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  1. You will have to implement an inertial speed and vector, matching the rotation speed of the planet I believe. This is a useless complication from my point of view
  2. Is that even possible ? I am 99% certain it is not since the game has no netcode that I am aware of. NMS is only pushing whatever you are naming, be it a planet or a lifeform... no actual multiplayer in the sense of "oh I can see you" You will never see another player in front of you, even if he is theoretically standing in front of you from his point of view. Every player is in a solo instance with a common item/name database. Exactly like the "solo play" in Elite Dangerous. I am pretty sure the confusion suit them (sony and NMS dev) since a lot of ppl will buy out of mere HYPE and not even bother to check deeper. This is why I think this game is a total cashbait. This is why I think DU has potential to be greater than NMS in every single way beside the "tamagochi" part.
  3. Predefined blacklists are a common thing these days
  4. I have seen the 2h leaked footage and I must say I am disappointed by NMS. Comparing it to DU would be like to compare orange and apples. Here is what I hate in NMS: No multiplayer gameplay Punished by Police AI for harvesting/killing things on planet and in space. Cartoony visual experience with a lot of fog as a general rule for handling level of details. (LOD) Crappy space station design, with only one room and a trade terminal. The whole thing have quintillion planets and lifeforms, but without anything to do on it beside "point and click" to scan/harvest and repeat. You can "name" every lifeforms/planet you are the first to discover... but infact you are not the first to discover it since its crawling with "abandoned outpost" -> making true immersion an impossibility. Beside, no one will ever get to the same planet as you. and if this happen anyway, they will just leave and find another one to get naming rights for themselves. Space combat looked like point and click ONLY, no room for emergent gameplay, you only get the one ship you can "upgrade", and its stuck with you. Once you have it upgraded, you can head toward the center of the universe and enjoy the cinematic and you are done with the game. Nothing to "build". Price too high for a tamagochi simulator. Perfect for a true casual player on console. But not for me. On the other hand what I like on DU is what NMS is lacking: One unique multiplayer server allowing for MASSIVE multiplayer gameplay. You can build anything, anywhere, and it stays for everyone to see and use. Unlimited number of planet with territory control worth fighting for. Player driven economy Sandbox for emergent gameplay. I bet NQ will add the functionality to "name" a planet if you are the first to discover it, or if you own >90% of it. It would not be a great deal for them.
  5. The game don't. It is either a planetary construct, or not In this game, a "ship" is a name you associate to a construct with attached propulsor and cockpit. why the aggressive attitude ?
  6. Why only 3 for ship ? A ship is a construct not anchored to a planet. A construct not anchored to a planet is not only a ship. It can be ... a giant crawling ground vehicle for example, With much room for any suitable power generation technique
  7. I 'd like to build a giant light beam of the death solar plant Existing related topic: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/874-energy/
  8. If you are able to maintain multiple character on a single account, an option for permadeath upon creating it could be easy. You would be locked out of it, and create a new one. but what happens to your belongings TCUs etc ? I dont see why NQ would implement this, since this may appeal to 0.01% of the players and require quite some time($$$) to think AND implement.
  9. This will work at the moment. They said this in a devblog article somewhere. They are not planning to simulate physics at this level because it is too much taking on server CPU. It would prevent the game to host 1000+ players at the same place. So, you could just do that. Beware, Territorial Control Unit are planned to extend only 1km above ground level.
  10. We do have Teamspeak to communicate as a community. Ingame text instant/delayed message would be used for communicating with other player/group outside of our community. But, the only way I would use voice com ingame, would be if this is well integrated, and not some sort of magic. for example: a Radio Unit Element + Radio Antenna being placed on any construct, allowing interactions Request an encrypted (private) voice channel with <target> Request a public voice channel with <target> Broadcast to all in range (like marine emergency VHF canal 16) Players manning a terminal at the radio screen could "subscribe to comm request" to be poked when someone is requesting to open a channel. Maybe they could manage open channels by closing them, or playing them to the ship speaker system so that every one inside can listen. I know teamspeak have a professional SDK that would enable a game developer to do that without starting from scratch. I bet they are not the only one. "TFR Radio" in Arma is another good example of ingame implementation: you have portable radios and the ability to change frequency like a real one. also the broadcast / listening range is limited by the radio model you are equipped with. Sadly, TFR is a teamspeak client plugin that interact with a game server script and is not supported as an official feature. I would not make it a priority: first things first, remember this is an indie studio.
