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    le_souriceau reacted to ManfredSideous in DEVBLOG: THE FUTURE OF DU PART ONE: REFINING OUR PROCESSES - Feedback Thread   
    We need gameplay loops and sooner the better.  Tangible things to do.  Asteroids for exploration and pvp.  Territorial warfare , energy production and the automated mining thingies JC talked about.  Pirate NPCs that give bounties or resources or both. In the interim till NQ can deliver on those things more manually placed nuggets for people to explore for or fight over could be a good stopgap.  Basically we all play in this universe NQ have made and it has the basic walls and things you need but after a short period of time you quickly run out of things to do.

    IMHO we need destruction.  We need destruction for entertainment. We need destruction for accomplishment.  We need destruction so there is a new reason to gather resources.  We need destruction so there is a reason to produce new things.  We need destruction so there is a reason to buy and sell new things.  We need destruction so there is a reason to design new things.  We need destruction to create and fuel rivalries.  Destruction fosters life as it gives people so many new purposes.
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    le_souriceau reacted to Triopalite in DEVBLOG: THE FUTURE OF DU PART ONE: REFINING OUR PROCESSES - Feedback Thread   
    My feeling is they pandered to the wrong playerbase, designing and building is great, but only remains interesting for so long. DU needs its economy, pvp, space flight etc as much as the other side of the game and I hope they balance it out better.
    Plus NQ will have to think seriously regards performance, they need players to enjoy the game, that means optimizing the hell out of it, to allow mid range systems to play the game too.
    Hopefully they'll work something out.
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    le_souriceau reacted to blazemonger in DEVBLOG: THE FUTURE OF DU PART ONE: REFINING OUR PROCESSES - Feedback Thread   
    Sorry, but this is just the next iteration of "we heard you"
    There is nothing substantial in this post, it does not commit to anything and just reiterates how NQ has failed to listen (which is not the same as hearing in case you wonder) to what their community is telling them.
    That hey seem to think that much changed from Alpha is frankly very funny as they have just continued their attitude and ways from there with little to no change, that they seem to think or try to make the claim they did is probably the most worrying aspect of this post.
    The proof wil be in the pudding here but based on the many previous attempts by NQ to spin their mistakes and shortfalls by not really taking ownership but pretend they will does not give me much hope for change.. But we'll see
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    le_souriceau reacted to WildBunny in Does this game still have hope?   
    Been playing it for a few months now, and these last week have been a nightmare to play. My corp is slowly dying because well... it doesn't evolve much.
    I'm 46 years old and been on quite a few MMOs for the last 20 years. The closest thing to DU I played? A Tale In The Desert.
    Basically, I would sum up DU like this:
    Too much anything.
    At some point, you have to decide what is your "finished product". I put this between quotes, because well, by definitions, MMOs are never finished, bugs are always here 2/3/4/5 years after launches. That's how it is. Right now I'm not sure NQ does have a definition of what their "finished product" his. It's cool to have a loading page with all the incoming features. But if they wait to have them all to call the game finished, we're good to wait for a few years. Not sure my patience will last that long.
    Some problems:
    - Too many planets on the system. Those IG are less than 10% populated, and I'm being nice. And you're woring on a new system? That's a loss of ressources that would be helpful somewhere else. Shrink that system to 3/4 planets right now and ride with it, that will force interaction between players. Right now you can spend months without seeing somebody else. You don't have an MMO in players do not interacts. Be it friendly or not.
    - Space PvP guys... Who thought that this PvP would be fun? Ideas are good, but badly implemented. That part should be fun. That's where you need space dogfighting with big ships shooting on everything around. Reworking the way you move in space should be priority N°1 here. Stop going straight and shoot 400kms away. Go back to basics, like X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, and add joystick control.
    - Schematics, idea was not bad, but badly implemented. And too late. Newcomers starts with a huge disadvantage here from vets. A freaking one. Sure you could join an organization or whatever, but well, see point 1.
    - Since ressources are a finite number on every planet, that's a problem that'll rise at anytime soon. Mining units are supposed to be a solution, except well, they still aren't IG and aren't really viable either. A new system won't help as players will have to go to the next zone and start from scratch again. That should be a problem solved from day 1 too...
    - Skills, here again, it's too many, way too many skills. I get the point, but crap, it'll take eons before all these are completed. I'll have to try to add everything in the queue and see how long it'll take. A few years probably. Sure you don't want players to be perfect in everything, but if that's what you want, have them choose their way early in the game instead of this. Links back to point 1 as well.
    - Players needs directions. Even in sandboxes type of game. Mission system should have been a Day 1 feature. It would have been good for organisations building and cohesion.
    - Can't believe there's a spawn/despawn protocol for ships when players are logging in/out. Result is here for everyone to see. Go to District 6/7 on Ailoth. That's a nightmare. OK. That's cool for players to see what others have done, but I don't want to see ships that where done by guys that don't even play the game anymore. Either despawn them, or allow players to deconstruct them. Let's be ecologist here.
    - Finally, on the mechanics of the game, lots of stuff is done client wise, not server wise. Idea of having just one server is good. But doing calculation client wise is really bad. How do you prevent hack from the client then? That's a huge problem here. Especially in a PvP game. If you don't have a solution here, you don't have a game, because hacking usually kills the fun out of the game.
    So well, not everything is beyond hope, but guys need to shrinks their dreams down and go back to the basics of playing and have fun playing.
    And fast!
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    le_souriceau reacted to Dhara in Mission system is badly needed (hauler for ressources / delivery jobs)   
    The whole idea of the mission system is messed up.  I have (had?) a space trucking business.  I wanted mission kiosks that could be put on our claims so I could put them out so that people could chose MY MISSIONS.  That's really what I thought it would be.  I didn't think it would be an auction house style thing where EVERYONE was on the same system. So doing it this way kind of kills all of my ideas 
    Instead of letting us control our own mission kiosks, its now just another auction house.  No relationships have to be built.  No infrastructure must be built.  No one even has to talk to each other.  It's not emergent game-play at all.  It doesn't matter what contacts I have made.  What kind of reputation I wanted to build.  No one will ever say, "well if you want good reliable service you must hire The Outfit.".  It means that people like the OP will never search out a transportation organization like mine to join up with us.  They don't need us.  No one needs us.
    Its like every opportunity NQ might offer players for emergent game play and cooperation is destroyed before anyone can even get started because their intention is not to let emergent game play actually emerge. They want to force us into all of it artificially instead.
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    le_souriceau got a reaction from jsam333 in Now that we know a bit more.. What's next? (long read)   
    I'll give Nick one month of grace period to sort mess (JC left him) out. Not super trust guy, but kinda have cautious hope, that he can du something with DU.
    One thing that I still see absolutly critical for NQ to improve fast(er) -- comms. Ideally -- re-think whole mode of opetations, go for KS promises about transperancy and using players feedback in innovative ways. Before this was more of joke. But now there is a chance do it without any jokes.
    Comms can be both "start of rebirth" point (if changed) and "same old shit" return to swamp (if not).
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    le_souriceau reacted to NQ-Deckard in Changes to Lua screen units   
    Hello again Noveans!
    We have heard your initial feedback on the screens and we want to elaborate on some of your major concerns.
    Will this affect both screens and content written to the players screen (HUDs)?
    No, this technological change will affect only screen units at this time.

