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  1. Our vessels have no need for safety belts. In case of accident. Just Kling-on. XD
  2. Wow, what a time we're about to experience. No, I'm not dead. I normally don't post on the forums, but I am returning back to Dual Universe after being away for a few years and boy lemme tell you. I'm glad to be officially back and I see we got new stuff. I got a lot of catching up to do so, thought I say hello
  3. Nicely done, was this all done by one person?
  4. Apologies for the delay of my online status. Before we delve into the fray by terminating the pledge button, curiousity has flooded my mind like a bunch of cane toads with a simple question. This question is for U.S. players only, I have no pending knowledge in kind regards to Europe's income tax policies, but that discussion is for another time and space. What are you going to do with all of your income federal and state tax dollars? My answer is already set in stone, I am going to spend a good portion on pledging. Why? Because I am not the only one who wants to play Dual Universe. *Disclaimer, Do NOT tell anyone how much you earn or mention anything about income tax returns at anytime, that's your business only. If you do so, even if by accident. I request that the moderators to do what must be done. This is a Yes or No and why post. Please keep it clean and on topic. For example: Q: Are you going to pledge with your income taxes? A: Yes. Dual Universe is awesome and has potential. A: No. Because I have something else planned for my money. That is all, thank you.
  5. I'm not hiding. I'm like the student sitting in the back of the classroom. Once I pay for the Kickstarter Gold edition, I'll be there.
  6. Прости меня, я знаю только пару слов на русском языке. Я американец с помощью Google Translate. Слава богу, Интернет может научить всех новых вещей.
  7. Greetings, I am known from The Band of Outlaws as Komplex, here I'm CSSUcommand. Personally I usually don't identify myself on the Galactic Stage, unless I plan on promoting BOO or simply just because. My profile resembles from a early 90's cartoon show known as "Bucky O'hare and The Toad Wars." It lasted only one season before it was pulled off the air in 1991 for unknown reasons. My gameplay is somewhat to remind all users that I'm not to be underestimated when it comes to Interstellar Concepts and that of Consolidation of ExoPlanets. Most of these weird and unusual ideas I may come up with in game when released is for a typical and most subsequent reasons why it should be practical in most cases. Enjoy, and see you in the next Alpha Build.
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