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  1. Since the update on Tuesdays I have not been able to play the game will not update. I have even uninstall and attempt to install i get "Could not download integrity file. Please check you connection. There is nothing wrong with my connection as I am live streaming a twitch person while making this post from the same device i am putting the game on. You broke the game.
  2. I built another one just made my own design with the stuff it gave me now it flies almost 500 kph and goes up higher too.
  3. I just dont think they were expecting a player base like current. Also, with all the ships on dock they need to find a way to rid themselves of clutter. Next, they put out information for like a year about all the things that the game will have and to explore. I guess they under-estimated people especially during a pandemic. Last, but not least I think that in a month things will settle down as the new stuff for people to come in and check out the game will go away and the population will drop.
  4. My login error100 and have done all i can do on my end.
  5. I have a Emergency Control unit. It even lights up blue for me and nothing.
  6. I am being prevented from building the speeder that came from tutorial. I am told i am missing BasicECU. I went to the market to buy 1 and it doesn't exist. I am confused about this. Can anyone help me with this?
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