    Will all player created work on screens suddenly become non-functional?
    No, this technology will be available side-by-side with the current technology, both first on the PTS in a prototype state, and eventually also on the Live server.
    We strongly recommend everyone does test and experiment the new tech on the PTS, as your feedback and testing will help shape this feature.

    How will this make a difference on performance?
    The main reason being that the current implementation does not allow for much control over the performance impact of screen renderings. Complex 3D transformations using a combination of HTML, SVG and CSS has a significant impact on render times in the client. Adding to the fact that screens are often condensed with multiples of them in close proximity to each other, there is an increasing drop in performance on the client with more screens using the current technology. The new system allows for more precise control over rendering time allowed across screens and allows us to safeguard the level of performance impact the screens have on the client.

    So you will be removing HTML support entirely?
    Not necessarily, the two techs will run side by side for an as of yet undefined period of time. Eventually we may introduce a phase where we make the rendering of HTML on screens an option for players along with a warning that it can significantly degrade client performance. Players with that option disabled will simply not see any HTML content and not suffer performance degradation because of it.

    Why not improve the current HTML implementation instead of the new technology?
    This is a complex topic, HTML/CSS/Javascript is a group that forms a UI technology. For reasons beyond the scope of this topic we do not allow the use of Javascript inside the screen units. When you remove Javascript, the group effectively becomes a not so efficient vector image drawing technology which we have very little control over in terms of rendering. We have previously implemented a lot of small limitations here and there to reduce the impact of the screens, but there are (and likely always will be) edge cases which will eventually crop up using that technology. As such, the new technology has built-in limitations on how taxing a screen unit can be, and if a screen unit goes over the limit it will simply stop drawing. This is why we ask you all to go and test this, and help us find caveats and where you run into things you can and can’t do.

    What about bandwidth? Are you doing this to reduce data transfer for screens?
    The current implementation does not address this, the current implementation is a way for us to collect your feedback on this concept. Eventually we may change the way data transfer for screens is handled, where we may increase the size of the defined “template” inside a screen unit itself. Followed by a lower limit on the amount of data transferred to the screen from external sources. Allowing the screen element to do the rendering and drawing work, using parameters fed to it by a control unit.
    For example: You would draw the design of a fancy instrument panel using the screen element, and a programming board or control unit just sends the values for all the instruments to the screen. This is currently not in the current implementation however, but may give you a better idea of why this technology has a lot of potential for more intricate and powerful designs.

    What about artists who draw using external programs and import their SVG’s into the game?
    One of our hopes is to provide a good enough set of commands in the screens API so that our system can express most SVG graphics converted to these commands through for example a small conversion tool. It is unlikely that we will develop and maintain a conversion tool for this, but this is also why we want your feedback on this new API for you to let us know what commands you really want to see included to make this process easier.

    We sincerely hope that this answers many of your initial questions and concerns.
    I personally can’t wait to see what you will all come up with in your designs!
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    le_souriceau reacted to IvanGrozniy in Instead of getting rid of HTML, make use of features in CoherentGT   
    that's what's up.... NQ using a violin to butter toast.

