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  1. I like the changes. But to be honest, increasing the grace period and the calibration unit recharge in a similar way would have been enough. Good Job, NQ
  2. Yeah, nice. But i dont want an advantage over other players, i want my stuff, cause i spend time to get and build it. Its not everything about competition, there are a few people who just want to enjoy nice and beautiful things.
  3. I have been very negative so far, especially after 0.23. But I think yesterday's patch was a success. The mission system in its current form seems to be a solid basis on which the devs and the community can build. I like the new effects, but agree with the previous speakers that they should be optional. Finally you can do something with your ship, even if it's just flying stuff back and forth for missions
  4. so I had a lot of fun with the state before 0.23. I would have had long-term motivation. Of course, there would still be missing content, but at least the confidence would not be gone. Now I'm always afraid that NQ will make the game mechanics more annoying and time-consuming, which often prevents me from investing time in DU because I don't know how persistent it is. But that is just my opinion.
  5. Nailed it. At the moment, its not worth the time for me. But maybe it will be in the future.
  6. Is EVE, Minecraft, Albion Online a Sandbox? If yes, i had a lot of fun playing this solo. I played for a long time WoW, DCUO, HDRO and other MMORPGs Solo. And i had Fun I don't expect to have access to all content like groups etc, but at least some things should be possible solo. But you are right, it is as it is. Many will perhaps also be satisfied with the changes. It's just a pity for many, because it has been a lot of fun so far, I think that's why the dissatisfaction is big, because something has been taken away from them. If they had just introduced new things that solo players could hardly access, the scream would have been much less, I think.
  7. I think the changes are good. At least in the safe zone you should be able to crash without having to fear that someone will steal your ship. A compromise would be to have at least a few hours to repair after a crash before everyone can repair it, at least in the safe zone.
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