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  1. hi, here would be my question to NQ team: You write: - A complete wipe (except blueprints) with solutions to allow old players to quickly rebuild their favorite constructs through various means. This would favor only builders, the people who made industry and grind the quantas for schematics are not considered. This is an unfair advantage for master builders. Also people who have made advanced Lua scripts will be favored since they have local backups. For me there are only two options, complete wipe including blueprints (where Lua scripters still have a big advantage) or no wipe. One more note from me, I joined DU at the end of the alpha because I didn't want to play alphas anymore and where did I end up, in an alpha, I joined because they promised a persistent world. As an entrepreneur you should make final decisions and not hesitate, then the customers know where they stand.
  2. We already have them, they are called Novaquarks, and they have no understanding and mercy for us humans.
  3. I can agree with that, such a guy could really help .
  4. The surface spawn is a messed up thing, I have areas that are in the mountains, and would have to constantly run up and down and slalom around the trees in the forest. I'm sorry, I don't see how this is fun. Now I have to do that after every calibration, no thanks.
  5. It could also be that they have the option, but didn't want to do it to push the players in a different direction. It's strange that they didn't think of this feature.
  6. Dear Developers. What I don't understand is why NQ isn't able to include a soft terrain wipe feature that allows mining underground without any permanent impact on the database. Another voxel game, Empyrion, that has implemented this. The difference with the current terrain reset in Dementer is that the terrain around the base, and even in the base itself, is not changed. So if you have an underground base, the terrain in and around that base is not reset. But no, they remove a well-functioning game mechanic to switch to the autominer, which I have to constantly calibrate to pay my taxes with the meager yield. If NQ doesn't have such a feature they should program it and bring back underground mining, that would be a positive addition to the autominer. So personally I don't enjoy the game at the moment, so please make something that covers a wide range of play styles, only then can the game be a success.
  7. This is exactly the point "make your own game" , which is dead for me now. I have no desire to be a tax and mining calibration slave.
  8. So my Keys was not free, I bought them with my Patron package.
  9. There should be no reward without risk, I think if they claim abandoned land they should even pay extra without knowing what is in the piƱata.
  10. Thanks for the video, unfortunately they skipped the point that concerns the procedure with the dynamic constructs.
  11. Hydraulic jacks are already installed in the brakes. So sooner or later there will be an animation for this. If I go by the hydraulic bearings in the Airbrake L, the flap will open as in the following picture. It becomes interesting when the airbrakes have to be aligned in the direction of movement to be effective.
  12. Yes I noticed that too, it contradicts itself.
  13. So my friends gave me their right to their property when they quit and wanted to see if the gameplay improved. I take care of it if they come back unless they tell me explicitly that I can take their stuff, that's what friends do.
  14. Here are my questions for NQ: Will the sanctuary moon also be taxed in the future if they want to create a game world for hundreds of thousands of players, the space on the moon will not be enough. Is planned to tax space station and in what form. What will happen to the owner's dynamic constructs located on territories if the tax is not paid. Will there be a safe place or mechanics for paying subscribers to keep their stuff safe. What bad things will happen if we don't pay the taxes. Do they really want to penalize players who can't spend that much time on the game.
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