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  1. It does seem like an important part of making a Release Product that relies on a constant connection to play, right? 😆
  2. Are we supposed to link our steam account, and add the demo to library, then go back to the DU website, to click some button, to get the access working?
  3. I dont have the game on steam. Its the direct install from DU website. Still getting: NOT AUTHORIZED TO CONNECT TO PRIVATE SERVER (ERROR:112)
  4. And their support site error codes don't list what "112" means.
  5. Yes. The whole notion of 'finite ore' was ill conceived from the start. They really need to work on that, if they are going to begin adding resource sinks like element destruction.
  6. With a tool being added to "replace an element" (replace broken with brand new), does this open up the possibility to have that "replace" tool work to replace/upgrade elements for current talents?
  7. I'm guessing it was abrasive. Judging by the title alone. Or they may be considering it a duplicate of the topic already posted and planned.
  8. Exactly. While its 'nice' to have some game provided massive shipwrecks that are half buried in the ground and all for better atmosphere ... but so few, and like ores, finite... they will all vanish in short order, and that 'feature' will be null and void again.
  9. I enjoyed coming across wrecked or abandoned cores and stuff. It made 'exploring' worth a piece of salt in the 'safe zones' (namely alioth and sanctuary). Granted most the salvage I got in sanctuary was by newbs who had no idea how to either A: fix their broken ship, or B: remove their static cores. So I was just doing them a service by cleaning it up for them. Not a fan of the pansy-assed silent nerf to salvaging. Bring it back, I like the proposal in the OP (to compromise for the newb-moon). I'd like to add: Wrecked ships at markets will become free range in an hour or two. All that smoke and debris needs to get cleaned up, and no one should be allowed to just leave junk there.... in any kind of zone.
  10. Where is a location of a wedge, or good pieces library blueprint, on Alioth? And why the hell can't VR keep the blueprints you gain through it ?!
  11. This has been asked for quite a lot by builders, and its one of the highest voted items so far on their official suggestions website: https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/122830/voxel-vertices-editor
  12. Indeeeeed. Industry LUA! Industry LUA! Industry LUA! Say it with me
  13. This would be essentially like simply allowing LUA to change recipes on devices. Because if that is allowed, writing a lua script to change recipes down a chain of industry to get the proper parts made, could be done, and then even coded in to a screen element where you could pick what to make (your saved profiles, so to speak). BUT, if they (NQ) are absolutely against the idea of allowing LUA into the equation, then yes... saving a static construct's industry setup into loadable profiles could be helpful.
  14. Best course of action is to simply ignore them. Much like ignoring a brat having a tantrum. They do this because its the only way they can get attention. There is nothing anyone can say that will change this, and in trying only stirs them up more as the hate and anger is what they live on. So simply ignore them (better yet, just put them on mute and move on with your life).
  15. Rotating voxels in finer increments is a whole nother ballgame of voxel manipulation, as all vertexes are shared so it could create even more mayhem once placed Plus you cant copy/paste elements at all.
  16. Also you can cast your upvote: https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/122823/market-containers-manager
  17. (unless there actually is a way to do this, and I'm missing it...) Would love to have the ability to use the arrow keys, and page up/dn when making 'selections' with selection based tools. Many times, I just need that selection box to go 1 wider in a direction, or I overshot, and want to shrink a side (without having to hit esc and start all over). Clicking mouse on voxels still works the same way as it does now. Using ctrl-mousewheel still expands the entire selection 1 voxel bigger as it does now. However then add the following action abilities: While holding ctrl: Allow arrows to push the sides outward each key press (one side per arrow key). Allow pageup to push top side upward each key press. Allow pagedn to push bottom side downward each key press. Holding shift, pulls a side inwards with respective key press above. NOT holding ctrl or shift, moves the entire selection in the direction of the key press (does not change selection size). This would allow more control over making selections (yellow bounding boxes) with the various tools that work start with selections.
  18. I've found having a "sphere" nearby during building, lets me find a decent tilt/angle for an element, then use the nudge keys to put it into place. But yeah, would be nice if we didn't have to resort to such, and just give us more control of rotation to begin with.
  19. It does work. Select your mining tool (2), open inventory, dbl-click or drag a non-important pile of soil/sand/rock/snow to the side bar. Then holding alt and clicking lets you place a blob down. Ctrl-scrollwheel allows you to change the size of the blob being put down based on your talent for mining tool size. Don't see the point in necro'ing a post with false information.
  20. Dont be such a downer! Hope is a powerful thing.
  21. Speaking for us pirates. Yes... we will.
  22. Dont forget that "temp TCU" is there for 7 days before you can lift it (or so says the text when you place it).
  23. Which is what I see from the 'regulars' on a regular basis. Neither side actually linking sources. Sounds too familiar. edit: sorry, I should say 'founders' ... instead of regulars ... I forget how nitpickerystupid people get in this community about 'words'.
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