  11. I, personally, would feel disappointed not to be able to dig a hole and build in it. If Space Engineer can do it ...
  12. I can agree with that, and have, in fact, been experimenting this shit in a similar fashion on other games before. However, this thought me to better prepare myself to counter-it. So, maybe before building my masterpiece, I would secure the area with a TCU (Territory Control Unit), to deny any easy and unwanted terrain modification around. Maybe I would add a perimeter defense system all around, lets say Anchored Automated Turrets in sync with a radar unit and an IFF system. ( to be confirmed ) In short, I would have used the game the way it is meant to be used. If this may not be enough to deter the hardcore lowlife of a scumbag and his cube; I know I could count on the community I am part of to be of some kind of assistance via added security. I would have built near them, ensuring longer human presence around to have more chance to be able to intervene in a defensive situation. Maybe my community will be part of a larger player-faction with strict police laws, then maybe I will be confident my masterpiece will be reasonably safe there. Adding to that, the devs may add (somehow) a "god mode" intended to civilian constructions (or another system intended to protect such masterpiece) [this worries me since this is such an opportunity for unbalance and abuse of game mechanics regarding PvP and territory war] AND lets not forget, you might just be able to have a blueprint for your masterpiece, AND maybe, supply it with "auto-reparators" as I am sure to have read about them somewhere on the devblog. Conclusion, Mr Scumbag is a challenge and an opportunity for more "meta" game, and is making sure I don't die bored of the game too easily.
  13. Hi ! Welcome around. You mentioned some interesting points, however I beg to differ on most of them. It would be COOL, but absolutely pointless regarding gameplay mechanics, and add over-complexity for the devs to implement this purely cosmetic feature. COOL, not NEED. On this one I do think this what will happen. This is a Game Designer task to think of an incentive for the player to add richness to their ship. And ... Blueprints happened. Since you can make a design and store it for replication upon destruction of the first prototype (or else). The PvPers will, too, make some efforts into building their ships; because nobody likes flying in a piece of junk and will now their effort is not truly lost after a fight (so as yours). As in any MMO, and especially in a sandbox PvP-oriented one, this is to be expected, as it should. Knowing this, you can always monitor and prevent your child to access the game if you think this will be a prejudice for him to experience this. If you want your son to play a casual space MMO where nothing of the sort will happens, please introduce him to "No Man's Sky", as I think it is more oriented toward the "innocent" gamer (it is not even truly multiplayer, so no pvp) If your son want to enjoy ship building, please try the plethora of titles that already offer it today. (SE, etc...) To my opinion, none of them are satisfying, and Dual Universe represent hope of a true sandbox game, which is a rare commodity these days. So rare in fact, that most of the current generation of MMO player doesn't even know what it truly means. For me, it means freedom. Freedom NOT to destroy your ship if I decide to have pity or simply does not care ! or... Freedom to destroy your son's ship just because I can. (size do matters ^^) If I feel I can, it is because I am prepared for this fight. In the process, your son may just learn that, to be prepared. He may take the challenge and think of a better design for his ship, and (much) later love to PvP and not living in fear, because too, he will think he is prepared. Freedom to NOT love PvP and be prepared to defend your "life" at a high cost ! All of this is not griefing. This is Freedom. this freedom will ensure countless encounters, none of them the same, this freedom will make sure Dual Universe will not bore you after a few hours. PvP is just an example, but the same logic applies to other aspect of the game. Also, you will be free to reject civilization and be on your way to the edge of the (infinite procedural) universe .. never to cross path with another human again ... That can be a challenging goal actually. Smaller server means more rules required by the close proximity. More rules means less freedom and less emergent gameplay; In short: a game able to die quicker, and a large amount of player deterred. If I want a small community, I can find myself a nice server of .. SE, or Rust, or even WoW. This is just not what DU is aiming for. In DU, you will have freedom to make friends with other player wanting the same as you. You will be able to team up and play together or just be neighbors ! You can define your own "high standard" and go evangelize it into the verse (or not, again, you are free). Build or join a community like-minded and just play together. You will find