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  1. Hi, i write this because i believe in constructive criticism. DU was my big hope in terms of an MMO. I loved the integrated Systems and thought it would go into the right direction. I payed even if i stopped playing for some months, because i believed that will be the new kind of MMO. But now i want to discribe my Gameplay in DU as a Casual Gamer with an 9 to 5 job: Any Production - gone, its to expensive and cheaper to buy stuff from big corps Mining - I do mining to pay my taxes. I need to mine low Tier Ore , because in not secured space my ship will be destroyed and robbed. Calibrating - it forces me to calibrate my MU for what reason? Game Economy? nope there are no costs. so only to steal my time and generate Server load. Asteroid Mining for a Casual Gamer ? No clue .. didnt try it yet, if it takes hours then possible not a casual gamestyle. Traveling - need to fly without warp, because it would be to expensive and i need to farm more for my taxes, so 4hours for a trip in one direction ... Nice gameplay .. perhaps a mini game like calibration for that flight to prevent afk flying? that would be nice. thats value play time .... My Conclusion : I do Mining, Calibration and flying around to pay my taxes and stuff. around 80% of my playtime. i have some fun to build a ship but thats only a small part of my playtime because my time is limited. and if i had to work 80 % of that time for my taxes, there isnt much left. If DU will stay on that course, there will be a hand full of big corps and some pirates. nothing for new players to stay for. and for what will the playerbase stay in the game? Story , discoveries and stuff ? Nope... The Game seams to get the playstile of be a wheel in a big corp. Do what is nessessary for the Corp to get the benefits. thats like real life work in a game ... i lost my ship with ore for my taxes today , that was the drop of water that makes the vase overflow. bye Chorum
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