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  1. Thanks for the comment Onidra, and I've been looking into getting Satisfactory for myself at some point and if i ever expand this list you can be self assured that it will make it way onto it!
  2. discordauth:wC4CKsX6-uPHAsNynyjy00bD_8-xC80gZQB1z-dCDOg=


  3. Thanks for the information update! I only could go off of what i could observe through what i'd read and watched about a lot of the games so i was certain i was going to get some information wrong. If i ever make an update to the list (which i hopefully will), I'll make sure to correct any inaccurate information and do much more research into the game's that i compile!
  4. I Agree!!! Originally i was going to split the category's into 3 section, Space/Construction, Just Space, and Just Construction to cover a larger area of games but i ran out of time and mental willpower before i could do that. 😅 If I ever update the list i'll make sure to add those category's as well as as many good games I can find to put in them. Also i don't know much about & Days to Die, i'll have to look into it, Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. I've been here for awhile but I've never posted an introduction post, but it seems like I need one to get forum and discord alpha access, so here it is! My name is PurplePanda and I am currently part of the Terran Union, I hope to develop new ships, weapons technology, or just general technology and either work for the government, another company, or found my own company. I look forwards to working and playing with all of you in the future! 😊
  6. PurplePanda’s Space/Construction Game list This list is being created for anyone who or wants some DU-ish games to play between tests or until DU releases. All of these have been chosen by me through “extensive” research that I did an hour ago, as well as some personal favorite of mine. Hope you enjoy some of these games, I think some of them are definitely worth a look! (Note all reviews will be from there Steam pages) Out Now Avorion - Early Access A procedural co-op space sandbox where players can build their own space ships
  7. I've been interested in this game for a while and have recently decided that it may be nice to join an organization right off the bat, and reading through the description, I was wondering what kind of jobs I could have? (being 13 and all). Anyhow, either way, I would still love to join this organization, and I'll hope that you'll have me.
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