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    detector upgrades

    I agree the detector upgrade should be better. Mining is a bit annoying until you get used to it. I don't have much problem finding ores now the most annoying is when its right above you or right below you. waht if the detector bonus was 10 10 10 10 Many times if I am within 50 it would save me time and hassle to just point at it.
  2. i agree this is also leading to extra mining which will make it harder for others later. I started doing the normal industry building but when I noticed I made no more on processed items than I made on just plain ore sales then why bother. it does help us all get parts quicker but those of us who were trying to develop a parts sales business are now sunk. please adjust the market.
  3. I think Dev's will need to make cities SAFE zones or NoN-Combat zones. I would gladly help build a city but if griefers can come destroy it and my work then I will not waste my time. Its different when you build your base, you expect to be attacked. With a city that would benefit all trade hubs etc. then you would expect a safe zone to fly over that city/planet I think thats the only way to go .
  4. Have played a lot of builder types of games and you could swim through the oceans, I did not see a listing talking about this in a plan? I searched but not see a topic about this either. seems silly to make players respawn and fetch items that ended up on bottom of ocean floor. Thanks for listening
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