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  1. Welcome to the 1st DU Bump car race. Rules are simple get from point A to point B. If another racer gets in your way, ram them.
  2. At most the may have it where you start as human but as you continue on and find new tech players will be able to modify themselves. Either with biological reconstruction or augmentation.
  3. The Devs built a freighter with a three seater cockpit. Here is the video.
  4. True, but sometime I want to do something like that just because I can.
  5. I kind of wonder if we will be able to create buttons in the cockpit huds? Simple example: an interactive button in HTML to start the engines.
  6. So if we need to reach a speed to break atmo and go into orbit goes this mean physics for planetary sling shots might be possible?
  7. Why not have 3d map that shows only your constructs that gets enabled in build mode? True a scanner would be quicker, but when you have twelve floors with two hundred rooms it would be nice to see the whole picture.
  8. Someone order twenty tactical warheads? We are going to "drop" them over here.
  9. Appreciate the link. I did see that post, but because I quick read it and I didn't get it all. My bad. Other then elevators and transport, what about small construct? Example, moving sculptures or locks?
  10. I would appreciate it.
  11. A bullet train for one, but I can see the possibility of other applications. And I don't know about a tractor beam, but maybe a hull clamp for boarding.
  12. Odd idea, but what about magnetic elements in game? Maybe a ore that can be mined or perhaps an man-made magnet.
  13. So what about build ships in a base or shipyard? Will there be an a local storage unit that you can place materials and pull from it when building? Or will it be "I ran out of materials again. Back to the storage to get more."?
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