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  1. PvP as long as it’s balanced and incentivized, not just a nuisance. There should be a tension between a PvE civilized HighSec core with ever diminishing natural resources and a wild, LowSec Frontier with more rich, virgin resources. The free for all, total chaos, big org tyranny, feudal misery simulator punctuated by edgelord griefers who just get off on breaking someone else’s toys, nah. Pass. I’d like to see “the Bubble” be created by the colony ship. The Bubble no longer makes it so PvP isn’t possible, but so those who initiate it receive a stiff penalty to combat depending on the proximity to Alioth: -90% damage and armor around Alioth, -25% around the edge. As well as a constant random damage “Sentinel Drone” debuff of likewise varying intensity to simulate the “security drones” the colony shop creates (w/o having to add NPC AI). People and orgs can feed the colony ship manufactured parts. As they do, the bubble expands to new planets and systems - as NQ adds new ones, so there is an ever growing, depleted civilization and an ever growing wild frontier. Add bonuses for high contribution to feeding the bubble (essentially taxes) - * the ability to chose planet/civilization wide bonuses for everyone with a higher rate for their Org (like 2% higher build speed all bubble space, 4% on planet, 6% for Org). * a portion of the “tax” from local markets. *Rare Schematics that cannot be bought - like Military + Safe Rare Engines. Allows creating Monopolistic Competition. Etc... Frontier Orgs get to Plunder and not getting fines from PvP, even occasionally launch raids into the inside edge of the bubble (Pirates) and more plentiful resources, higher payout missions, etc when working outside the bubble (Settlers). You can get more granular - like projects to build bubble engines on the fringe planets to pull them in under the protection, which can be stopped or slowed through attacking the engines, etc... to actually create incentive for PvP. Allow factions to form across this divide - Civilized Core orgs vrs Settler and Pirate orgs. A “light” faction system. No one is locked in, but orgs must declare for one determined by where their “HQ” is built and declared. Which determines if you get bonuses from donating to the bubble expansion (civ), if you do not get fined/wanted levels from attacking other players (pirate), and if you get bonuses from working outside the bubble (settler). Put in a skill “realign with faction” that takes 5days, that sets your bonuses to your current Org when you leave and join another.
  2. .23 just made it so I had to spend 2 weeks mining to continue playing with my remote, self sufficient T1 element factory. That’s it, just a pointless barrier of tedium. My wife quit because she just wasn’t willing to afk grind scanning and mining all day long to get back the elaborate factory she spent a month+ building and optimizing. I’m trying to get her to come back now that our factory is online again and we’re building our line of prototypes, for an eventual commercial ship building industry; but she’s moved on and doesn’t trust NQ’s ability to understand the consequences of their decision or how to achieve their vision in proper order of necessary operations. At this point every bit of effort should be going into alternatives to currency generation other mining. Mining is t he foundation of t he game’s economy, it’s the only labor selling job, and it’s shit. That isn’t viable. Most people are not going to spend 100’s of hrs playing other games and checking in to move a ship 1k and scan every 30mins or watching Netflix or absently clicking their mouse for hours on a meganode — they’re just going to play a game that’s actually fun. I get this game wants to be a competitor to Eve, but it’s like it only wants to appeal to their most dedicated fanbase... who are just going to keep playing Eve....
  3. Ore bots are just a price floor. That’s it. If players want to buy ore they can just offer above the bot price. All removing bots does is make consumer surplus higher and producer lower. Until there is a way to originate cash, other than mining or petty login bonuses, removing the bots just means established corps get cheap ore and new players have to grind ore for 40% longer/more to do anything — increasing barriers to playing the space game they paid for, forcing them to play the browser quality mining minigame for the people the increased benefit of people already past it; which is not good for new player retention.
  4. This stuff is why the game needs an “all but BP’s and skills” wipe on release. Reset the worlds and ore, etc.. I get it. I have stuff I do not want to lose too. But you can’t have stuff like this just go untreated in a PvP game with a player based economy. The consequences of these kind of massive economic errors only grow over time. There’s a reason games wipe after Betas (and let’s be honest this is really an open alpha, not feature complete). There are going to be fuck ups, wildly bad balance passes, etc.. you can either micromanage their effects, ignore them and leave the game permanently damaged, or beta wipe. It seems like a pretty obvious decision from a balance/dev resource position.
