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  1. Vehicles, with tires. Highways that players cannot destroy or leave items on. Highway grid will be 3 different directions, all connected via cloverleaf intersections, so you can drive in a straight line around the planet in any of 3 directions. Very simple. Very good content addition we all want I'm sure. Mud trucks, motorcycles, combustion engines, crazy noise effects from the like if you remember Burnout Paradise... that would be amazing.
  2. Okay, been playing since early beta Oct20 almost non-stop! There are many other suggestions I'd like to post but this is paramount; Water should be far more than just something you see below 0 and what you hear. It should be interacting with ground voxels, build voxels, and elements. 1: Water in puddles should have waves independent of waves on larger bodies of water, so waves aren't moving through voxels which is totally unrealistic. 2: Waves should work with air currents and water currents, thereby allowing larger waves to form in larger bodies of water, which will come and go depending on weather. 3: Air and water should kinetically react to passing ships, so water sprays up, even makes fog in the sunlight or from heat of engines on the water. Vert boosters or hovers will begin boiling water making steam. 4: Air underwater... when in any cave, the cave should slowly build up air pockets if vertically trapped. This would allow people to build bases underwater yet have characteristics of a real cave, where methane gas and micro-organism decay will fill caves with air. That said, we could have additional water interaction with elements. Even have water creatures, flowing creeks, rivers, waterfalls, all naturally forming, working with the terrain you edit. Sure, it would require an algorithm and hope if they do this, water from such things will even wear away at the terrain from high water waves and flowing water. New types of rocks can form around water, so granite around flowing water that's something you can mine like an ore, limestone in caves, etc....
  3. I'm certain lots of users want this. It should be realistic in mechanics. A true tractor beam should function much like laser holography, where the trap is a grid zone intersection of two beams, in this case though, ion beams. A large ship could keep emitters further apart, for increased range you see. The beams can keep an object of any kind held at any distance , power dependent ofcourse, perhaps linked into warp core(s).
  4. Please add seeds like ponecones for pine, redwood, douglas fir, and maybe they come with super fertilizer so they grow 5% a day. 20 real days to maturity. Trees with collision we can attach items to once mature. Ideal for suspended redwood homes, bridges.
  5. For craft designers wishing to reduce a rear view hitbox scale, it would be ideal to have long skinny cylinders and or stretched boxes as containers, maybe even 3 sides against the long axis. A vertex editor? Some way to simply mold an existing container by stretching corners.
  6. I suggest adding a tool which scatters enemy lockon. Each scatter device comes linked to a super capacitor and it works by emitting ion beam pulses to the nearest ship automatically, basically emp pulsing their sensor used to lock on. Each scatter beamer lasts 30 seconds with a recycle time of 4 minutes if fully powered. Likewise, any enemy vessel can overcome your scattering with their scattering. An advanced scatterer *(V2) would be single use, and the pilot must manually shoot this at the enemy within 10 degrees of center, or drop them in the enemy's path. It attaches to the enemy vessel, releasing a single emp pulse which disables their automatic lockon capability for all guns within a 25meter radius until repaired. This would add a much needed complexity to make pvp more challenging, and give single users a chance at real defense.
  7. Howdy. Greetings. I'm open to discuss all matters of game technique, esp if devs allow programmable recon drones, mining drones and the like. I am a bit of a coder in real life, blenderer, physicist, inventor, and I do some hardcore research in zpe, anti-gravity.
  8. The only place perhaps, until CNN starts complaining there's not enough 'working' socialism.
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