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    Muttley reacted to Hotwingz in WE NEED TO SPREAD THE KICKSTARTER!   
    They explained that they have investors who will invest the rest of the budget.
    The KS is to show them that DU is something the community wants.
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    Muttley got a reaction from DaSchiz in Questions on Kickstarter Early Bird pledge   
    OK, thanks. I think I'll change my pledge.  That's an extra €2 to NQ.

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    Muttley got a reaction from Alsan Teamaro in Questions on Kickstarter Early Bird pledge   
    I did consider this as a possibility.
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    Muttley reacted to Kurock in Questions on Kickstarter Early Bird pledge   
    These are answered in the FAQ at the bottom of the Kickstarter page at least partially.
    1) It is a physical real world card with your characters name on it. The name is also booked for you to use in game. The digital version does not book your name in game.
    2) Early bird specials are exactly the same as their non early bird counterparts except the early bird ones are cheaper.
    Welcome to DU
    Note: I believe Kickstarter backers will get an (additional) name booking because the Kickstarter has reached over 6000 backers.
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    Muttley reacted to Archonious in Kickstarter Predictions   
    I know Kickstarter is very important for many of us, especially for NQ. But I would like to get some fun and start prediction competition) No prizes, nothing (if NQ won't assist). Target is "For Fun".
    What would be the final number (collection) on Kickstarter?
    I would say, let's run this until "Day 7" run out. So 4-5 days to put your opinion or prediction here. And we will check, who has the best skill of prediction =)))
    As starter, I would say "NQ will collect 565'000 Euro"
    So join, let's play little game before DU is not released)))
    P/S: Everyone welcomed! NQ join, be part of community)
    ChobitsCrazy - 515'000 €
    Velenka - 666'000 € (You put $, but I think it was simple mistake. So I use 666'000 €)
    guttertrash - 500'001 €
    Demonneo - 607'012 €
    DaphneJones - 696'969 €
    GalloInfligo - 713'237 €
    Muttley - 560'001 €
    Blacksythe - 543'211 €
    Lau2356 - 551'235 €
    Schoff - 975'431 €
    Code24 - 600'024 €
    Comrademoco - 525'000 €
    Astrophil - 555'555 €
    Kryfulli - 575'000 €
    Shynras - 499'999 € (throw tomatoes in this guy. I'm joking)
    KingNazar - 517'000 €
    Falstaf - 1'000'000'000 €
    Jeronimo - 502'683 €
    Shogun - 572'742 €
    DaSchiz - 562'000 €
    BoilingSeas - 540'000 €
    Lethys - 654'094 €
    Alsan_Teamaro - 777'777 €
    Atmosph3rik - 800'001 €
    yamamushi - 523'000 €
    Villspor - 666'000 €
    VioletBannana - 570'000 €
    LurkNautili - 653'155 €
    Danger - 612'795 €
    wizardoftrash - 600'015 €
    UnderhandAerial - 640'000 €
    Dhara_Elysande - 555'556 €
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    Muttley reacted to Daphne Jones in How hard (or easy) will it be to earn DAC?   
    This is pretty straightforward.
    DAC is a RL cash-equivalent asset. Stealing it is RL theft. Allowing players to steal it would be a criminal activity on the part of NQ.
    Just say No.
    Sorry NQ. I got carried away and forgot about the one post rule. After reading through, I stand by what I said.
    I should add, I don't see what a DAC would be as a physical in-game item or why a character as opposed to a player would want one. They are meta-items by their nature and should be treated that way. 
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    Muttley got a reaction from Atmosph3rik in NovaQuarks latest KS update   
    For those too lazy see update #9
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    Muttley reacted to le_troll_des_bois in This kickstarter needs YOU! Updated.   
    À coverage from some famous youtuber might help. I'm thinking Scott Manley, but unfortunately, there is not much more to be shown or experienced from what novaquark already released in previous vidéos.
    Maybe à hands on from Scott while intervirwing JC might interest him, but whi knows ? Maybe novaquark already contacted him and hé declined (or simply didn't see it, I believe he is quite a busy Man)
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    Muttley got a reaction from Hotwingz in This kickstarter needs YOU! Updated.   
