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  1. wow doing some reading, lots of passion here..just bought in for the Alpha 2, so learning a bit before then. I like the Eve model, it gives you choices, I play there as a free player, role playing as a released slave that won his freedom. lots of people don't like you, you can buy or get most things, but only lower level stuff, and still play and make enough cash to get along. monthly subs for someone like me (disabled on a SS pension) would be too much, but I love the game design, so if I can play a half game for free I certainly would.
  2. krm398

    Space Whales

    this is a sad discussion that shows up at some time on every game page or forum, to me its not funny anymore. like hearing the same music for the hundredth time..lol
  3. Classes were mentioned I think we should ignore class altogether. Be what you want to be use what weapons you feel like using. No harnesses to keep us tied down in, just go for it and do what comes to mind day to day.
  4. The best way to do this would be shallow water worlds, less than 100 feet in places, so the sun could shine down and we could see the base and work around it ( not sure of the depth for sunlight but alien worlds would be very clean compared to ours) or varying depths with some shallows to build bases in and deep water elsewhere to explore.
  5. I like robots and auto-flying ships as AI enemies, that would be cool.Even AI drones at ground level...just no AI bodies for Humans..hehe.
  6. Get as complex as you like...I just mine...lol so the ores will be coming in. For a fair price.
  7. OK here's a thought, the devs need cash to do everything we ask...or a tiny bit they like anyways....so why not add a Donate button to the page? Even if I might not play it later on I would probably donate something for it, as would others, so what do you think people should we put our money where our mouths are, if even a couple bucks?
  8. If you use the Drake equation with the new figures we have today, I believe it says 50,000 civilizations in the galaxy. If you're going to limit the new colonies to a tiny speck of the galaxy then new civilizations might not be found. If you open the galaxy to exploration...its a sure thing eventually. so time and spacial limits have to be considered but thats all. And then we can consider that Humans, and those that look even close to them, are not the only entities in the galaxy, so I'd suggest nothing that stands up as we do, maybe snake like reptiles,or germ and bacteria shaped life that slides along or lives in oceans..just some ideas.
  9. A comment on the original discussion, my opinion...no... no AI robots to live in, no sentient androids with super powers and indestructible bodies. That might not have been mentioned yet but trust me it would be.People like to find a way to cheat every game, so why not an immortal, indestructible body while others plod along as Humans? Sorry, no AI bodies to play in.
  10. Melee in futuristic games or the future itself will have little to no reason. If your talking the Waring States Era, ok, but even the American Civil war was fought 90% with ranged weapons. so the future with melee? Only if the End comes and we have to start all over. These discussions are a hold over from Star Wars and light sabers.
  11. Miner, gatherer and businessman. Selling to anyone with the credits, maybe getting a few blue prints and building and selling weapons or maybe space ship parts, lots of money to be made when a large number of players are gun crazy...lol Here's hoping for lost ships on death.
  12. in one or two games I've played they had orbiting weapons platforms, made especially for defense, large stations made just for weapons and defenses, firing automatically at any enemy in range. Both missiles and particle cannons depending on the distance from the station the enemy ships were.they were made in different sizes depending on what type of defense you were willing to pay for.
  13. read this whole thing, why not sure, same ideas every time every game, swords in a time of nukes..ok, if that's how you roll...lasers that overheat, of course in today's technology, but this is how far into the future? So their weapons probably wont even look like ours at all, but people forget that little thing...Time...so the debs might surprise the hell out of us all if they are serious about their future. Things not mentioned: Biological weapons, grenades that kill by infection, only living humans nothing else. Pyrotechnics weapons...fire cures all ills especially at close range Computer viruses, kill by shutting down power to oh, I don't know....life support? Makes boarding clean and easy after a couple hours when their suits air run out Hacking ships controls, watch them bail after it starts into an atmosphere Drive herds of animals crazy with sound waves and drive them into a colonists town to feed...lol Just a few ideas off the top of my head.
  14. hehehe, before we worry about how to pay our monthly's I think we should at least see the game once or twice. Lets wait to see how all this plays out in game before we worry about who will pay what...there might be a lot of empty space if people dont like the way it starts out.
  15. I strongly doubt that running scripts to aim weapons and fire turrets will use fuel. That's a bit of an exaggeration. If our ships use that much fuel for common easy to understand things like auto targeting and firing turrets then they use WAY to much fuel in general. If they do then the game will fail, simple as that, no one wants a game where they need to micromanage every tiny detail every time they stop at a station. That's why many games say that Fusion Reactors run the ships, they are fueled when they are bought, and only need refueled once every few years, unless you're an explorer that never sits still. Space combat games I've played since back in the 90's all use similar things so that people can play and have fun. Managing little things gets tedious and is not fun. Fuel loading and reloading? Done automatically when we dock, and we don't even have to think about it, that's playing and having fun...go ahead and add a fuel costs... if its reasonable, but make it too expensive to play and people wont stay, that's all there is to it.
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