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  1. First attempt at trying something outside the norm when it came to space ships, and decided to make my land speeder look like an actual old wooden boat that had been ugraded with a few minor techonlogies. I hope you like it.
  2. I awoke from my latest blackout to find a half-assembled pirate ship with hover engines and something that looked like it would eventually be a sail or something. "Oh. My. G-d." "Ah, Doctor McStabbins. When your body went into an alocholic coma, I feared you would not reawaken." "Betty, are you seeing this?" "It's the remains of the museum speeder you stole, as well as the tree you ran it into, right before you insisted the Janitor's closet at the Military Academy was an Officers Cantina, and drank all their cleaning supplies." "It's a pirate ship, Betty, and my name is no longer Doc McStabbins, it's CAPTAIN KICKASS! Of the S. S... Space Pirate Ship... okay it needs work. But you can call me Captain Kickass from now on, going forward, is what I'm trying to say." "I'm not calling you that, Doctor." "Captain Kickass and the... Bountiful...Booty!" "That doesn't even make sense." "Shut up! Also, hand me that tool box." "I'm just an AI communicating to you through a helmet speaker." "And you can AI over to my tool box and bring it here." "That's not--" "Shut up. Fine. I'll do it myself. Hey, where can I buy some cannons?" "Please no." "Yeah, like, big space cannons that shoot space lasers!" "You are a civilia--" "I AM CAPTAIN KICKASS! Arrrrrrr ye with me?" "Don't." "Shut up! The Military Academy has a gift shop!" "That's an Armory!" "WOOOOOOO!"
  3. Sorry, I just wanted to add, since I am an Aging Techie, there's a chance there's some lovely Windows plugin or something all you wild and crazy kids are using to store passwords and stuff for all your games, and I just haven't caught on to it yet. If so, please feel free to make suggestions, but I prefer that it be kept native to the application I'm launching, rather than involve yet another 3rd party to bloat my already aging rig.
  4. Title pretty much says it all, but see attached screenshot if it's unclear. Regardless of whether or not you click the little yellow dot (or empty dot), the next time you close and re-open the game, you have to type your username and password all over again. I realize this is a rather minor issue, but it is a very souring user experience when all I want to do is push a couple of launch buttons and play Dual Universe. Making your users start off every single launch of the game with a negative experience, even a minor one, sets a negative tone for the whole rest of the experience, so... I'd think of it as a 1/10 in terms of its technical seriousness, but it's user experience seriousness is perhaps a 7 or so for those of us who hate typing in login credentials every single time we want to launch the game.
  5. Thanks, Blaze! I'll try it in my next playthrough, which will probably be as soon as I'm done checking email.
  6. So, Blaze, I tried what you suggested, several times last night, and I'm obviously either doing it wrong, or I haven't properly conveyed what it is I'm trying to achieve. I may be able to try and create a graphic mock-up of what I'm talking about, it would probably make much more sense. While I'm putting that together, if there is a web page or step by step that explains what you're referring to (or how to do it right) then I'd love to see it. One way or the other, we'll figure this out, Blaze. Thank you for taking the time to even think about this. Since I had no idea about the ALT-Click thing until you pointed it out, I suspect you already know what I want to achieve, and it's probably very easy, but I'm just too much of a befuddled old man to figure out "these crazy kids and their seamless interactive worlds. Back in my day, we had Pong and Asteroid. That was it. Pac Man? That S**T was next-gen and--where was I again? Where'd I put my glasses? They're on my head? Dag-nabbit! What were we talkin' about?" I'm that guy. Seriously. Despite, like, literally being raised by a software pioneer (on tape reels) and working in IT for two decades, and dev/alpha/beta tested games and software years before Minecraft ever made it a public hobby, and never being further than a foot from a screen even during sleeping hours... ...either I have, as of this last year or so, become "Your Grandpa" when it comes to trying to figure out complex sandboxes, or this game is really unintuitive and fails to adequately convey a few very high-usage commands, or even how to figure those commands out. It may be a combination of both, but whenever proposing a solution, always keep in mind there's a new demographic on the line, and that is "Aging Techies," where we know our stuff, but the platforms have moved juuust far enough beyond our stuff that maybe keeping us older fellers poor eyesight, limited short-term memory, and with decades of reliance upon enforced nested-menus that are suddenly no longer there. Does this make any sense? I hope I'm not just rambling about the War in Guam or something.
