isn't it real time? There is no need for real time data at this stage. Updating that frequently takes a lot of server resources. The update time will be reduced once there is a need for faster data. When the game comes out, the goal is for a 15 minute update time.
    Will there be new features? Yes. This is very much an in-development project. Also, I'm not great at web design, so it will be simplistic for a while.
    How long have you been working on it? About 4 months.
    What do I do if I found a bug or security flaw? Please either report it here or pm me. 
    I want my org to be excluded from this, can you remove it? Nope. If it exists on the official site, it exists here. If you don't want people to see it, don't create it.
    I searched for my name and didn't find anything. Why? The map that is currently there only shows people who are in an organization. If you are not in an org, your name will not appear. Future features will show accounts even if they are not in any orgs.
    Does it work on mobile devices? Maybe. It isn't currently designed for that, but hopefully will be in the future.
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    Begogian got a reaction from LynkxDev in LNX - Engineering Industry Big Opening !!!   
    Great concept craft, looking really cool and great work overall. Can't wait to see more designs
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    Begogian got a reaction from Lord_Void in Terrain mining and storage.   
    They have talked about close range material usage. This would basically mean that if you had a pouch bot following you to increase your storage by using the bot as a quick, mobile backpack, if within a certain range, you can pull from the bot without having to approach it and walk back and forth between building site and storage unit
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    Begogian got a reaction from Lord_Void in I love halo designs   
    I also enjoy the Halo Universe more because, especially with DU, it is a more realistic universe and shows more of what our future can look like
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    Begogian reacted to Lethys in Research and Development Direction? (in-game)   
    "How do you protect intellectual property (in-game)?"
    As Aesras pointed out, blueprints will be protected anyway. And for any other idea (considering R&D is only about game mechanics): you just can't protect those. Especially not in a large organization. If your R&D department figured out how to effectively kill a shield bubble with 5 ships, I assure you that after a week everyone will know because either of leaks in your org or because you gave away the "secret" by yourself in attacking 10 shields. Such "ideas" can't be protected but have one benefit: reputation.
    "How could a large org R&D department promote innovation, by investing in small groups and offer salaries, or search for single achievements and offer a single compensating payment or commission percent? How do you put a value on, or bargain for someones idea or mind?"
    Coming from eve online and as a very interested player in game mechanics this is what happend in eve: We had a weekly fleet-op on singularity (test server) and just tried all kinds of different things there (different e-war modules applied to each other, tactics, maneuvers, pipebombing (watch it on YT - really cool), grid mechanics ...) and tried to figure out the underlying formula for hitting, tracking, evading and so on. After weeks and months we had a rough idea of what was going on and started to develop new tactics, using those mechanics.
    So this kind of thing will be in DU as well. Trial and error, figuring out formulas to calculate hit chances with excel, understanding shield mechanics and how to use them in a fight, using server ping/latency to do stuff, ....
    You'd need guys who dig deep into the mechanics and have an understanding of how game engines/physics engine work for your R&D team and who always pay attention to what they are doing and why this happend.
    To me, R&D is no special department because no one I know wants to just run around all day and try to break things or figure out game mechanics. It's somewhat fluid and interested players can and will break the game to figure out the mechanics, but they will do that while doing other stuff (like trading, fighting, flying,...).
    It's up to you if you pay them or not but to bring that example from eve again: I got everything I wanted from my corp on the live server because in a sandbox mmo with all the different meta, the only thing that can give you an edge over others is a better understanding how to use game mechanics to their maximum efficiency. 
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    Begogian got a reaction from DarkTemplar in Research and Development Direction? (in-game)   
    BruceWilly, so first of all I think you miss understood just a bit. Through Alpha and Beta, everything will keep resetting. The only thing we keep are our blueprints and our knowledge of game mechanics. Nothing in the skill tree will be kept. Also, Alpha and Beta will be a mix of goofing off and in depth testing of the game. When we receive alpha and can start playing the game, we want to test all of the game mechanics, this does include breaking the game but not in all aspects. We are going to want to test things like how ship building works and their physics when it comes to flying. We are going to be building large structures and mining away a lot of land to test land generation and detailed in game mechanics. Obviously I don't speak for everyone of this but the dedicated, core players will want to further the developers in solving problems they are having as well as testing new ideas they want to try out and see if we like them. Now don't get me wrong a lot of players, myself included and *cough cough* Twerkmotor will be trying to break the game because the logs will helps the devs but I don't think this will be a main focus for alpha because it will eventually reach a point of annoyance for the devs.
    A lot of great questions about R&D and this is definitely going to be a big aspect in the early stages of the game. Most of the focus will be developing stargates and core units/territory units I think. As the game progresses we will see new mechanics and new things to research surface further pushing the R&D aspect of the game. Each org will handle their R&D differently and depending on what they want to focus on (i.e. military, control, mining, trading, etc.) they will focus on that line of research to further themselves. This sort of observe and report may be something very small orgs do in order to further themselves based on the very large orgs but the large orgs will be heading R&D because it will be vital to growing fast, becoming wealthy, and expanding out into the universe. Unfortunately we won't know if our taxes are going to good use until Alpha and Beta release so we know the exact difficulty when it comes to building new technology but definitely count on a huge push towards R&D from big orgs. 
    I know it was said already but welcome to the forums and I hope I answered all your questions and more.
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    Begogian got a reaction from DarkTemplar in Agriculture Machines   
    So these would be the different components needed to fabricate a single farming unit. Also, I think from the stand point of making the plants easier to install into the game, there can be a generic plant model that shows up within the confounds of the fences but still produces different crops. 
    That's what I was thinking too. It would be interesting to see a skill branch all about crops and genetically modifying crops for different uses
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    Begogian got a reaction from Anaximander in Terraforming Discussion   
    If we dig a deep enough hole and burry ourselves, we could survive anything and no one will know we are there. Less like cockroaches and more like moles
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