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  1. AAR Lodestar Assembles. The Battle for Alioth’s first Exotic. Friday 08:00- Blackbriar Intel picks up back channel chatter on Lodestar preparing for their first big form up. This explains the increase in naval activity at DSI, Havoc, IC, TYR, Empire and MTI shipyards over the last few days. Lodestar Command is trying hard to keep things on the downlow but the operative network is too deep, too well established for anything noteworthy to happen without being noticed. Saturday 09:00- Spymaster and all round good guy Devian pings Legion’s pvp core telling them to quietly prepare for a large scale fight and to not travel to asteroids solo this weekend. Saturday 16:00 Legion encounter Empire enroute to Asteroid "Empire was leaving safe zone enroute to an asteroid when they ran into Legion miners also enroute to the same asteroid. A fight began and throughout it both sides dealt blows; ultimately an LDS (Lodestar) L core took heavy damage with the shield going down and voxel torn apart by Hyperion and Co. During this time an Empire M core run my Lovoda and Joy were decimated by legion. Legion broke their shield and took out voxel upon voxel and elements upon elements however ultimately both the M and L core made it to safe zone but neither were able to return to the fight." Sunday 20:00 Lodestar form up on Alioth first Exotic Asteroid approximately 32 ships of various sizes. This is the biggest gathering of Naval power seen by the newly formed Alliance formed from the ashes of unwanted Ascendancy orgs and anyone left on the Du server that can carry a gun. A motley crew of half dead or inactive orgs desperately trying to stay relevant and Empire 3.0 They begin to mine the Asteroid enjoying this rare opportunity to mine T5 ore without fear of losing their ships. Legion command summons its Armada on short notice and 23 L core class Nano ships answer the call (yes NG have some M cores bc #NGthings) and the posturing begins both sides have intelligence operatives feeding intel on each fleets respective movements as Legion slowly draws in on LDS forces. Sunday 21:00 Battle commences Legion calls LDS Box Turtle Primary 23 Legion ships engage 32 LDS ships. Both sides begin to trade blows and the battle breaks out into dozens of smaller engagements spread over many SU. It does not take long before the Lodestar ships start turning tail and heading for safe zone having lost almost a complete third of their inexperienced fleet to the veteran Legion forces. The LDS crews are mercilessly hunted down or driven back to the safezone. Legion losses amount to one confirmed loss , two ships unconfirmed cored but recovered* for the loss of 10 possibly more Lodestar ships. Legion holds the field as one comes to expect these days. Those days may be numbered though. Only time will tell. *Reports of actual casualties vary from both sides; only the void truly will know the truth. Note one sneaky LDS crew tries to sneak back onto the field post battle running Legion tags to recover ships but is obliterated for its troubles. Both sides claim victory with LDS pilots thrilled to have snuck away with some T5 ore and hyped up from the impressive show of numbers. Legion pilots are thrilled to have someone to brawl with as the seal clubbing season is becoming a little tiresome. Good fights all round and condolences to Havoc who had their destroyed lead ship the Box Turtle confiscated by NQ after they rode it back to the safe zone (no longer acceptable) and the prize was rightfully restored to Legion hands. Sources from the Nebulon command room stated that upon his return to Madis, Manfred Sideous threw his prized Jago Cigars out the window in a fit of rage and unsubbed his DU accounts and started to re-download Starbase. Thankfully the newly revitalized Empire 3.0 under the leadership of Premier Honvik will still provide us with some entertainment. Footage of the fight can be seen here taken by Alliance Executor and Atom PVP Director Greasie https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1145993936 *No Primates were harmed in the making of this AAR See you in Space. Devian. Link to original
  2. Detailed after action report of todays fight Zombieland vs Legion includes great video Google Doc to AAR
  3. That's awful! He needs to be hunted down mercilessly and brought to justice! Have you contacted the Galactic Police Department?
  4. What is so wrong with people just having plain old fun? And why are so so angry about it when you don't even play.....
