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  1. Yeah, i'm really looking forward to staring at empty space for hours..
  2. They can't make the main server run well.. Let alone 2.
  3. I know right, they go on about how amazed they are with the community's creations and don't mention it's only if you are really close.
  4. You should be able to see the contents of the package, so if they screw up the collateral amount you can steal it. A very lucrative form of emergent gameplay i enjoyed in EVE, until they virtually killed it by adding the estimated value to all inventory windows.
  5. Current element draw distance is farcical.
  6. That did it, thanks man. Will edit the main post with what to do.
  7. I solved part of the issue by sharing with friends but i think that's only going to work if your alt is the only 1.
  8. Found it, looks good thanks for your hard work.
  9. I added a policy for my ALT and vice versa, gave both every single preset right and saved. Neither of us can do anything to the others stuff, what am i missing? Instructions to make RDMS work Make a tag with the same name as your intended policy. Make your policy and assign that tag you made to it. Right click honeycomb and go > Construct > Advanced > Set construct rights and add the tag you made. Just making the policy is not enough.
  10. At least you can log in, my loading bar is stuck at 100% again, ive only waited 3 days so far, bit still..
  11. I would say a major benefit would be that it disappears every time you turn your computer off, and if you have the RAM to run it, why not.
  12. I get a positive message but no blueprint in my inventory, i have tried removing all parts with LUA scripts, refreshing construct rights, releasing construct DRM protection and adding it again. I am able to create blueprints of other ships without problems, is there a solution that doesn't involve me deleting everything and starting again, i've spent quite a bit of time on this ship.
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