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  1. can't upload a logo to the organization without getting a server 500 error, the logo is small enough and it is a .jpg It fixed itself XD no clue.
  2. Lets hope not, When designing a ship I find its important on building it based on what you need. As for weapons.. I'm not talking about weapons in the context of you printed one out, slapped it on a ship and bam... you have kinetic bombardment on a ship, but more of combine all the moving parts, functions, elements, coding, methods and twelve dozen other things I'm not thinking of to create such a weapon.
  3. I'd see nothing wrong with that, but tbh cool to use. In the Vietnam War we used Lazy Dog Bombs, which looked like normal bombs, but when they exploded caused an effect like a machine gun fired vertically. As for the Rod of God, the use of Tungsten as the "round" is bc its not volatile so it wouldn't explode for say but it is theorized that the kinetic force from it would have a yield of a small.... very small tactical nuke, think lots and lots of destruction in a very small area. It's also considered to be used as a bunker buster... such as a nuclear bunker buster. While it does bring mass destruction and thus fits to some degree in the WMD area one wouldn't be leaving crators all over a planet using it. Remember Mass Destruction in a small area theorized to be no greater then a two mile radius while as small as 1.78 miles. For a game balancing idea, the rods would have to be made of rare material and a lot of it, possibly compressed. Also the area effected would have to be smaller.
  4. Oh for sure, just wondering if the Devs have given any info on something like this, such as no or yes and why etc. Tho I'd love to see such an idea on orbital bombardment ships XD
  5. So the devs have said no to nukes, would having a satellite above the planet that drops tungsten rods down letting gravity do its work have any affect on the surface?
  6. So you have an automated laser cannon defense grid set up around a planet. Gonna knock this out of the ballpark for you gents! How to power them? This would be done by a two step process -1st. Solar panels for energy, you said wireless energy.. there ya go. But Solar energy surely couldn't produce enough power on its own to fire such a weapon! I agree, tho this is the future/ult universe so maybe solar panels are very very advanced form of energy collection, but I digress so lets move on to the 2nd part. -2nd. Charging of a battery cell. Simple it charges up from the solar panels, depending on the size of the cell, it could store one shot or several shots. When the planetary defense laser fires it pulls from the energy cell. Also using solar energy could be used to lets say keeping other things running on the cannon, such as boosters for movement, or AI controlled FoF system.
  7. I'd like to see it get as complicated as the applied energetics 2, thermal expansion and ender IO mods for FTB/minecraft. In the end if you have the power, materials, etc., etc. all of which is godly amounts, then you can automate just about anything you want even down to end game content, again you need godly amounts of everything to do so.
  8. Not read or seen anything about this so its an idea/question. Should organizations be able to have there own bank where all members can add to or where taxes auto go. To further my thoughts on this ,I'd like to see a system where players within the organization have farmed materials, elements etc, when farmed or created auto deposited into the clans bank(this of course is an option check box or slider bar or possible even a tech upgrade within the clan). Why would we ever want something like this? Well as a player do you need those ten thousand bronze ores? or could those go to constructors/builders? In the end they get what they need and you get better gear out of it. While I understand large organized groups will have no problem handing the mats over to who ever needs them it would simply be nice to have them auto deposited to a central clan banking system then handed out by admin/bankers to where the clan needs them the most. In the end its to allow the idea that a single large group can excel over individual units with the right management.
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