  7. Okay, so, a few responses here, now that I had some time to play the game with what you said in mind. 1. I totally had no idea about the ALT-Click thing. That is awesome, though it needs to be a lot better "advertised" in the help popup or interface. 2. It seems to work for everything except a core. I could not re-take the core for some reason, and had to destroy it. 3. There needs to be a way to easily select and ALT-click multiple elements. 4. The DEL-key still should perform the same function in "Elements" as it does in "Voxels" when you are in the select tool. 5. Again, thank you for pointing out the ALT-Click thing, which I had no idea existed, and I've played at least 20-40 hours on this game so far, paying attention to the tutorials, and carefully looking at menus, going back, and trying again. If it was brought up previously, even repeatedly, whatever method was being used to convey this ALT-Click effect was not effective on me. Perhaps if it were added to that little menu at the top right-of-center that normally only has about 3 items in it, one of which is almost always H. Something like "ALT-Click to Remove"
  8. IDEA: When you are in Build Mode, if you have the "Select Element" tool equipped, and you right-click an element to bring up the list of possible options, there needs to be a link to the relevant Windowed Codex Entry for the selected element. WHY: Because there is currently no easy, in-game way to find out about anything about how an element works, or why you would need it, how you care for it, feed it, water it, etc. This makes it extremely difficult to look up Codex entries, you have to stop what you're doing, hop to another menu, run keyword searches in hope you find the right codex entry about the element in question. And if searching by the element's name doesn't bring up any results in the codex, you have to leave the game and start googling stuff for a game that isn't even fully released yet. SOLUTION: (Multiple Steps, but should be relatively easy to implement for your database person) 1. Create a Codex entry for every single DU-Created Element, based on its hexadecimal value (or whatever unique ID you use for each element). One way this might be done is to export (CSV file) the elements database, but only the columns like Unique ID, Name, and maybe certain db items you don't mind being public, such as whether an item is flagged as Basic, or Advanced, etc... Then create a standard "Element" Template with input strings for each of the column headers exported to CSV, as well as a default button marked "Request for Update". Merge each element's row from the CSV to that template, and publish it in-game. The "RFU" button exists for 2 reasons. One, to let you know which Codex Pages need to be filled out with tracking and priority. Two, for when existing entries need an update after a major overhaul behind the scenes (for instance, if a year from now, stats for a particular element had changed). 2. If users create an element, they can generate a Codex Entry automatically which will automatically be specifically linked to that element despite whether or not other elements exist with similar or even identical names (such as "DoomsDay Device"), because the Codex Entry will be based on the UniqueID of the thingy that the player made. One other critical difference is that the "Player Made Element" template for the Codex should have a very obvious flag about being player made vs DU made that is not removable in its Codex Entry. Also, the creator user name should probably also exist in the Codex Entry, both to give them credit, but also for accountability and tracking purposes by DU staff and in-game staff of larger entities who hire people to create elements. 3. Have user-created Codex Entries allow for expanding upon that entry by the creator of the element that created the entry. 4. Now add a Build Mode Right-Click Menu Option to the "Select Element Menu" that basically just activates a link to the Codex entry that is specific to the Unique ID of whatever element you have selected. 5. Have devs or admin build in a regular maintenance routine that scrubs out "inactive" Codex Entries for User-Created entries so that you don't get a bloated Codex database filled with millions of entries containing nothing but inactive IDs. Obviously don't do this to the DU created ones, though it may do to have some version of this routine to clean up the DU elements manually as needed.
  9. IDEA: When you are in Build Mode, if you have the "Select Element" tool equipped, and you select an element, then the DEL key should send it to your inventory (or linked container). WHY: Because there is currently no intuitive way to send a placed element back to your inventory. Also, because if you have the "Select Voxel" tool equipped, and you select an element, then the DEL key already sends those honeycombs or whatever voxels back into your inventory (or container). Matching this convention with "Select Element" equipped makes intuitive sense. WORKAROUND: If you can't map DEL to do that, then perhaps you could add a line in the default HUD menu that says whatever key it is to send an element back to inventory.
