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Found 1 result

  1. Many people are talking about player cities and I think that's great but Territorial units is what people may have forgotten about and will mostly effect the smaller organizations and solo players. No one knows if there will be a limit on how many territorial units one person can have? I was going to start off solo my self but then after rethinking on it I knew I could not accomplish my goals by my self. I wanted to have a shop on every planet then I thought that might be hard and unrealistic so then I thought one shop in every solar system could work? After thinking more about it and what it might take to run a business like all the materials and services that I would need, things started to look bad and might take me forever not to mention I might only be able to have 10 or less territorial units total! In the end I felt its was better for me to join a organization not because I could not do it my self, but the time it would take me to do it solo would seem like years of grinding. There or other tactical questions that come with territorial units defense's like: if someone destroys, takes or hacks my units what happens to all my stuff? I have seen a tactic used in other games that concerns me: where someone will come along and place a military base right next to you city and be for you know it your toast or being sieged! If your organization does not make a tight defense someone could easily put a base between you and your allies! I am sure other people can see where there might be potential exploits or even seen them in other games that have city or base building. There is more but I don't want to right a page right now and I will wait and see what the community thinks but I am sure NQ will have a plan by final launch I hope.
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