  5. If they want to wipe they will wipe regardless of whoever feels entitled to not have one — more over, they should wipe before official launch because in a game with competitive aspects allowing people to get years of head start is just a “couldn’t actually compete wannabe elite” handholding simulator.
  6. Bots buying raw commodities just act as a price floor — they lower the bar for entry into other potential aspects of money-making in the game. Since mining is the only stable source of time investment income, and the only source for new players. The reality is if people (big orgs who want cheap ore) get what they want, dirt cheap ore prices, it’s just going to push miners out and prices will go up anyways, and the game will have less players without their cheap ore anyways. Removing ore buying bots at this point for the sake of a “player driven economy” is just a bad idea.
  7. CP2077 is a great if imperfect successor to the Bethesda RPG, it runs great on my low-mid gaming pc (1660 Super) on High - old consoles got screwed though. it’s just not the greatest GTA like sandbox game + the greatest ever Bethesda like RPG in one package.
  8. You can be the winner because PvP. If you have a dozen or so Orgs that were able to gain resources on an order of magnitude more than the people who come during launch, and they can then easily roll them and take the launch players resources, snowballing more - if crates a small group of oligarch like farmers who farm everyone else until they quit.
  9. You want to try to keep going up. The button is at the highest level of the building. So “back” and up any stairs until there are no more stairs. That is the starter room.
  10. Hard barriers in a sandbox are generally bad. Ideally players should be able to do anything, but not everything, if they want to invest in it — this is pretty obviously in the spirit of the game. Some solutions. Adding talents for surrogates, as mentioned above, would be great as well. Options, as long as they require investment, are almost always good. Gunners: Add Gunner AI modules that go in place of Gunner seats. Make them tiered, with high end ones expensive (T5 mats). Add long talents, similar to Dredger, that require all the long combat talents as pre-reqs, make them very long learn times. At Max, with talents, and Exotic Combat AI’s, equal to 90 or 95% of the damage and accuracy of a manned weapon, so crewed ships are always the premium min/max, but if someone wants to invest months of talents into solo space combat/ship management, they can compete if at a disadvantage. Industry on Ships: add Hybrid Cores, can move like Dynamic, can place Industry, but can not have Space Engines, so are planet bound, and Industry Elements add increased tonnage to industry elements when deployed/otherwise reduce speed. So you can have a mobile base, efficient, but not a full factory. Like, more of a hover “crawler” that maybe makes certain parts as it goes or a multipurpose, low automation/high management small factory. Make then very expensive, obviously. It could be an “endgame” solo player goal and niche use for orgs as mobile/backup strategic factories once there is territory war.
  11. I use the default too — it varies if you are using a hover controller vrs command seat I’ve noticed. best tip I can give is to either have a strip of voxels coming out of the front and back (center) with an adjustor(s) on each side (up, down, left, right) or to put them in each corner of the ship (up, down and out). You need 8-9 adjusters of adequate size, min. I use (with command seat and Keyboard Controls) the following key binds: W for Throttle up, S for Throttle down, Z for pitch up and C for pitch down. I rebound hover down to my mouse button. The trick to take off is Space(hover up) > Z (pitch up), W Throttle up. Keep A an an D, for turn and correct Yaw with Q and R as needed while cruising. Feather Throttle up and Down to cruise around 3/4 speed. When landing: Throttle down to 1/4, brake (alt) as needed, Pitch down to get to under 300 meters, and start tapping alt to get under 200 kph, scale down to 100 kph by 100 meters while pitching up to level by 50, brake, Space to hover and throttle to 0. I start pitching down and reducing throttle from 3/4 about 10k out, going down from 3/4 to 0 throttle in proportion from my distance. The key imo is hack adequate brakes and adjusters set up as described. Beyond that it’s all gradually nudging pitch and throttle. I really recommend not using mouse control or virtual joystick, it can feel smoother but imo offers less nuanced control. Hope that helps make default easier.