    I literally have no friends that play PC games and 8 followers on Twitter. (I had 9 up until yesterday  ) So I don't think I'll be of much help in bringing in the $$$.
    What DU really needs is another ringing endorsement from the likes of Chris Roberts so I hope they are knocking on the door of the big gaming media outlets.
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    Muttley reacted to Hotwingz in First Person Shooting   
    Thats just life Muttley. Their time will come too.
    But I just wanted to say I'm happy we didnt loose you. That must be an awesome meditation cave.
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    Muttley reacted to guttertrash in How will you prevent people from getting harassed, trolled and griefed?   
    i had the good sense to remove it knowing it wasn't constructive. and i did so before i got your reply
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    Muttley got a reaction from Seraph in Limits on editing the environment   
    Thanks for the answers folks. I just had a quick look at the Kickstarter page and just a few minutes ago NQ answered many of the same questions that I was asking.
    Many of the following answers are subject to changes as the game development evolves. Keep in mind all this is just "Work in Progress". - When your character die, you'll lose what your character was wearing/carrying on him. - When you build a house or ship outside of a safezone, yes, someone will be able to destroy it. However, when you build for example an outpost outside a safe zone, you will have protection measures when you're offline: when attacked your outpost will be able to enter in a temporary invulnerability mode (for 24 or 48h), to give you the time of reacting and calling your friends to help defend your base. - Yes, you will be able to build inside the safe zone. - No, no one else will be able to destroy your ship when you are in a safe zone. - how to avoid the safe zone getting littered by left over stuff from other players: we have currently several ideas, but until we've made a clear choice between them, we won't enter into details. Note: There won't be only one safe zone. It will be possible to discover other places on other planets where it will be possible to activate a Safe Zone. But we can't tell you more than that at the moment. - What happens when you dig a hole: at the moment, yes it stays forever, unless another player comes and modify the landscape or fill the hole with some materials.
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    Muttley reacted to yamamushi in How will you prevent people from getting harassed, trolled and griefed?   
    Perhaps markets could have a feature where players can set the "security status" of people that they're willing to allow?
    I like the safe zone preventing pirates idea, but would that mean that anyone who engages in pvp would be prevented from coming into the safe zones? 
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    Muttley got a reaction from CodeGlitch0 in Dual Access Coupons (DAC) as Payment for Development   
    Woah! Easy now. Your post is completely out of order. 
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    Muttley reacted to GrandMaster Apex in Dual Access Coupons - how will they work?   
    More info about Dual Universe monetization model!
    Hi guys! Already 135,354€ and 27% covered! This is amazing! We can’t thank you enough guys, thank you for your support!
    So, this is the first update, and we wanted to bring some light on one important point. There has been a lot of discussion recently about the monetization of Dual Universe, and the question of the subscription model. Let us clarify here what we have in mind, so that you can see all the options we will offer:
    Free to Try “trial” access: there will be a free to try access to Dual Universe, with limitations on things like how much skill, money and/or space you can access to. The details of the limitations are not yet defined precisely, but it will be made such that you can enjoy the game and have a taste of its large scale potential. Pay to Play “premium” access at a price at launch that we will keep in the range of comparable products on the market (typically around $10-$13/month or 10€-13€/month depending on the country), decreasing when bought in large bundles: this is the full scale game, with no limitation. DAC access: Dual Access Coupons are items that you can buy on the in-game markets with the in-game money you make while playing, and that you can turn into one month of Premium play time. You can also buy a DAC from Novaquark to sell it on the in-game market in exchange of in-game currency. DACs will have a price of $18/€18 at official release (for reference, items similar to DACs used in other MMORPGs are priced around $20/€20). Alpha/Beta access: no subscription involved. As you can notice, the real money price of a DAC will be higher than the normal price of one month of subscription, which may have caused confusion as some people, quite understandingly, assumed that the monthly premium sub would cost as much as a DAC. This is not the case.
    We hope this helps clarify our future business model. The reasoning behind the choice of a Pay to Play premium access has been discussed in detail in a devblog post about monetization that we made in April.
    Sourced from Kick starter update directly from NQ
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