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  1. I agree. It's so dumb that they refuse to allow us to make that change. I really don't see the point on why it is greyed out. Will changing those key break the game? If so that's a really poor design of a game. I really feel like i have waste my money support a game I can't even play for 6 hours.
  2. Ok i see very limited support for game controllers, but they did not give us the full ability to map all the keys to my controller. It is really dumb that they greyed out the left click and right click on the mouse mapping so i can't map those buttons to my controller to do simple mining with it. I mean really i payed for 3 months for a game i can't really play because they refused to give us the full options to play the game the way we need to. I really don't see a reason to grey out those options.
  3. Yeah i really hope so, because i would like to play Dual Universe.
  4. Hi Dual Universe Devs, I'm a guy coming from playing game console, but would like to play Dual Universe when it goes to beta. I saw one of your live streams, and you said Dual Universe will not make it way to consoles, and I'm OK with that, but i would like to know if the game will have game controller support. I know a lot of other PC guys will jump on here and make the argument that Dual Universe has a lot of key strokes to play the game, and a game controller does not have enough buttons to hit those keys, but that would not so untrue. I have come from playing PC games like Space Engineers,
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