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  1. I utilized this, but I agree it needed to go. They won't, but I actually wish they'd bring back ground mining (I know they won't for obvious reasons...). Some kind of mechanic that would let us DIG ON TILES (not over saturated safe zone asteroid mining) for T1 & T2 ore. Mining units for T3 thru T5 ore. What if you're just starting out a year from now? All of the tiles are claimed and you have zero shot to get any tiles of substance. Forced to asteroid mine where there is heavy pressure. That's not good game design. People will be trying this out at different times and need to feel they have a fair shot.
  2. I've said this since Beta - people only stack the "atmo lift" elements, because they have to. If higher tier aileron type elements that provided more lift were introduced, it would solve those types of issues. It would also give the industrialists something else to make.
  3. I just feel sorry for the new Steam players they're working so hard to get. It's torture.
  4. Sink / faucet. Significant faucet was T1 Bot orders. Sink is schematics / taxes. The faucet is depleting, the sink will only be a little (less schematics), but taxes still remain for the ore, which are significant for those who have miner capital into the hexes. We're also in major build mode due to the state of the game, so that plays a factor as well.
  5. This probably deserves another thread but a huge QoL improvement would be 10k nodes in asteroids. Right now they're around 4 to 6 or so. Would be awesome if we didn't have to mine and scan, mine and scan, rinse and repeat so much. This process = time.
  6. After taking over from the old regime, I truly feel in my heart of hearts that the current Dev team is doing all they can to improve everything with the staff they have. We have seen incremental improvements and good changes. I tip my hat for trying and the progress that's been made since I started. That being said, my concerns (also as a beta tester) are as follows: (Caveat - Everyone plays differently and these are my personal thoughts only. I may be wrong on my analysis, which I admit ahead of time. Also, I'm not a mission runner. I don't find mission running enjoyable. I've heard it's a good money maker, but it's not what I'm interested in and not what I do.) Mining - The safe zone asteroids are treated like meat to piranhas. They will be mined out completely within hours, even the T1. You have to discover them in that stage to have a chance, and even then there are 6 to 8 ships on them when you're about to land. Flying out there only for it to be empty is a huge waste of time and not fun. With the territory mining so dang expensive to maintain, this is really hard for new players to overcome. My recommendation is to have even more ore than there is now on these safe zone roids. I get that the higher tier ores you have to venture into the pvp zone or buy it, and that's fine - not asking that to be changed. Those roids are actually amazing. Open the T1 and T2 up a bit in the safe zone. More ore please. Ore Consumption - This will probably be highly debated but to run a standard factory, it takes so much ore! I don't have a complicated set up and I spend over 85% of my time just mining to break even. It's not fun and that's not what I want to do all the time. If that's the game play loop for this game, it's dead, and I'm serious. Now you say "join an org" . I'm already in an amazing one and I contribute to the mining best I can, and take what I can when it allows. If it weren't for this group sharing, I'm not sure where I'd be. If this could be scaled a little bit to provide more product for less ore, I think it'd be a step in the right direction. If you don't believe me on this, just pay attention to the help and general chat in game. Economy - I understand why you went to the schematic system you have now. However, the fact of the matter is with the economy the way it is, the price of schem's to what you can make and sell is just gross. Remember that we want to keep new players, not drive them away. I often see elements on the market that are just breaking even on schem cost. No profit for ore. You're using these fees for schematics and territories to slow everything down, but what's really happening is a grind that's not fun. The player is under an extreme amount of pressure to make money...just to get by! Not profit. My recommendation is to scale back the fees for both schems and territories by a large margin. If you need to increase time, do that, but the quanta sink is egregious. I played in beta. I knew "how things worked'. I "recruited" a player, and spent several days and hundreds of text messages just to explain him very basic things that the tutorials didn't explain. He played demo twice but still hasn't went to live yet. I can't convey how behind a non-beta player is just to figure things out. The learning curve is real. Content - We need more than mining and missions. I'd like to see you work within the constraints of what you have to create some more content. There's a fine balance between fun and grind. Right now the grind is egregious. I just feel like the ore I work so hard to get vaporizes within hours. I could be creating / building / et al but the ore is being used so fast. PvP - How fun is PvP really? Camping pvp asteroids helps no one in the long run. It's not a great game play model. Plus you have players sitting at the asteroid, then deploying just a core and guns when a miner comes into range. I can't believe this is what you envisioned for "PvP". This is shallow and probably not intended anyways. The alien cores were a good first step, but there could be more. Could there possibly be hot spots that would draw pvp players, with rewards for a winner? Ship elements perhaps that showed a declared pvp'er where this hotspot was, and best man wins the prize? Rare ore, rare weapons, etc? Many of my org mates and I sit around and talk about how we want this game to succeed. If you add a few more pieces with actual content, you will be successful, I have no doubt of that. We need to see a little more balance and content though, imo.
