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  1. Lethak: Well done good sir, counterpoints, reason and logic. -Even if, true to your word, we don't agree. -To that, I'd say, the very point of a building game is to make your cosmetics as good as possible, otherwise you might as well play any static spacey-flighty-fighty game that doesn't have any kind of construction- not that those are bad, mid you, but without building fancy stuff it's just the same as any mmo; min-max your stats, crush opposition, done. And ... Blueprints happened. Since you can make a design and store it for replication upon destr
  2. Now we're going somewhere. Ultimately they'll make the game they want to make, and it'll either sell or it won't. But does it absolutely HAVE to be "Massively" multiplayer? I listed my reasons why I think there's virtue in smaller communities. A single large one, true enough, will offer more chances to meet more people, see more creations, and always run into someone..... Except, you can also do that simply by checking out another server and keep the benefits of a smaller group, and as for population density, I usually get deeper interactions out of the average NPC than the averag
  3. Meaning, there are no good reasons other than "well, it's not red because it's blue". The site's FAQ will have to do then. I'd also like to remind you I was kind enough to provide a TLDR of my own ramblings. Won't preach water while drinking wine, I am willing to read through anything of up to a similar length of what I unleashed if it doesn't completely suck, and isn't quite as jumbled as what you so smugly referred to. Well, at any rate the ideas are out there and they either take root or don't. Seen enough forums to hold no illusions, but here's hoping. Would have enjoyed s
  4. Well. Thanks for the welocme. With respect, what you linked is a worse textwall than mine with links to more textwalls. I'd appreciate if you'd name the specific reasons why do you think what I say is wrong. I've scanned it and the main site's FAQ BEFORE posting, and once more now. It wasn't thorough, but I see no good reasons, nor do I believe there is one. I can be proven wrong of course. Well. Did read on the main site. ... Skim the forum's one. Probably more thoroughly than you skimmed my post; I didn't ask for 40k themed cockpits. I asked for the ABILITY to BUILD a cockpit f
  5. That's good old Picard for you, helpfully indicating which posters are lacking in intelligence. I'd be making the same expression if I was forced to take part in a moron's post in order for him to appear witty. And don't forget, he's contributing to keep the topic alive, even if you have nothing of worth to say. Let's see how many we can get. Oh! The last one has words. So who said it has to be a carebear simulator? Yet what does it matter if someone wants to run such a server half a globe away and completely secluded from you? It wouldn't affect you any way, unless
  6. Greetings. I'm fresh in after watching the gameplay video, and reading around a bit here - and digesting it for a couple of days for good measure. I'd like to share my impressions with you all, as probably everyone else does, since there's precious little else to do with this game as of yet. First off, what I liked: The scale. The sheer scale and the level of detail, with seemingly free curves, angles and block sizes, which leaves me to believe it's possible to build near-perfectly detailed smooth-surfaces, as opposed to what any other building game allows the player:
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