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  1. Problems occur when there is a LACK of communication. Almost everyone here understands the technical challenges you are faced with and by being upfront and honest with the communications you ensure that we do not feel disenfranchised. Thanks for the info.
  2. A bump and a prayer for a quick in game solution.
  3. Everyone can have what they want with the correct systems in place. Whilst some think the game may be boring without 'destroying stuff', what I see of DU so far and the huge time taken to build and successfully design stuff using voxels, the consequences of people randomly 'destroying stuff' can be people losing tens if not hundreds of man hours of work. What is the point of building a palace when the safe option is just 4 walls and a roof to keep some items. So I see maybe the sanctuary moon full of nice buildings and the other planets filled with shacks and ruins. That is kind of boring to m
  4. Agreed. For games involving flight complexity using keyboard commands are unrealistic, totally lacking in immersion and do not allow for the accuracy of flight required particularly in PvP. Surely it cannot be that hard to incorporate an interface for joystick/controller?
  5. Has anyone worked out how many skill points would be needed to max out the full list?
  6. I feel your valid comments will not be heard in this thread.
  7. Apart from initially seeing water I have found no difference once you enter it. You just walk along. Not sure about taking a vehicle in it. If you go mining and enter the water table, once you have descended into the water there is no difference. At some point will we see the biomes filled with animal life forms? The oceans seem very sadly empty when compared with say NMS.
  8. Are you spelling your email 'adress' correctly? 😏
  9. DarkHorizon What an awesome idea and service you provide. Maybe your org should be called 'Thunderbirds" International Rescue after the 1960's puppet show series LoL. Seriously its a great idea and I would love to join and offer the service as a part time participant. I am a member of an org already but this does not detract from that. Maybe you could pm me and let me know if you need members to add to your orgs effectiveness and coverage. Can you have 2 communication channels? One in discord and one out? The international Aviation distress frequency is 121.5 MHz whils
  10. Victus, you should put the idea in the Dev feedback forums.
  11. Great Idea. I haven't even got as far as my own space vehicle yet so I am amazed there is no such feature.
  12. I agree Killzu, a good idea and I think easy to add on a single runway at the side of the main dispersals. There were a few market districts with very little room available in the last 2 weeks and if the game attracts significant numbers of new players (which NQ hope to achieve) at the Beta launch the problems could get worse. Any ships that stay on the runway and do not clear it should be bulldozed off the side by a robotic bulldozer after 30 mins
  13. This is definitely going to be an issue sooner or later. The second largest group in the game right now is a pirate organization. They claim they are the most peaceful organization?? how does that work. I guess the most peaceful if you belong to them. I am unsure how a "there are no rules" strategy will lead to a peaceful environment. I never played Eve but I heard of the stories of carnage. DU will require significant investment of time to achieve good results and malicious damage (rather than in game scenarios) just results in real people losing masses of real life time. I hope it doesn't ge
  14. Well, as you know, demand creates markets, so if demand were significant enough they would have to try and find a solution. I think it is a good idea. Building structures/ships is a VERY time consuming labour and it would be great if work could continue offline. I do not think it will be available anytime soon though.
  15. Think you may have enough people wanting similar to run a webinar 😀
  16. I know the answer to my question will be very simple to those that know it, but I would be grateful for a pointer. I stuck a container on the back of my hovercraft and now do not seem to be able to take it off. Can I remove it and store else where or put in my inventory or break down to component parts? The path I was trying looked like it would delete it or indeed delete my hovercraft. Any help from you smart people gratefully received, thanks.
  17. Oooh! So nice. Can I have a Blue Print for any of the above? PLEEEEASE! 🙏😀
  18. Love your work. I think an adjustment on numbers would benefit the story you have imaginatively constructed. Lore such as this really helps people to immerse themselves into any sophisticated game so well done. It is calculated that by 2200 world population figures will stabilize at around 11 Billion inhabitants and remain at that figure. A 2/3 reduction would be significant with the loss of around 8 billion lives, but still leaving a significant population. 1 Billion inhabitants on earth would be a return to bliss for the planet and it's ecosystems. It could be argued that with only 1 billio
  19. What happens in the event a ship is destroyed with many crew members on board? Is the ship permanently lost?
  20. Still earning money but have put on around 14 pounds !!!! Getting rid of it is nowhere as easy as accumulating it ☚ī¸
  21. clearly a big business looms for competent ship builders and their blueprints.
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