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  1. Same problem. Webview2 is piece of crap
  2. This will lead to overproducrion of items again. PvP occupies not big part of the game. Game needs ways to sink elements not only in PvP. Just fix your physics. It's not sustanible when whole ship blows up from hitting small rock.
  3. Tying shematic prices to manufacture time is ridiculous. Not to mention that manufactoring time of some products are just ridiculous timewall. And now we have ridiculous paywall and timewall. And dont tell me about that it's MMO. No, it's bad gamedesign. Just watch some video from GDC EVE Devs thought that ridiculous paywall and timewall will save them from Titans and Supercarriers produsing like mad. But in the end this striked them hard.
  4. The only valid example is EvE. And even EvE now is goingh through hard times in balansing sinks and faucets.
  5. noob can make simple speeder by himself just after digging few nodes. this way at least he will lern few things about geme world. Not just mindlesly bying stuff from market.
  6. Well said Devs must make powerfull foundation for game world first. Put maximum effords in things that makes whole game world running. Cosmetics can be done later. No matter how players want them here and now.
  7. Standings shure. I think devs will add something like that as a part of RDMS system. But Security Status is not that simple question. Devs have their own view on players interactions including griefing. I would like to see what they are up to. Unfortunely SSin Eve did not prove itself. It works like bunch of band aids. We need new aproach. Old ones discredit themselfs
  8. No. No free teleport for you
  9. I think its good idea to bring variations in mining. I vould like to see not just mining by bare hands but more productive ways. I think drilling platform must work with data gathered by teritory scanner. But first territory scanner must provide precise data on ore node position (it may need more time or more then one pass of scan). So when you get data you losd it to drill platform and position it in right place. Drilling time will depend on depth of ore node and ore tier. Also drill operates not virtually sucking ore from underground. It makes noticeable hole in ground and when it reaches ore node it mines it chunk by chunk. I think drilling platform will be more sutable for minning hi-tier ores.
  10. You better check your calendar. MMO is moving away from f2p model. Which model will take its place is unknown. Now its a mix of b2p, freemium and cashshop. Maybe sub will rise again. And I'm very happy to see that DU is considering sub.
  11. Still playing... From time to time. Eve not going to let you go easily
  12. discordauth:Th4vkDdkd-ctwG35rfqtS-3ETutfnINVeELHbupTnSY=

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