that the journey will bring you to places and situation you could have not even thought of before. You will be able to count on other players to "defend" your 300 hours masterpiece, or to hunt down whoever tried to smash it. I would agree with you for a solo game. Again, DU will be a true Massive Multiplayer Online game It will run on cloud servers. Be it Amazon S3 or Google Cloud, this cost money. A LOT OF money. So, a "maintenance fee" is required. It is only normal as a player, and user connected to those servers, to participate to the cost. NovaQuark must pay employees to keep improving the game, and to pay server bills. Lets not forget rewarding investors who made the whole journey possible. So no, sorry, this is not robbery at all from my point of view. No Man's Sky DO APPEARS to be robing their customers from my point of view... $70 for a procedural, soloplayer, tamagotchi simulator...err .. why not .. but .. well ... they do have servers to maintain the live database but ... the game is not even multiplayer.... (I have just seen a 2h long leaked gameplay video) Back to the fee: in DU, you will be able to pay using PLEX-like item, using in game currency. So, even with razor blade in your pockets, you will be able to enjoy the game ^^. Optional buying of expansion do divide communities. =/= freedom of a sandbox It might be the best model for another game, but for DU, this makes no sense. Just as people play games not intended for them and go and bitch to the evil dev who made it because it is too hard for their non-experimented taste. Conclusion Lets agree to disagree on almost every point I sincerely hope you will be able to enjoy DU if it comes out as promised, you might just surprise yourself having the blast of a gamer-lifetime.
  14. I'd prefer an "hunger meter". below 30% you get bonuses (running speed?) over 50% you get penalties when reaching 100% you die of hunger. it can take 12 hours to start feeling hungry again (30%) and several days to die (100%) also, we can be certain food will be a thing: source: https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2014/08/17/about-the-alpha-gameplay The only reason I am OK with that, is because it will create a limitation for the lone explorer to deals with. Bringing food requires storage, and probably other thing to "support" your life in the wild of a new planet. You will not be able to stay forever if you came unprepared and unaware of what you are doing. Beside that, I cannot see why I would enjoy playing farmer
  15. source: https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2014/08/17/about-the-alpha-gameplay Now we can let the topic die in peace can we ?
  16. I am not sure it is to avoid using physics entirely. It may be to avoid to use physics for each one of the countless projectiles that are fired by a turret. Using maths they can process one projectile and replicate to simulate the whole salvo. Collision and kinetic impact of construct against construct are much less of a spam usually. Lets hope it will be possible without performance issue
  17. Your view maybe, but the server knows, and from the target view, it will be displayed as it is approaching
  18. some more ideas: Alarm Rotating Light (light emitter) --------- Alarm Flashing Light same functions and events as all above ------ Alarm Sirene (sound emitter) --------- Alarm Bell (sound emitter) same functions and events as above --------- Flat Screens (all size, sleek looking) Curved Screens (all size) Static Display Panel (would not require power to operate, cannot be changed once defined, like Rust's wood panels) ------ Global Positioning System / Inertial Navigation Unit (tl;dr: "YOU ARE HERE" on a planet, and in space ) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inertial_navigation_system https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Positioning_System ------ IFF - Identification Friend or Foe Client: Broadcast (radar?radio?laser?) a user defined set of key/label like "callsign=DEIM Ship One" "type=passager transport" Server: automatically capable of telling if a given client is friend or foe. (no need to overcomplexify the game by adding top secret crypto codes etc) (wikipedia page) ------ Big searchlight IR Imagery / CCTV Camera can be used as sensor for lifeforms detection from orbit or within a construct --------- Small / Medium / Large Telescope (deep space ship detection, planetary exploration / survey)
  19. I have read about Dual Contouring somewhere on the devblog, it may be it.
  20. small rail Catapults would be nice. just something to give initial motion on a mass like another construct Jump to 0:40
  21. I would love to read this but right now, I can't. However, i could find a little bit of info here: Does this implies a stargate can be private and you will not be able to open it without the key/code ? Does this implies stargates are or are not limited to a single destination each ? Does this implies stargate can be hacked/jammed by a force without the keycode? "doh"
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