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  1. Excuse me sir!!!!!! Are you out of touch!?!?!?!?!?! It only seems easy for you Alpha Tester because you got to exploit earlier glitches. And it is my guess you are a part of a larger org. I jump to play this game to play this game for it had a market like Eve and had factory building like Factorio and Satifactory which fit both me (a factory builder gamer) and my Friend (who likes the market). we both played Eve and hated that you had to have a PAID subscription for Months if not years just to do anything because of a skill is needed just for entry to be able to make Isk or even fly ships that
  2. This would be awesome because what benefit would larger and larger ships be if you can't find some use other then just bigger and bigger haulers/carriers. I would like to have a mobile mining base. Just so I can refine some of the ore while we mine. I would be fine if it limited on the number of industry elements.
  3. I am curious if there is or will be total ship/construct destruction? Or are elements infinitely repairable? If they are infinitely repairable, then it would be pointless to be a shipyard org or ship builder. Those types of orgs/jobs would not be economically sustainable. I have been searching for any current data/post stating as much. More information would be much appreciated.
  4. What is the purpose of the Manifesto (in comparison to the summary)? What coding language does it support and are there any aid for generating that from some other file?
  5. It would be nice to have an Item to split links since Elements (Hub/Containers) can only have so many links In and so many links Out. I have been working on a compact early factory and have been running into this problem where I can not have all my pure metals in one large container that go to all other industry that require pure metals. If we had a Link splitter, all my metal works could have an input from the splitter and the splitter have one input from the container then i could have more industries connected to the one container to pull from. Alternatively if we could have mor
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