  12. Could have the new “replace destroyed element” tool show the status by color code. 3: Green. 2: Yellow. 1: Orange. Totaled: Red.
  13. Suggestion regarding additional resource sinks. Add “Babel Engines” - this is what creates the “Bubble” of pvp safe zone. The first one created from the Novark. Allow players to feed parts to the Engine: Hydraulics, Quantum Cores, Frames, etc.. at certain points of resources “fed” the bubble expands outward. Once it reaches the border of another planet, a Babel Engine can be constructed upon it. During the period of initial construction, players have to “feed” the engine to get it “online”. During the period there is no bubble, players can be attacked while “feeding”. Progress cannot be reversed, only prevented and slowed. Once the resources are “fed”, the Engine goes Online and generates a PvP prevention field around the planet, and it can be fed to extend into space — and eventually it will push up on another planet and another engine can be built. This adds: 1. A resource sink along with element destruction. 2. An analogue to Eve’s High/Low/Null Sec space, providing a dynamic balance between PvE and PvP, with a pure PvE resource sink/collective goal. 3. A natural system incentivizing PvP. The “Settler” (PvE) players claiming territory and pushing out the frontiers, creating safe places to build their cities and civilization. To do so, however, they have to fly to Babel Engines on planets outside of the safe zone, like Smugglers, with ships loaded with valuable parts for PvP “Pirate Players” to descend on. It adds a framework of rival goals that push players into conflict and create emergent gameplay (alliances of “Settlers” launching a massive fleet to feed the engine on Planet A while a small fleet baits the Pirates into thinking they are going to Planet B; PvP mercenaries based in the High Security Core launching raids on PvP Org bases while Settlers feed an unfinished engine; Pirate Orgs forming alliances and competing to take territory close to an unfinished Engine). 4. Since progress cannot be reversed, eventually the borders will expand, which it will have to as the “core civilized” territories become mined out and hexes bought up, creating an ever creeping, bountiful and lawless frontier where hardened pirate alliances can mine virgin resources, it always live on their heels as civilization comes to more and more systems. Allowing a simple system to create a constantly evolving universe/story that responds to player actions while driving conflict with incentives for both types of player, all while creating a natural story of colonization. Allow totaled elements to be scrapped (talent tree) for some of their components to make it less brutal on PvE players crashing, allow PvP players to make some profits off of destroyed ships, and balance it out through the demand/sink to “feed the engines”. Alternatively, instead of the Bubble, it could add NPC “Security Drones” that attack aggressors, which respond quicker and in greater force the closer they are to an Engine, again, much like Eve. This could lead to a knowledge economy of what regions are highly developed in security (some planets might have strong engines and some weak, asymmetrically across the universe), a layer of “factional/gameplay preference” strategy and creation of trade corridors between the resource depleted core worlds and the dangerous frontiers. Possibly even allow “raids” on “Drone Factories” (space stations) on the perimeters that could temporarily reduce or disable defenses, allowing a push to temporarily disable Engines and allow for raids on planets for a time — creating a risk/reward for being on the fringes of civilization vrs the deeper core.
  14. I’m a new player as well and finding information on the game is almost impossible. The only option seems to be Discord which is mostly vets talking among themselves. That or YouTube videos which are horrible for specific information and time to information investment. One thing that would make a HUGE difference would be to have an accurate, actively updated wiki with detailed information and player made guides and FAQ’s. The current wiki is really bad. It doesn’t even have basic info like what planets have what ores or the difference between a military engine and a freight. Let alone details on RDMS or Voxelmancy. I understand devs can’t really take the time for this, but bringing in some experienced players to do so would make a massive difference. If you could take steps to actively encourage a detailed and up-to-date wiki I think it would be the single most effective initiative that could be taken. Consider maybe pulling together a circle of players willing to do so and encourage them with some perks like an exclusive “lore master” form titles, in-game skin, etc...
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