    Take a look....
    It's called Data Binding

    C++ triggering JavaScript, Javascript triggered C++ (heehee)
    AAAAND databinding!
    So many options to improve performance by a lot... it is inconceivable that a game should refresh and send the whole DOM on every tick or frame... yet NQ did it. Every nail is stepped on.
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    le_souriceau reacted to Zeddrick in Now that we know a bit more.. What's next? (long read)   
    I think at this point it's pretty clear that whatever happens they *can't* honour all the promises (i.e. to make a release quality game with a functioning economy and territory warfare by the end of the year).  At some point those promises are going to get broken and expectations will not be met.  IMO it's better to do that early, take it back to alpha, review, re-plan and try again with a more credible roadmap forwards as others here have said.   Arguably trying to keep going and meet all the expectations regardless of the observable reality of things is how we ended up where things are now.
    And I don't think there's anything wrong with having a money-person as CEO.  No reason why a CEO has to directly produce the game, they just need to pick a good team and keep them pointing in the right direction.
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    le_souriceau got a reaction from Noddles in Now that we know a bit more.. What's next? (long read)   
    Yep, I think its not that big deal, considering very humble number of active subbers. Sums in question barely comparable to multi-million investement needed to re-vitalized NQ.
    Its question how much courage NQ will gather to own mistakes and roll back (in some parts -- back to the drawing board).
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    le_souriceau reacted to Noddles in Now that we know a bit more.. What's next? (long read)   
    I hate when you make good points, but on the state of the game we've always been in agreement. 
    A good step one from my point of view would be an admission from NQ, that yes, the game in its current state, is not ready for launch. After that I would like to see an actual development roadmap that is updated. Plus a series of devblogs laying out how NQ views various systems and their roles. Not just a pie in the sky "We're building civilization." 
    As for what to do with the current subs if we returned to an alpha state, Id say grant access to anyone who has paid for at least 3 or 4 months since thatd roughly equal the cost of the lowest backer package for alpha 3. For those with less than 3 months, give them a discount on a new access package. With those with more than 3 or 4 months, give them free game time once the game actually releases. 
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    le_souriceau reacted to CptLoRes in Now that we know a bit more.. What's next? (long read)   
    Great read. My only comment would be that from my perspective as a software developer, the red flags where clearly visible a good while earlier then the time frame you mentioned.
    The lack of actual progress made, recurrence of old/and new bugs every patch (many of them trivial to detect and fix), long standing bugs remaining unfixed, infrequent large patches instead of frequent small improvements (waterfall vs agile) and the way NQ never was willing to openly discuss anything but marketing fluff even in a closed NDA forum. Where all classic symptoms of a project having issues.
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    le_souriceau got a reaction from blazemonger in Now that we know a bit more.. What's next? (long read)   
    I'll give Nick one month of grace period to sort mess (JC left him) out. Not super trust guy, but kinda have cautious hope, that he can du something with DU.
    One thing that I still see absolutly critical for NQ to improve fast(er) -- comms. Ideally -- re-think whole mode of opetations, go for KS promises about transperancy and using players feedback in innovative ways. Before this was more of joke. But now there is a chance do it without any jokes.
    Comms can be both "start of rebirth" point (if changed) and "same old shit" return to swamp (if not).
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    le_souriceau reacted to blazemonger in Now that we know a bit more.. What's next? (long read)   
    I would like to put my thoughts on the CEO change out there as I actually feel a lot of this aligns with what I have been saying would be good for the game for a long time.
    Right now, DU was forced into an early public release for what many expect will be funding needs. And it did not work out. The short-term thinking and rushed implementation of features has only done one thing, cause more delays and waste dev time because a lot needs to be redone.
    NQ, by means of JC, kept a brave face, and kept saying that all would be well, that there were no signs that they would not be able to meet the end of 2021 target for a full release. The list of features to be done as well as the immense mountain of technical debt, bugs to be squashed, optimization and polish to be done simply make a release in the true sense of the word at best unlikely for the end of 2021.