  10. Well, something wasn't right. Didn't I have a base in the wilderness or something? I could swear I had a whole network of tunnels and a busted speeder I broke down for parts and--what's this? Some bitchin' betty voice was telling me to get moving, and welcoming me to Novaria, and something about moving around. I quickly dismissed it and went around poking random buttons and speaking into screens. "I will have a scotch. Neat. Two fingers." "Please open the tools display," said Betty, which I had now decided her name was. Also, that the computer was a Her. "Scotch." "Toolbar." "S-C-O..." "T-O-O..." This was getting me nowhere. After playing on the elevator for a while, making idle conversation with Betty, who--let's face it, just wasn't in to me. There was a nice couch by a window, and my suit sprang to life with all sorts of lights and buttons. "Cool. What's this button do, Betty?" "You are not authorized to push that button." "How about this one?" "That's the same button, Doctor. Please select the button I am highlighting in green." "That button is so booooring though. What's this one do?" "It disables the tutorial." "What's a tutorial?" "It's like an instruction book for life." "Pffft. That's what scotch is for!" I began seeing if the integrated jet pack would let me play the most epic game of The Floor is Lava ever. "Hey, Betty, watch this!" "Please note that the safety and consideration of your fellow--" "WOOOOOOOOO!!" I'm sure she said something else, but my latest leap had taken me onto this cool speeder thing, which I hopped in and crashed through the nearest wall, and headed toward the nearest group of people. And if there is one constant throughout this universe or the next one, it's that whenever you have people, you have booze. And in space, that made it Space Booze, which is somehow 20 times better. After unsuccessfully braking in time and what were probably some pretty serious injuries, I left the smoking heap beside a giant building that looked vaguely familiar. It said "Military Academy." "Betty, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "Certainly not, Doctor." "That's too bad, because I see a lot of flashing lights and buttons that need me to push them." "If you could just stop for five seconds and--" "WOOOOOO!!"
  11. It had been many months since I last revisited consciousness in the Dual Universe. A dream of some faraway place reminded me of this world, and I awoke to find the strangest signal, encouraging me to hunt for the GO_D ST__ -- Despite the poor reception of the audio transmission, I knew it could only mean one thing... "The Gowd Stot!" Of course. Gowd is Scottish slang for "The Gold" as in winning. And a "stot" is leaping in the air, like a Gazelle. So it must translate to "The Winners Leap!" (and are also, apparently Scottish) It all made sense. My quest would begin in earnest, just as soon as my suit finished downloading updates so I could walk around without my spine and legs being separated like that poor guy before the patch. Idly, I wondered if the resolution on my mining equipment had improved any. Also, where did I park?
  12. That's obviously a red herring. A far more likely title is the Gowd Stot, which, as everyone knows, is Scottish slang for "winning by leaping forward." Yeppers. Scotsmen in SPAAAAACE!
  13. Wow! Thank you very very much! I had actually given up on a hope of an answer, and I actually completely forgot about Dual Universe... much less that I eventually wanted to get the Belters going. Woot! Thank you again!
  14. Same. In Minecraft, I always just preferred to do my own thing on servers, build some pretty stuff and leave it there for others to find or enjoy. The majority of people were cool and didn't mess with my creations, but there were always a couple on any given server that would use Creepers to blow up chunks of it, or use other unintended loopholes to ruin it, when the spirit of the server had been to let it be.
  15. This announcement is for "Belters" (OPA), not for the unaffiliated org named "Outer Planetary Alliance" (OUTE). The Belters (OPA) is a semi Role-Playing Organization based on the Belters from The Expanse. Recruits should be familiar with Beltalowda language and culture (or be willing to learn it). At the moment, this is a very decentralized command structure. Think "Space Rednecks" or "Space Parkies" (except in any and every nationality). We are the underdogs, the refuse of society who live on the outskirts. Very few rules among what we do (you can be a hero, a pirate, a miner, builder, thief, bounty hunter, etc), but we are all in it together, and our actions are done for the betterment of the Belters (and your own pockets, of course). If someone messes with one of us, they mess with all of us. As far as the role-playing portion goes, feel free to have a grudge against the Inyalowdas, and maybe even looking for proto-molecule if you're so inclined, but really this is just about carrying over the Beltalowda language and culture of The Expanse, not specific plot-lines and characters. Realistically, any star system sufficiently colonized by humans will inevitably result in outcasts who live on the outskirts, and that's what we are.
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