  7. This game is such a huge time sink, and I feel long term it's debilitating for the game base. If I want to pvp zone asteroid mine, I have to set aside 5 to 8 hours depending on the distance. I know because the game is so new after release, warp supply chains aren't there, which is fine. I'd like to see the scale of all core types max speed double (at least). Bump up the engines and brakes to scale as well. It just takes too dang long to get where you need to go, especially longer the distance.
  8. I do like asteroids in that you have T3+ ore readily available to you, which you did NOT in ground beta mining. I mean, you did but it wasn't as plentiful as it is now. I do miss the old ground mining system for T1 & T2. So incredibly easy to get, but due to the reasoning for pulling it, we'll never get it back again. Ever. And that's sad.
  9. It takes 6 to 8 hours to fly there and back, but I mine pvp asteroids. I won't explain my tactics here, but there are tactics to avoid being killed. They're never sure proof, but risk can be mitigated. You do NOT want to disenfranchise the PvP'ers. They are the ONLY real sink of elements in the game, with crashing ships coming in next. If industrialists can just create and create and create with no element sink, it's a lost cause and play style. Second, it's ok to buy ore. You don't have to mine everything. I know it's expensive. Put that cost back into your parts if you have to.
  10. I haven't delved very far, but one small thing that bugs me are lights. Lights are uncommon (Long light, S - L), and the schematics are expensive for what you get, how much you produce. I think cost on a long light is like 4700 per (not counting ore - not playing rn, just going off memory)? To me that's dumb. I'm sure there's other examples. Probably down the road when people are richer, it won't be a thing, but I wish some elements would have more common sense. Especially lower tier items that aren't game balance changing.
  11. I think it'd be awesome to have a PvP arena or battleground area near one of the busier Alioth markets. For a very nominal amount, you could rent a basic ship with basic combat elements and have at it. In my head, I see an instanced situation where it starts and ends on a certain time period. It'd give the "newbies" something else to do. Make it achievement based. The player run races were so popular, I think something like this could be too. As the game goes on, for it to be *really* successful, you're going to need more content. Reintroducing planets that were in Beta won't cut it.
  12. I'm glad there's finally an announcement. It's definitely not unexpected, Hellen Keller could have seen the full wipe coming based on the information that wasn't put out about it. I appreciate getting some skill points back, as that's the most valuable thing imo. I certainly won't be playing until after "release", absolutely zero point, so I hope you can release very soon.
  13. This new system is cumbersome, tedious, inefficient, and "not fun". It's absolutely gut wrenching how bad industry is wrecked. It's also very expensive if you can't sell your products chaining up the schematic tree to make an element. This is so, so bad. I just want to throw in the towel, but not sure if my corp will come back. If they wipe and take all the skill points with...there ...literally is no point to play.
  14. Yes, it's evident to me that PvP will be the lifeblood that saves this game. I'm not a PvP player per se, but I fully support PvP players and any changes that help that playstyle. I've said that there has to be a point to it all, and although rudimentary, Athena is on the right path to creating more content. It has a ripple effect with everyone else. More goods will be sold (fuel, warp cells, engines, other elements, etc. etc.), more point to mine ore, ore prices rise and that creates its own opportunities. They always talk about sink and faucets, without destruction or decay, there is no sink. Keep it coming!
  15. I've been saying this forever too. I think the hope was PvP was the sink for parts, but it hasn't panned out (yet). If you're an industrial player, you have to be creative to keep busy. (Btw I seen one of your ships on Teoma a couple days ago =)) Karl something...