    Now, the vision of JC for the game is great but poses a lot of challenges that are extremely hard if not impossible to overcome. The idea of implementing several vastly different playstyles and preferences in one world by itself is tough, the technical challenges remain huge. JC the visionary could and did dream of his game and how it would all come together while JC the CEO of NQ needed to temper expectations and bring that vision down to a manageable and viable level. And that IMO is where things went wrong.
    When I backed the game, shortly after Kickstart ended, I was certain (and had no issue with) that NQ would not be able to hit the December 2018 release as it was clearly unrealistic for a game this scale. When Alpha opening to backers was delayed by several months and we then found ourselves in pre-alpha and under NDA instead at the end of September 2017, it should have been clear it was never going to be possible to get a release done in about 12 months. Yet, it took NQ nearly a year to announce an updated roadmap which pushed release to the second half of 2020. That new release date was clearly still overly optimistic at best seeing the state of the game at the time.
    Then a new studio opened in Canada, we can only guess as to why but a combination of using a better tax environment for software development, more access to talent and yes, they speak French there. We do not know the ins and outs of how the management structure worked/works but it seems that much of the decisions were made in Paris still. When the first studio lead left the same year JC moved to Canada.
    With some fanfare a new backing round by investors was announced by JC in June 2019 and when looking at the normal timeline for Venture Capital investment this was a pretty standard Round A option that was taken after the initial seed. Crowd funding never played much of a role in all this with the eventual 2.5M or so being spent before it was received basically.
    Around November 2019 and honestly very little actual progress later, still under NDA a new roadmap was released pushing the release out for another year to end of 2021. That roadmap still read more as a wish list of features and still seemed very optimistic to me as NQ still had to implement all main features outside of mining and building.
    Then, 30th of April 2020, JC announced that the game would come out of NDA and go to public beta with subscriptions instead of the planned closed development up to release for backers only. That was the moment where some of us backers started to see signals that NQ was not doing great and needed to start generating revenue which was never the intention. Meanwhile NQ had been operating on a total budget of around 25Million since end of 2014 so it was only reasonable to assume they were running on debt which in itself is fine as long as you can pay interest and keep paying your bills.
    In December the 0.23 patch dropped which caused much discontent and an exodus of players with changes which were really not bad in themselves, but the implementation was terrible and very superficial. NQ, again by means of JC, blamed the need for the changes on the small groups and solo players who did not use the markets and did everything themselves so that needed to change. Add several badly handled exploit fallouts to the mix and the fragile player base shrunk at an alarming rate. To me, this was a massive signal that JC the visionary was not able to separate from JC the project manager or JC the company president/CEO.
    JC also said on several occasions that he saw no reason to assume that it would not possible to meet the release date on the roadmap of end 2021, anyone understanding the amount of work left to do and especially the list of feature JC brought in as “coming in the next year” towards the end of 2021shoudl have been a clear sign of the many red flags regarding hitting a 2021 release.
    Then, as the next major update came around it was underwhelming at best and NQ had to spin missing their milestone by announcing that 0.24 would arrive in “phases”.
    And so, here we are start of April and we know that JC has resigned as CEO with anew CEO being appointed in the person of Nicolas Granatino who also is the CEO of the main investor in NQ. And from here all we can do is speculate on what is next.
    My hope is this:
    Under new management the potential and promise of DU is acknowledged while at the same time the need for more time is established. A big factor in the assets of the game is the server tech which can be developed and licensed to third parties with potentially considerable revenue. For that reason, Novaquark will be receiving a fresh investment injection with a business savvy and financially qualified CEO at the helm. 
    To achieve this, the company will need to go through a restructure and cut a lot of mid level ballast. I would really hope that NQ will have the balls to relabel the development to where it is, alpha, and postpone the scheduled release with a TBD new date.
    Then spend time to fix what they have, work through the technical debt, stabilize the backend and improve their community facing communication to a point where we do not need details but do find NQ to actually listen and be responsive and not “be heard” and then hear nothing back. So many great suggestions and ideas have been lost because NQ has shown a chronic lack of engagement and interaction at even the most basic levels.
