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  1. why would anyone NOT want training skills applied to a blueprint? kind of defeats the purpose... leave it to DU to f*ck this up too
  2. To me, It's not a game, it's a simulator. A very cool simulator, definitely, and multi-user too, which is cool. I know they said no PVE, no missions, no story line to interact with and progress thru. To me, they'll have to add those things before I'd call it a game. I do hope they reconsider. If they do, and add PVE, then it not only becomes a game, but could be a great game.
  3. Thank you for making my point. Something stops working, because they made it HARDER, not easier, and you have to go track down and hope there is a fix, to get back to where you were, before they broke it.
  4. It's not really a game, just a simulator, but a good one, for sure. Okay, first off, I'm old. When I was in my 20's and 30's I could learn programming languages, but that was long time ago. Learned COBOL on punch card machines in the 70's. Loved UNIX, before Linux came around. Loved Linux too. Today, I can't learn LUA, html, etc. It's just too hard for old people to learn. I also can't learn the RDMS system, nor the voxelmancy system. I've tried. God I've tried. It's just too hard. About as intuitive as brain surgery, which I can't learn either. I've been pla
  5. This is a game killer. Population already thinning out anyways, many people have already stopped playing.
  6. I have zero interest in industry. I'm a pilot that also mines, literally mine tons and instant sell, made 5 different ships so far (by parts from market), latest a nice big fat hauler. I bet I make more money faster than you. Mining is super easy cash cow, they will probably nerf it eventually.
  7. Minimum requirements are a constant moving target during any test phase. It just went from alpha to beta, so it is still full of debug code. Lots of debug code. As features are finalized and bugs cleared, the debug code will be removed, freeing up lots of memory. Give it time. Optimizations will get better.
  8. The answer here should be the same as in discord... Be patient, they are working on it.
  9. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out, but I'm too lazy to look at my router's logs. I'm sure somebody will soon.
  10. LOL I was wondering how long it would take the socialists to show up, and complain about how unfair capitalism is...
  11. Enough with the prisoner nonsense. It's a dumb idea, and an instant game killer. You'll have to fantasize about kidnapping people some other way.
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