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  1. Good luck blocking warp drives...
  2. True. But while it isn't fixed, they will have to make elements only expiable from PvP.
  3. You're speaking about it NOW? After I've spent a lot of money on T1 schematics!? How about reimbursing me my millions of quanta? SURPRISE! But you know, you need other gameplay mechanics than mining and half-baked featureless PvP, to make people interested about "outside" of their domain. Also, to ensure that schematics are part of the player's economy, please implement this thing:
  4. Current schematics mechanics is pretty much economical black hole which destroys economy as it is instead of reinvigorating it. Currency in economy should flow and not think into black hole, in order to keep economy itself working. Also, schematics themselves also need to become source of income for players, they shouldn't be just dumped onto market via NPC. My idea is to introduce a Schematics Printer that follows these principles: 1) Players can craft T1 Schematics Printer via Nanoforge. 2) T1 Schematics Printer can print any T1 schematics + schematics of T2 Schematics
  5. Wait for Stasis Webifiers. Or CONCORD's handcrafted lockdown devices
  6. We already have Container Hub that allows us to unite multiple containers into single mega-container. Why not do the same with industrial buildings of same type? Let Industrial Hub unite up to 10 (or 100 depending on rarity/size/etc) industrial elements of same type and make life easier for everybody (NQ included) and allow to order batches of items between default standard size and size multiplied by amount industrial units hooked up to the Industrial Hub. Who gains from it? Lets list it: Solo Players & Small Organization - management of limited industry they have becomes
  7. Dear developers, current camera controls (especially for speeder and racer crafts) make me extremely dizzy. Is it possible somehow to "unlock" camera in 3rd person mode to make it ignore vehicle's direction and rotation and always point in direction of cursor/crosshair? Thanks.
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