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  1. Been pretty busy lately but wanted to make sure to welcome our newest members. Welcome! Happy to have you aboard.
  2. Welcome to The Outfit, Logicbomb! I love your name.
  3. Hi Goose, and welcome to the forums. As Gallo as already stated you should come check us out. We have a lot to offer. An awesome website and member forums to hang out on and plan our strategies, Discord chat, Events manager with weekly hosted game nights, Our own Imperium server and much, much more.
  4. Yes, Neopolitan. Dhara setup our own server. Come play with us sometime. We'd be happy to have you and your friends come setup a base. Friend or Foe, It'll be good practice for Dual.
  5. Awesome, I want to welcome our newest member, Apoteos!
  6. Join the Outfit and hit the ground running with our 2 pre-selected Alpha members, Dhara and Gallo. Congratulations by the way!
  7. Welcome to the Outfit Jeronimo and Hollow!
  8. I think Space Coke is a good idea for us roll playing smugglers. You could get virtually tweaked out and mine x2 or something similar that would be worth the risk. This would also help create a black market economy. Sounds like fun to me...
  9. You sound like you would fit in well with the Outfit. We're all mad. Check us out!
  10. Thanks Ryoko! I could have some fun modeling your avatar too and your companion, Cyber Kitty
  11. Thanks Neo! I could have some fun with your avatar....hint, hint....
  12. Welcome to The Outfit AlexanderS. I'm excited to have a Lua programmer aboard!
  13. Thanks everybody for the congratulations on the promotion! I'm here for you all and I'll do my best for the Outfit! I want to get to know everybody that joins The Outfit so I'm envisioning about 20-30 members of chill, adults just having fun. Join an already elite team of voxel-builders, scripters and gamers that are already plotting there survival. Will you be ready come launch? Sign up now! Spots are limited.
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