  5. As the Event organizer I'd like to just clarify a few things, points *cross post from our discord and respond to a few of the comments here. The purpose of the public fleets is to create content, any and all content fully expecting someone to troll the event. Hence why Atom was hired. This was the 3rd public fleet and DU Creators approached me and we decided this one could be Star Wars themed. We had close to 300 participants not including BOO and CO on dozens of discords and comms and French, Germans and other global communities attended in numbers so I'm going to call it an outstanding success and it was great for the game. Yes the Star Destroyer was head shot! shrug a little sad we didn't get to shoot at the rebels and maybe 8 hours of prep work down the toilet but i enjoyed slapping cheap voxel and weapons on it. It's a sandbox mmo and it was expected. Heaps of pilots from all sides got to fly their ships and had a chance to pew pew from the guys flying their comedy DeathStars, Ties or beautiful Rebel ships up to the Hardcore PVP'rs that brawled well outside the event boundries for a good 40 minutes later. I had hoped BOO was going to bring SW ships as they some of them had planned or the hell of it. In terms of what actually happened. We didn't need better guards and the only mistake made yesterday was mine. I assumed BOO wasn't coming based on discussions with Deravi and I assumed Blitz would bring some star wars ships to have fun. Deravi has a lose connection with BOO uses their beacon etc so I advised Mulligan that Atom pilots could take part in the event and we didn't need all of AC to guard the Star Wars ships. It was a casual miscalculation and opened the door to be trolled. We were unsure right up until end and we had some intel that BOO might come but I dismissed it. Had AC formed properly BOO probably wouldn't have the numbers to do much even with a few Havoc ships. Given the state of game and the armor on the SD wasn't made to deal with meta L cores it still would have died. I could have also just not taken the SD out but content is better than no content as I've stated for all public fleets. That's what actually happened. Demlock formed BOO for this because for the last major event they didn't get any numbers so he effectively rage pinged because BOO wants to stay 'relevant' in DU because they don't pvp and when they do they hide behind rivers of gold and it takes them weeks to recover and they can't actually stand up to the AC who had most of its pilots in the event or not online because we assumed they weren't coming. If all of Atom had its ships there with Hyperion, Shield, STC, and the rest of AC formed they probably wouldn't have even bothered trying to come get a cheap star destroyer kill. So spin away but that's what actually happened. @ Johnny calm your farm boy and stop being so toxic you don't even log in anymore bro. No need to swear and hurf blurf so much. Everyone loves star wars and your comments about it being bad were proven completely false I've had numerous groups thank me for organizing it and they had fun. @ BOO pilots stop trying to explain yourself or justify your actions with nonsense about its a pvp zone or the ships should have been meta or whatever other nonsense. The event was organised as a non meta pvp event fully knowing it could be trolled. You came to the event to troll and crash the event that's legit. Own it. Just be chill and classy about it instead of being a bunch of toxic keyboard warriors attacking people for enjoying the game they want to play it. Swearing, calling the event 'Gay' or "Sh#ting on Role players. There just isn't any need for it. Be classy about it. You can still play big bad wolf without sounding like a redneck bigot. Lastly the behavior of some people on here and on the event discord channels is probably the only thing that disappoints me. Save it for the meme server if you have to behave like that to feel good about yourself. See you at the next public fleet. Devian, BlackBriar Mercenary Inc
  6. Public Star Wars PVP Event 2200 UTC this Saturday, 20th Feb ::pos{0,0,-2815953.4907,618689.9485,-302327.5077} Bring your Star wars ships kitted out for pew pew. Rebels vs Imperials event discord: https://discord.gg/6KfKKxaKmP
  7. Please do not allow players to profit from this. You will lose even more of your player base. Why bother working to acquire wealth when some individuals are making 800m a pop for doing nothing. Set their wallets at - *** x number of schematics they bought and let them sellback the prints or do it manually... This will be your T2 BPO scandal and no one will trust you to provide a balanced game in the future.....
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