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    Jump Pads

    If you get stuck in a hole jump pads. If you feel bored jump pads. If you need to climb to somewhere high jump pads. If you wanna know how they will work just make a temporary pad circle that you can spawn in and place on the side of walls to jump from one wall to another. Jump pads solve every problem this game could ever have.
  2. Calling for all Red dwarf fans and SCI Fi Nerds. We need members to help us man stations and go on missions. In our org we strive to play in a friendly team based environment where everyone helps one another achieve their goals. We don't believe in having a long list of ranks we have just 3 simple ones. Legate, Member, Recruit. Legates are only there for the people and are not allowed to rule like a dictatorship. We believe in a for the people by the people approach with a percentage based decision making process for big decisions. We want everyone to feel like they are equal. Whoever fly's
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