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  1. I didn't really start at the beginning but I was able to finish the tutorials that I had not completed. And I'm not sure if I even did them all.
  2. Hello I am trying to build some Matt Black Wood Honeycomb materials. But when I bring up the recipe in the crafting window, it says its missing the wood that's needed to make it. But there is clearly 575L of wood in my inventory. and the Nanocrafter inventory is checked as active container. Can I build the Matt Black Honeycomb materials with a Assembler s Thanks Ozark
  3. I am still trying to find the tutorial starting area, but the buildings that i tried, I could not go up past the 2nd level. I do not know it if that was the right building or not. I am now at the sanctuary moon but I want to go back and do the tutorials. Does everyone start out at the same location if so how do I find it . What is it called. I am going back to Alioth to see if I can find it. Thanks Ozark
  4. I am lost and cannot figure out how to restart the tutorial please help.
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