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  1. Not everyone who disagrees with your fanboy opinion is troll. Such low effort, try harder.
  2. Well, although I connected my steam account, don't have DU in my list yet...
  3. Game is broken, people having issues are not trolls. You on the other hand are a cuckold.
  4. Have 700 000 quanta. Crafting stuff in nanopack for M assembler, queue 30 minutes. lets go do tutorials for few more credits, why not. Connect to Market Tutorial. Game crashes. Restart. Actual character is now in tutorials location. Press on pad. Character now on north pole. Quanta is now 73k. Force respawn. Inventory lost. 627k quanta lost. 1.0? Full release? 15$ a month? Are you crazy? How could you release this? Literally lost everything by doing tutorial... Go code WordPress websites, not games, you clearly have no idea what you're doing. 1.0...
  5. No one know, they just "realeased" the game and left everyone to wonder how anything is supposed to work. Honestly, they should not do gamedev...
  6. There aren't any buttons of a kind in that page.
  7. I have played beta, paid for a few months. Says I will have 2 weeks play time, get error 112 on trying to log in. Connected steam account, game is not on steam. Do I have to buy it on steam? Do I not need to buy it on steam? How is anything supposed to work? Is everything broken or am I doing something wrong? Can we have any communication on how any of this supposed to work?
  8. Yes, that is what I am expecting, but as there is no official statement from the devs - here I am.
  9. Yes - beta, you actually don't understand what beta means. It is explained in original post, please try reading again. You don't charge for time of service if you cannot provide it, it doesn't matter what it is. Every subscription based game is dealing with this issue by giving back that wasted time. Now I'm not saying DU devs won't, but there is no official statement yet, so I'm complaining, because there's a reason for that.
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