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  1. Yeah, and I completely agree with having a simple model at launch, definitely don't want to overreach. I guess this was more of a theoretical question for late game development and whether this could even be a possibility. Yeah, I would assume there would at least be CO2 scrubbers, otherwise I guess the game would really be lacking in some terms of realism. But I guess I'm wondering how it would affect passengers if, say, the power drops mid transit and there is no longer enough power to the CO2 scrubbers? Would they kick out and suddenly everyone start taking damage?
  2. I guess I was wondering how people felt about ways of producing oxygen on a spaceship. I personally see two main types of oxygen production. First and foremost would be CO2 recycling or "scrubbing" which would probably be the easiest to incorporate. The second, and possibly more complicated, would be establishing a thriving biosphere inside the ship. Though I feel that creating a biodome may be difficult (you'd have to consider a lot of factors, especially how the plants will interact with humans in terms of the photosynthetic and respiratory interaction). But I was thinking that if plants carried with them a value (ie 1 mature tree = enough oxygen for 2 people) it would be easier to equate how many trees you would need to support a crew of "x". Say your ship has 1000 people, you'd need 500 trees on your ship. Any less and your ships systems would begin showing that in "x hours" you will be down to "x% oxygen reserves" and so forth. Do you believe that a ship with an active and effective biosphere could replace or at least limit the need for CO2 fixers? Just for reference I chose two examples from more "recent" Sci-fi series of what I guess I'm trying to ask. Botanical Cruiser - Battlestar Galactica vs. Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers - Stargate Universe
  3. I didn't see the dev talk and will have to watch it, thanks! But I guess this brings about the question of if you could combine two different types of ships into a single ship. I'm thinking something Enterprise-esque. I'm wondering if you could have a crew compartment that is designed for protection/defense and a battle/offense section. The two would detach prior to combat to ensure first the safety of non-essential crew and then the remaining vessel would be geared towards the "fight" aspect you mentioned.
  4. Even with just those few there is so many amazing opportunities for weapon creation. Consider a Magnetic Nuclear Mine, you'd have the magnetic element being attracted to the hull of the ship, then with the nuclear detonation you'd have the heat to contend with on the voxels, plus sheer force from the blast...then you have the question of whether radiation would damage players in the sections not shielded from rads.
  5. Forgive me if I don't really explain this concept properly, I'm usually a quiet lurker (especially this one where a lot of people seem to be very experienced with these types games and I'm more of a starry eyed dreamer, haha). Anyways, I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but what are people thinking about for ship-to-ship space combat, specifically how damage to ships will be visualized when made out of voxels. So, I was wondering how different weapons would affect a ship's hull especially exteriors constructed of voxels. So, for example, would plasma weapons "melt" voxels away and expose hallways to open space? Would ballistic weapons leave dents in the hull or chip away pieces as it impacts the hull? I guess I'm wondering what other people have seen (maybe in other games or even design concepts) or consider as something interesting to incorporate in terms of weapons damage and resulting impact on hull condition. Edit: Some typos.
  6. I think it would be smart if you couldn't reverse engineer blueprints. This would open the need for companies to commit corporate espionage and infiltrate other companies, get an original model, and steal it to reverse engineer and turn a profit. I think it would just add another level of game play.
  7. Hey everyone, A lot of people are talking about what they want to build on their territories but I was wondering a little more about territories themselves. I guess my main question is, when you seize control of the 1km hex tile what are your limitations of building in a vertical sense? ie, can you just keep building as high as you want? Or would you need to buy a hex tile above you if you want to exceed 1km height? What about below? If you dig 1km below, would you need to purchase a lower tile? (a concept similar to how Landmark territories were handled) I guess I'm just kind of wondering how it is planned to be worked. The last thing I would want is to build a city and then decide to build a subway (as was discussed by players here) and find that someone had already purchased all the land under my city. Edit: Noticed this post which also discusses claiming tiles
  8. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. I hope to become a little more active on the forums, I definitely want to develop alongside the community as the clock ticks down to launch. Put my kickstarter donation in, so you'll be seeing me in Alpha, Beta and Beyonnnnnndddddddddd. Thanks for the info, I will definitely be checking into your company. Briefly read over your description, but not closely enough to do it justice. When I get around to reading it through you may see a request from me.
  9. Hey everyone! You can call me Goose. So excited and pumped for this game. Randomly saw the kickstarter topic popup in r/MMORPG and I immediately began my researching into it. This game is 100% up my alley and whether it takes 2 years or 7 years I’ll be there when it starts. Unfortunately, with an entire universe to explore I want to both be a part of a guild/clan/corp. but I also want to run my own (or at least be a part of helping create a couple different organizations). I am god awful at running guilds, I have good ideas but I just don’t have the time to run them properly, so I would rather not run my own because chances are it’ll crash and burn. So I look forward to learning about everyone else’s and hopefully finding something than interests me! But, if anyone wanted to run with my current business idea and make it your own, go right ahead (I’ve got a few more ideas brewing already anyways). Company idea: Universal Shipping Slogan: You can’t spell trust, without US. Goal: Be the premier interstellar shipping service across Dual Universe. Handle shipping of materials and even personnel across the vast expanse of space. We would offer secure shipping and even insurance on your products that secure against loss.
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