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  1. That's awful! He needs to be hunted down mercilessly and brought to justice! Have you contacted the Galactic Police Department?
  2. https://discord.gg/B3QSKTubpb - Live Feed to blockade
  3. What is so wrong with people just having plain old fun? And why are so so angry about it when you don't even play.....
  4. As the Event organizer I'd like to just clarify a few things, points *cross post from our discord and respond to a few of the comments here. The purpose of the public fleets is to create content, any and all content fully expecting someone to troll the event. Hence why Atom was hired. This was the 3rd public fleet and DU Creators approached me and we decided this one could be Star Wars themed. We had close to 300 participants not including BOO and CO on dozens of discords and comms and French, Germans and other global communities attended in numbers so I'm
  5. Public Star Wars PVP Event 2200 UTC this Saturday, 20th Feb ::pos{0,0,-2815953.4907,618689.9485,-302327.5077} Bring your Star wars ships kitted out for pew pew. Rebels vs Imperials event discord: https://discord.gg/6KfKKxaKmP
  6. Please do not allow players to profit from this. You will lose even more of your player base. Why bother working to acquire wealth when some individuals are making 800m a pop for doing nothing. Set their wallets at - *** x number of schematics they bought and let them sellback the prints or do it manually... This will be your T2 BPO scandal and no one will trust you to provide a balanced game in the future.....
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