  16. This is a great post. Name calling doesn't get anyone anywhere. It alienates people from voicing their opinion in the future too. I see this from all sides, as this is really boiling down to a architectural design issue. The dirty secret is that the industrial, shop type players *need* PvP players in the game. What's the point of producing all that stuff with ore if there's no destruction of said parts? In the end, you just get a bottle neck of parts with no destruction / decay. The builder types need ore too, but really aren't fighters lol, so they can get mad when they're ganked. They're flying in PvP space, so the complaints illicit a response from the PvP'ers and yadda yadda yadda, arguing. I do hope that NQ does a major overhaul of the PvP mechanic. I want to see PvP succeed and be fun for that play style in the worst way. It's the life blood of a game where they have such robust industry like this one. Last year this time I was flying to other planets praying I got my hands on some T3 or T4 ore, as scanning was boring as h. You wanted gold nuggets? Good luck...Asteroid mining has been so much better imo. It's kind of a surprise which ore you're going to get, it's fun to go out with friends and mine them once you've scouted them and discovering them for your corp has been enjoyable too. I would rather have this system, even in the chance you could get ganked, 100 times over than this time last year. It is absolutely an improvement over what was. And OP, I'm not attacking your opinion, just stating mine. You do raise valid points in your post.
  17. At first I thought it was homage to all the 4:20 friendlies around Freeport, but...I agree it needs to be toned down a bit.
  18. I LOVE asteroid mining. I've mined ores I never had access to before because of it. If they didn't have asteroid mining, I'd have very little to do. There are what I feel tactics to it all which I won't delve into here, but you should be able to mitigate attacks. If you can develop a asteroid mining strategy, you'd see that it's a million times better than MU's...I only use MU's for Tier 1 ore now. I hope they don't change a thing.
  19. I'm not a PvP type, but for this game to thrive, it NEEDS PvP. The only PvP based game I've involved myself in and played was Dark Age of Camelot many moons ago lol. There, I feel they had the perfect system. "Realm" based combat where the side you fought for gained bonuses if you held one of the three realm relics. Going after these relics was an arduous task, and if you succeeded, you were king of the hill. Forts lost in a realm territory weakened the fort with the relic. It encouraged PvP fights on a daily basis, because even if you weren't strong enough to take the big enchilada, a smaller group could still take a lesser fort to weaken the big one and help the realm. Why not put some middle ground in this game with something fantastic to take back to your faction where they enjoy bonuses of some type? Right now there's no focus to PvP. It's completely random to run into someone. Maybe they have something in mind when atmo and territory pvp comes out soon, but without some game mechanic encouraging it, I feel that there's no point. Give the PvP'ers something worthy of bringing their guns to battle instead of unarmed haulers. Spice it up a bit!
  20. I agree with this. The reason you see these huge ships with ridiculous engine amounts and all these hidden wings is that the elements that are in place don't have adequate thrust and lift if you're building for any type of weight. Sure, you can train skills up, but not one affects weight. Speed, lift ratio is the closest. Even then it takes overkill to move large KT loads. Not my idea, but I read someone on these boards suggested tiered wing types like engines with better lift qualities and I support that. And why are we forced with wing / aileron looking elements? This is a space sim lol, why not some other kind of tech that provides lift and looks better? I recently designed my first ship and I think I had to stack like 26 small wings at one point? It's just a 1KT ish cargo ship. I experimented with all kinds of M / S / wing & Aileron set ups and I couldn't get the high altitude lift I was happy with until I started stacking. I'm all for changes. Give the flight elements more power please.
  21. Thank you for listening to your community NQ The 100 personal (with skills) for me is fantastic. I think I have 13 or so now and am getting by so that's great. The org core changes are also good. Again, thank you for listening and being flexible. I'm sure other issues will come out as it deploys and you can adjust. Can you clarify one thing though, let's say an org wants to "lease" a core in its pool to a player, to run a shop, or anything like that, can it be accomplished through RDMS like it is now?
  22. To help out with the MU changes, maybe the TU comes with a build core, not a part of the core limit, where you're free to build a elevated structure for them? That way it would be tied to the TU, which you're already paying taxes on.
  23. I agree with this premise. They don't want element stacking, but the only reason we stack the wings is so we can get the lift needed to fly the weight around. We don't want to put that many wings / stabs / aileron's on.
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