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  1. At this point my patience with NQ is gone. I played for over a year and a half, then they talked about the wipe. I went into maintenance mode and only logged in once a week to calibrate and pay taxes. And then I began to dread logging in to do even that. The only thing that pushed me to continue was the remote chance that my hard work wouldn’t be deleted or stolen. I waited and waited for this company to decide whether or not they would wipe their game. And now I don’t care anymore. But I’ve learned a few things in all of this. NQ isn’t professional and doesn’t care about their player base. And I don’t believe this company deserves any more of my money.
  2. Speaking to the “better chat system:” A unified chat window with different colour codes for each sub-chat would be nice. For example, green for org chat(with org name in brackets), white for general, blue for admins, and orange for help. The only chats that may need a separate tab are LUA and combat. These two chats could be pop-out windows so the unified chat is still visible. Other social systems I’d like to see implemented: -Planetary governance -Regional governance -Hailing systems with VOIP -Regional VOIP with the option to turn it off -Fleet VOIP -Org headquarters location in the org UI -Player markets that are integrated into the market search -In-game LUA repositories accessible through a UI. -A LUA market in-game that functions similarly to the current market system. -Activity indicators when searching to join an org. If all members of an org are inactive for weeks then it should be hidden in the org application interface. -An official alliance system which orgs can join.
  3. Continuation of the poll now that the poll function has been removed: I vote yay.
  4. NQ is there a set date for the first podcast?
  5. My hope is that NQ employees involved in the wipe decision will sit down in a boardroom for 8 hours a day every day this week and come to a decision on the wipe. Make a deadline for Friday afternoon. Put every other priority on hold until this is resolved. Then tell players what the decision is. If it becomes clear that a decision cannot be made in this way then my faith in the management staff and shot-callers at NQ is entirely lost.
  6. NQ when will we have an answer? It’s been over six weeks since the original post where you said you’d discuss the wipe - and AvA and DACs. It has also been almost 3 weeks since you shared your internal discussions.
  7. FreeOTP by RedHat (owned by IBM now) is a good 2FA app if you’re nervous about Authy.
  8. NQ should announce their decision asap and if it is a wipe then they should dangle a reason to keep testing in front of us. An exclusive beta award would be nice.
  9. The Googler. I was searching for a space MMO
  10. I just warped to Teoma with a warp shuttle I’ve been using for months only to find that I don’t have enough cells to get home. NQ’s nerfs to element weights went overboard.
  11. If NQ does create player markets at some point then I would like to see the following: -Market units as end-game items similar to warp beacons -Market units shouldn’t require storage containers to be attached. This will be a nightmare. -Market units should require upkeep which discourages players from spamming them and introduces a need for a market owner to think carefully about how to start and maintain a market. -A map menu item that lists active markets in descending order by market volume. As for the Aegis market, I think it’s a good addition to the game in the meantime until NQ can implement player markets.
  12. Check the PTS release notes. Missions have been nerfed
  13. I’m looking forward to seeing how the space market effects gameplay. NQ please consider allowing us to link parcel containers to a container hub and allow us to ship more than the max 512,000 L per mission. I believe this will help boost the number of player missions and will help us move goods to the space market.
  14. NQ please answer the question: Will there be a wipe?
  15. I hope NQ doesn’t wipe then I can use all my quanta to buy DACs and play for free for months or years even if that hurts their bottom line
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