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  1. I like to think my mother raised me well enough not to have impulsions as those. In fact, if i were in markets at that moment, i would've pinged an NQ Staff on #help immediately. Believe it or not. I could go further and explain my political opinions as well to prove my good faith, but this is unneccessary and outtopic.
  2. Probably yes. But they could reimbursed when they decided to drop Schematic prices, so they do have logs. Idk...
  3. NQ is destroying the economy, not the players intentionally. They took advantage of NQ's mistake. The blame is still NQ, not the players who bought those. I've canceled auto sub renew, so i'm quite not pleased with NQ's Status Quo choice, even though i'm not an industrialist, i find their attitude shocking. I hope, that they made this choice because they know that in the end, there will indeed be a wipe. A wipe they cannot talk about, because they want the players to play the game at its full potentionnal in order to make it better. Or, The amount of players that took
  4. That's clearly not comparable honestly.. Those guys intentionally destroyed a "NPC" building to take advantage of the salvaged materials and/or, just to be destructive and negative. Furthermore, and then, and only then, comes the question about bug or mistake. We don't know if it was a mistake from NQ by not changing the building status or if they did but it was bugged. Anyway, this is not the topic.
  5. I don't know who Scoopy is and the story around it. But even so, it is not technically a bug. You are going the wrong path by claiming otherwise, be smarter, go higher.
  6. It was not technically a bug, so NQ's annoucement concerning bugs is not applicable for NQ's mistakes.. I'm not saying that them doing nothing about it is the right choice, just answering about the "bug exploit" point of view of this madness. It was not a bug.
  7. Do not stop it, raise the maths you talked about in the stream so that the ship will still move, but with a tremendous amount of brake effect. Good trade off, rather than not counting penalties at all. The game needs a way to force people to build viable ships as well, right ? And just like Industry should not be possible alone as far as big quantities are concerned, building a large or even Medium core alone should not either. Maybe, "way less damage" would have been better than just "restoration count penalty" ? Really good ! Would be even better if yo
  8. When are you going to introduce a Contract or a Mission mecanic ? We also need cleaner or wider market, with a system to put away annoying things like advertised ship taking the whole landing zone for nothing, or adverts surrouding the elevators. That would be a positiv factor for people to actually WANT to go to markets..
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