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  1. Well, let's keep our fingers crossed. As soon as NQ starts to address the performance issues I tend to believe you. However, if you keep changing game balances and add new features without FIRST making sure that the game is PLAYABLE in the first place, I question your statement. It is now up to NQ to prove your statement. With the next major update. If not, you risk to lose confidence.
  2. a) What do you consider to be "generations-old hardware"? Could you pls get more precise? My specs, as listed in my OP, are to be treated as old hardware?? Wow. With this attitude the game is dead already. b) I am glad that I didn't see it before recent improvements. Just b/c it was even worse before doesn't make poor performance look better. What kind of "argument" is this??
  3. Hey folks who claim that CP77 is such a BIG game w/o any performance problems: Sony took it off from their online sales page. A giant like Sony wouldn't do it w/o reasons. This means that CP77 IS a disaster. Much worse than Non Man's Sky after its launch. At least, it was playable. This is what I'm referring to: DU is giving me something like 30 fps at most (with alot of stuttering and very poor graphics quality at the same time) with a mere 3 fps in the starting area. What exactly is "going on" in the starting area given the fact that I can hardly see anyone there? For me it looks like that the number of objects in a certain area has a DRASTIC impact on performance/fps. Not the number of ppl there. As long as NQ in not addressing this performance issue, DU is dead. Do you really believe that the majority of gamers is taking 3 fps (or even 30 fps with stuttering, on a decent PC, that is) withount complaining? This is the MAIN point NQ has to address immediately before even THINKING to introduce new features or alter existing ones. As I said in my OP: I was very interested in the beginning, but NQ wasn't able to meet expectations and focussed on wrong subjects. Playability is most important, however, not on rigs costing you $2.5K or above. They are going to make the same mistakes as the developers of CP77.
  4. But they did!! And they announced it with a multi-million Dollar campaign! The fact that you are personally able and willing to spend lots of money for reasonable h/w doesn't mean that the average player should be forced to do the same. They took the game off from their sales page and this speaks volumes. If you are happy: fine. Millions of ppl are not.
  5. Well, where else should one START if not in the STARTING area? And if the game even goes kaboom in the starting area then something is really wrong with the game. Sorry. EDIT: I didn't see anyone in the starting area except two or three ppl. What exactly is "going on there"??
  6. Yes, I do. I am not willing to buy a $2.5 K rig just to play DU (or any other game for that matter). And yes, Cyberpunk 2077 IS a disaster. Sony took it off from their sales page b/c of reasons. Never happened before in history. Again for reasons.
  7. I was very excited back in the days when DU was initially announced and NQ made all these performance tests regarding the number of Nouveans being simulated/rendered at the same time. I just played (tried to play) the tutorial in the latest beta release and I must say that I am very disappointed. I have a quite decent rig (GTX 1060 w/ 6GB, 16 GB RAM, i7-4770) which is for sure not top edge technology but which can run No Man's Sky with a steady 60 to 70 fps. And then this in DU when playing the tutorial: A maximum of 35 fps, stuttering all the time, very poor graphics, and sometimes even dropping down to a mere 3 (!) fps. Is this real? Yes, this is still beta, however, before even thinking of introducing new features or screwing on balancing issues, NQ HAS TO FIRST MAKE THE GAME PLAYABLE! I won't touch this game anymore before NQ comes up with DRASTIC performance improvements. I regret having bought the game in advance. Sorry, this currently looks like another Cyberpunk 2077 desaster. 😢
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