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Found 6 results

  1. Dear NQ, You see this little thing? It's always there, taking up UI space. I'd love it if you guys added some way to hide this. It could be an option in the settings menu or moved into the context menu when you right click a construct (like with right-clicking to see player names). In addition, the information it shows you while looking at a planet I feel is redundant and unnecessary: The planet name and whether the territory is claimed can be observed through the map. As for the voxel material, there's already a key for that: H! While it's quicker to view it this way, I think it simply doesn't need to be, considering the value of the information you're actually gathering. Just a small QoL thing that, for me personally, I'd love immensely. Never liked this label since the day it was added.
  2. (unless I'm missing it somewhere...) After having popped up the Market and made a few purchases from random districts on the planet (and one off planet by accident), I found it really difficult to figure out what I bought, and where its waiting for me to pick it up. Opening the Market from any remote location (just hitting "j"), has no button on the left for a market container... and thus no [horrible] dropdown menu of markets to click dig through (imagine that list when there is more systems!). Ergo, I propose: A new button on the market GUI that is always on the bottom (wether you are at a market terminal, or just opening it remotely), of 'Purchases' (or some clever name). This button would then change the view to a list of all items that are in any market container: Icon Item name Market name Planet/Moon button of "set destination" You would NOT be able to claim or move those items from this view... this view is merely 'informational only', so you can keep track of, and figure out where junk is sitting out there in the universe (system). --- This view then could be expanded with "Shuttling Services", with transfer fees and time to transfer (say, shuttle bought items from Thades market 2 to Alioth district 5 would take 2 hours and %fee based on total mass of item)... then that could be added to this new view.
  3. It'd be nice to be able to read way more of the string I'm trying to type out/edit. See image in attachment for where whitespace can be used to increase the width of the element rename box.
  4. it would be cool if players were able to make their own shops,like u open the shop menu, and then u select the player's shop,(it will have an icon that the player will have added)and there,the player who created the shop, iwll be able to make his OWN GUI(ofcourse not with lua programming)and there u will be able to buy and sell products att hte price the player has set.Also, shop owners will be able to start an auction for an item .This is it.DONE
  5. Alluysl


    So I was thinking, for people who want to customize their GUI or even textures (e.g. low-poly style), a resourcepack system like in MC would be nice. It might break the experience or be abused tho.
  6. Hi, I know that DU is not planned to be easy, and scripting will be irremovable part of game mechanic. It is something cool... but write hundreds lines of code can be bothersome task for non-programmer players; beside this, scripting is quite boring in form (you know - lines and lines of numbers and letters, nothing fancy). So. Maybe we can made scripting mini-game itself and give it some interesting graphical interface, easier to understand by "normals"? Of course "text hard mode" will be always available as second option and even "graphical programming" can have less options than text one, like "beginner" and "veteran" versions I not talk about simplification of programming language itself, but more about some kind of GUI/IDE for that - with auto-complete and - most important - easy graphical interface like "blocks" of code for building apps. I know at last two projects, which use this kind of editors ; LEGO Mindstorm and Scratch. Here are pictures of programs build in them: [sCRATCH] [LEGO] EDT: Here is wiki about this style of programming. And you can even use some like this for LUA, too! In my opinion it will decrease "starting cost" for lot of people, and it can be even inspiration for someone for start learn "true" programming Toughs?
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