    I have always said and still feel that DU has such massive potential and promise as well as will be able to appeal to many different play styles and ideas but NQ as it was, has never really shown the ability to make that happen. I hope that this change is not the end of the company (despite the "letter", I would not disregard that option yet) but a new start in making that potential come alive and a reality.
    I really feel NQ (and with it DU) has a chance here to recover and grow. From where we now are and for it to work, NQ needs to do their part in showing progress and improvement in many ways while we, as the community, need to start with giving them the space to do that and then get past what was and work with what is to come..
    Let's have a good discussion here and not dwell on the past, we're all here because we have a passion for DU and the only way DU will stay alive is for "new NQ" to be able to make it happen. 
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    le_souriceau reacted to CptLoRes in What Dual Universe needs in the short-term future   
    Main problem with admitting that the soft-release was not actually a release, is that it makes NQ open to all sorts of liabilities with regard to subscription players.
    If not then why would they abandon the "new planet tech" reset of Alioth etc?
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    le_souriceau reacted to Taziar in What Dual Universe needs in the short-term future   
    'Your Way' is actually not any different that what I said.  
    1.  Tell people now (short term plan, remember?) that there will be a wipe when the game goes live.  (Apologies and other politicking is a given)
    2.  Establish that this is a Beta and permanence/balance is not guaranteed.  (Hence why I said 'announce possibility' of partial wipes during beta, which means as needed to facilitate development, it was all about changing expectations not arbitrary wipes.)
    They were both about reestablishing with players the fact that this game is a Beta and very much subject to change.  Because it needs to be clear that people are Beta testers, not children given a golden ticket to become billionaires before the rest of the population joins in.  
    Also, the Beta soft release WAS solely a way to force subscription money.  People would be naïve to think otherwise.  Because from a development perspective it was a horrible choice serving to create a player base of beta testers that feel entitled to be treated like live customers with character/world permanence.  It also created financial risk to engaging in normal iterative game development, which will just kill innovation and slow progress to a halt. It was all about milking the Beta-tolerant players of money. The subscription absolutely shouldn't exist during beta but I don't see them changing that. 
    Note:  The fault doesn't just lie on the players, the Devs are complicit in creating and enabling that entitlement (and their blatant cash grab).  But frankly, how we got here is far less important than how to fix it.  
    Note 2:  As to the 'existing player base', keeping them happy at the expense of future customers is foolish.  They aren't even a fraction of the players required to keep the lights on. 
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    le_souriceau got a reaction from Mordgier in I finally get it!   
    Welcome to reality, where whole NQ industry/resource disign is unsustainable bonkers.
    For additional pleasure I recommend rewatch JC video where he had delirium tremens about specialization and screw factories (iphone production at backyard). Aged well, like good wine.
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    le_souriceau got a reaction from IvanGrozniy in I finally get it!   
    Welcome to reality, where whole NQ industry/resource disign is unsustainable bonkers.
    For additional pleasure I recommend rewatch JC video where he had delirium tremens about specialization and screw factories (iphone production at backyard). Aged well, like good wine.
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    le_souriceau reacted to Eternal in New experience for all of us   
    Another thread about "what about my stuff?" on a game that is about to go! 
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    le_souriceau reacted to GraXXoR in NQ: Could you please clearly clarify what is allowed and what is not?   
    Of course, I was just saying what I heard from a friend.... 😉  I have never used or attempted to load 18.56kT of pure Iron and 4.2kT of refined Copper from Alioth out of the atmosphere using a single L rocket booster and tank strapped to a bunch of containers on an M core with only 2L atmo and a single L space engine...
    And of course, I would never then deploy the warp drive that also happened to be in the container -using build- to allow my (friend's) construct to stop without bothering about shite like space brakes trying to stop over 20kT by warping the final 5 SU to Madis (for example)...
    My friend is a complete douchebag.... 
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    le_souriceau got a reaction from IvanGrozniy in NQ: Could you please clearly clarify what is allowed and what is not?   
    Deckard somewhat not said full truth in this statement, also. Because Elias issue was obviously super prioritized, up to involving not only GM, but actual developers.

