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  1. Okay, cool. I didn't get a chance to log in Thursday, I was at work.
  2. Okay, I might be missing something here on how these skill are trained. So the way you're explaining it, we queue skills we want to learn and they cost points to gain those skills. As we do things in the game we accumulate points over time. When we have enough points for the first queued skill we gain that skill and the next skill in the queue is moved up into the first slot? Am I seeing that correct? If that is correct, that is nothing like the Eve skill training. Each skill has a designated time to complete, this is kind of point accrual than time base, kinda.
  3. I'm not talking about the points. I'm referring to the time spent training the skill.
  4. I do have one concern about the resets or re-specs of the skill trees. Because this is a timed base skill progression, does that mean we'll have to wait that time all over again to re-spec those skill? If a skill takes a week to complete I really wouldn't want to have to wait that week again just to get the skill back.
  5. discordauth:uJtgh_HDcCwUSuft__PiQ0lghiHeFUwGI-XScXBZyr4=

  6. I think it's funny the ones commenting on the video are like " I don't care about this" or " meh". Apparently they cared enough to watch the video and comment. People are stupid. They could have just kept on scrolling.
  7. I'm going to build what I want. if one day I decide to build a Star Wars ship, I'll build a Star Wars ship. if another day I decide to build a Stargate ship, guess what? I'll build a Stargate ship. I am no way concerned about copy right infringement at all. You think Space Engineers and Empyrion developers are getting sewed everyday because they get workshop submissions of vessels that look like Star Wars and Stargate ships? Nope. This has been discussed ad nauseam in the SE and EGS forums. I don't foresee an issue.
  8. Ship builder and possibly gate builder. Meaning, sending out probes to investigate unknown reigns of space for new gates. I haven't joined any origination yet, going to wait to see who actually makes it or not. Going to start out with small ship builds and work my way up to frigate and destroyer sizes and so on. I've designed a lot of ships in Space Engineers and Empyrion: Galactic Survival, the components of this game seem to favor EGS. I think i was fairly proficient at building ships in EGS so I'm hoping it translates well to this game. I'm hoping there is a design mode where you can do shi
  9. From what I understand from the last few interviews with JC is that blueprints are going to be an in game item that can be stolen. So lock your stuff up builders or risk it getting into the wrong hands.
  10. This all seems overly complicated. To the regular MMO player I would guess to them it would be a steep learning curve and most wouldn't bother. Sitting here reading all of this to me seems highly complex and for me I probably wouldn't participate in it. Does this system reach into space as well as far as owning a space station of outpost? Would this be applied to regions of space?
  11. I kinda like the Space Engineers concept of Jumps Drives. Conventional thrusters have limits in speed depending on the DPUs attached to the system and/or power requirements. Jump drives can be for long distance travel obviously but are also limited by power requirements and recharge times as well as how many jump drives you have on your ship and compared to it's mass.
  12. They also mentioned Stargates or Jump Gates recently. I'm assuming that it's for private use or you could charge players to use it, mmmmmmmm.
  13. Hi. I have a quick question about the building process. I play a lot of Space Engineers and in the creative mode where you can free build there is symmetry mode where you can create plains on the grid to mimic what you're doing on one side of the grid on the other side. Is there going to be something like that in game or at least in the, what did you call it, Simulation Mode of the game? Thanks
  14. I'd like to know this as well. Stargates or jumpgates are fine but a jump drive on a ship is what I would prefer. Gate-camping sucks the ballz.
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