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  1. This would probably be a long time after launch but kinda think it would be cool. If say a attacker hits your city but you cant be on a comp you could use your phone to operate a defense system like a turret to defend your cities and bases.
  2. In the idea section I was asking about it before I noticed this one. But by static I am thinking not auto turret more trip sensor gun shots where it was aimed. Auto defenses should need a insanely convoluted creation time frame/system and manual programming to make them only for people that put in the extreme effort to have a extreme weapon system. This game makes me dream about playing a game like the anime Overlord. Well the game the character played before where his guild built a empire in game with npc guards and all sorts of player programmed things Although I would prefer support to use turrets via a phone for defense than a auto turret.
  3. Well auto tracking turrets wouldn't be cool. But a turret shooting in a set direction, set off by a player firing until its out of ammo would. Mainly I was thinking of classic traps like spike wall crushing, Indy boulders, thrusters shooting pillars of flame in pattern.
  4. Just found out about this game, and I am wondering will there be trap mechanics? I would really love to build underground death mazes. The videos I have seen on you tube show awesome capabilities for in game creation. Are there going to be things like trip wires, pressure plates, ways to move or drop walls and floors, and thrusters cause player damage?
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