    Not something "per usual" ticket can expect in several hours from support that always "overhelmed".
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    le_souriceau got a reaction from JohnnyTazer in NQ has a new CEO .. Discussion   
    I keep hearing it again and again.
    But, realistlicy, while this tech (or more correctly: NQ solutions bases on existing/known things) sounded rather cool back then 6-7 years ago, by now others can (if really want) reproduce similiar or, likely, more competent variants of it. DU tech, while bragged about a lot, very clumsy in practical implementation, with horrible optimisation, barely working PvP netcode and myriad of other shennegians -- likely with some inherent and deep flaws. Generaly, NQ wasted years of stuggle to make it somewhat work, to extent, that they left no time for actual development of gameplay.
    So, I highly doubt, that whole this package at this point (and with already strained reputation) cost anything big. Sure, someone can use it as reference point, scavenging material for own research, but thats it. Not astronomical sums in question.
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    le_souriceau got a reaction from Dhara in Why the Industry changes are no good [DISCUSSION..   
    Yep, greatly pains me to this day. Overall, as I concluded for my self over research and latest news -- in terms of WHY this was like this...
    I think despite all blablabla of super innovation, they kinda botched techical part of development very early on, to catasprophic levels of things not working for years, until practicaly 1st month of so called Beta start (something they indeed never admited "transperantly"). So, development of actual gameplay (things about we "feedbacked" in agony) suprisignly never was priority. They just wasted everyone's time and passion, doing some mocking pretending of listeing feedback (15 k posts in "ideas") -- and in practice just throwing together some hastly, low effort mix of (bad) parroting of Eve and (JC?) "civilization-building" fantasies in very little time they left from tech stugges.
    While I maybe missing nuances (because again -- zero transperancy) but strongly believe this is DU general story until this day. With crowning achievment of 0.23.
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    le_souriceau got a reaction from Dhara in Why the Industry changes are no good [DISCUSSION..   
    We typed our fingers to bones about this in endless "feedback" with alpha guys. Was ignored by NQ (if we exlclude mockery of "wrecks").
    I honestly tempted to go to something that can be percieved as "devs bashing", but generaly current reality we play...  tells better story for everyone to judge themeselves without me going rage mode.
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    le_souriceau got a reaction from Daphne Jones in So I hear JC got fired?   
    Yes I thinking about this too -- like mr. Granatino will soon find out, that mr. Baillie... told him not all truth about actual state of affairs. 
    Seen it IRL, once in place I worked. Like new leadership instantly gone from mild patronizing optimism (right after aqusition), to rabid WTF mode (when figured out they were tricked), kicking everyones butts and closing place in 2 months.
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