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  1. The organization's description gives some details so that everyone can get an idea of what the system will be like. It certainly will need some revamping, but the general structure is there.
  2. Do you want to leave Dual Universe open to piracy and lawlessness? If not, help me out and draft some laws! Together, we can help make Dual Universe a safe place and give players the in game safety they deserve (or help give space pirates have the true piracy experience they deserve...). If this sounds interesting to you, join the organization "Dual Universe Supreme Court (DUSC)" and start submitting your ideas. If you have a legal inclination, apply to be a judge and help settle disputes between players, create contracts, and provide other legal services for players who need some financial security in their Dual Universe experience. If you have an organization bounty hunters, join up and be ready for some fun hunting as a Primary Select Enforcer (PSE). All applicants are welcome, but conditions apply for judges and PSEs. Join up!! SCOTUS
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