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  1. Sounds well balanced and very inviting Welp, there goes my hope in this
  2. And this is how we pretend to refute an argument while ignoring every point made >Maths is an assumption opinion discarded Maths are not assumptions, neither is history nor judging the market demographic of a game versus its acknowledged competitors, good luck running a business if you dont judge your playerbase as compared to your competition Exactly: Directing You arent going to be carting ammo around, you arent going to be waiting on someone to shoot you to press R, you expect to be directing, for that to happen, someone has to *Want* to cart ammo around, they have to want, to do what you say, does anyone here have any business sense at all? I want this game to last longer than a month Because small organizations need to exist, rather than say, 3-4 big ones because no one can organize 100 people to fly ten ships GAH this is making me mad, you guys have literally no idea how business works, if NQ releases crews like you guys seem to want, the game will be dead within the year, no new players will come to it, it will die, this isnt an assumption, this is fact, anyone with any experience in marketing will know that marketing yourself to an incredibly niche market, for example people willing to spend all day every day trying to work with people just to do one thing, while dismembering your ability to market towards the average consumer, especially when said consumer wants your product and especially when you need these people around for content in the first place is a terrible idea, its corporate suicide And for anyone who doubts this, just look at the competition, in EvE there's mining, no one does it but a few exceptionally dedicated people who spend all day doing it, lets like at RR, the support role, that almost no one wants to play because it means not being able to shoot at things, everyone wants to be able to shoot at things, and when your game revolves around 90% of people not being able to shoot at things, why would anyone at all want to be that 90%, wheres the motivation, this is a really really stupid idea and if crews are necessary, people will quit, that 10,000 becomes a smaller number, because its too intimidating for newbies to even consider joining in on, it will fail in a matter of months not years and god damn I dont want that, this could be amazing, I've been looking forward to this game since its inception, complicated and in depth is a good thing, but inaccessible is never a good thing, no matter what the game is 90% of the game wont be guys flying remote reps or mining, they'll be people wanting to fight, a lot of people will want to explore or do other things that arent combat related as well, but they'll want to be the ones doing that, not helping someone else do that, from what I've seen so far, the forums here make up a vocal minority of the people who in EvE would be the roleplay crowd, and this can be a great game for that, but in order to do that, the game has to actually have people playing it
  3. I just mean player created NPC's with backstories, interactions and voices etc, stats could be from say a preset list or somesuch, but thats getting off topic we also know from EvE that if people are at least partially engaged, they'll be willing to spend those 4 hours looking for content, and much longer if they have an attention span (W-space stories man) and like I said, marines are more than feasible because lots of people want to shoot randoms, in fact having that as an option will likely bring more players to the table, but really, just repairing armor blocks? carting ammo around? its just not feasible in my honest opinion, these aren't fun things to do, everyone is going to want to be the pilot or the marine, its always a very low percentage of people that want to support someone else, its just not going to happen And while people could fly small ships, are they really going to want to, when all the cool kids have their amazing custom battleships with people who never sleep, and all they can use is some 1 seater fighter that looks like an x-wing the whole idea of crews in an MMO just stands on shaky ground imo
  4. I personally think it would be much better for NQ to get rid of their "No NPCs" choice and add NPCs as in game hire-able characters, that add particular bonuses to the ship, and can be interacted with using an inbuilt system or by walking around your ship, that way it will be in depth and accessible at the same time, and adds some potential for character development that mass effect shows us everyone loves Hell, they could even add player created NPC's for it, and suddenly the universe is a lot more rich and engaging
  5. Can you imagine, 4-5 hours roaming through space, doing almost nothing, SUDDENLY PIRATES, now you have the amazing task of pressing some buttons to repair an engine and now you're expecting the vast majority of the player-base to enjoy doing this While *you* might not mind that, the vast majority of people who play video games have a shorter attention span than this, and while you might have pledged hoping for crews, lets consider that there are less than 10,000 pledges at the moment, and lets assume they're all like you and they want crews to be a thing, and that the (low) estimate of 6 people can fly a ship, that means, assuming all of these people were online at the same time, in this single shard universe, a grand total of 1600 ships could be active at one time, and while that may seem like a lot, I'm sure there are people here who play EvE and know how dead the game can feel with even 30,000 people online then there's the fact that most of these people are going to be offline at any one time, lets go with one quarter being active at once, even though people don't always play during their timezone, and people have lives, that's 400 moderately large ships online at once, and this isn't even taking into consideration gigantic monstrosities people can build, this is just what I perceive as the average ship now lets consider that these ships cant function properly missing even one crew member, so most of those are going to be inactive, and lets realize that the average person isn't going to play a game to sit around for 4 hours to click a button (this is why people mock miners in EvE) and this game wont even get past launch day, and I'm sure you'll say "We dont need idiots to play this game" and true, regardless of them or not, I'll still play Dual Universe, but to make the game utterly devoid of content like that, since NPCs wont be in the game, and just how fun do you think it will be This game has massive potential, I want it to be awesome because I absolutely love the premise, but from a business standpoint, if they make crews something a ship must have to be competetive, then no one will play Dual Universe but hardcore, avid fans And just imagine trying to direct PvP like that, not only do you have to control a fleet of say, 10 ships, but then you also have to deal with your own ships, and so does everyone else, it would be an absolute cluster of a cluck and no fun for anyone other than the people who do nothing but play the game, which is nice, but just because you want the game to be indepth and difficult, doesnt mean you should make it absolutely inaccessible to newcomers
  6. It's literally corporate suicide if they do this
  7. What im going to say is going to sound harsh but honestly If you go this far in depth, no one is going to play the game Everyone loves flying big ships, but if it requires momentous teamwork, and 90% of the people involved are just checking the engines or shields, no one will play the game because they'll all be too bored, this might be good for an immersion point of view in say, a single player game, but you're all imagining being the pilots imagine spending all day, waiting to press the button R because the engine needs to be repaired, it might sound fun, but it would be the single most dull experience I can imagine, so big ships may have crews (specifically marines) but I highly, highly doubt they will need them, because if they do the game will never get off the ground this isn't like EvE, where you spend the day waiting for something to happen, even mining has the potential for fun things to happen there, this is sitting at an engine console, waiting to press a button, and doing literally nothing else
  8. It's like a magical golden liquid that inspires true genious, like forgetting you have a capfleet, or that you're in a HG slaves pod
  9. cheers mate send me a mail or something if you're interested drunk fc is the correct way to fc
  10. The Cydonian Empire is looking for people who can take a joke in places other than their rectum~ can you: Lock a target and hit F1? Drink your own bodyweight? Jump when the fc says don't jump? If so, you're just what we're looking for~ lets drink our way to the top and wonder how we got there Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GloriousCydonia/ And don't worry, I don't sound so plastic in actual conversations send me a message or a mail to learn more about our plans on the other hand, if you're from tumblr and everything makes you upset, I'm afraid this is not your safe space, find another place to complain about your victimhood
  11. hmm, I think this is a good idea, but rather, have weapons give off a signature that your scanners can pick up, the larger the weapon, the more potent the signature, this gives all kinds of options for trickery, such as phony sig generators, "silenced" weapons that produce no or lower signature, and the opposite for scaring the locals
  12. well I mean, you can go to the store and buy a guitar, strum on it and make sounds without any training, but you actually need to learn the chords to find it useful, is my point
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