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  1. This game has too many care bear builder types to have any hardcore aspect, I only imagine the amount of crying NQ had to tolerate from idiots who crashed and thought they should be safe from their own stupidity even on Sanctuary... sometimes I have the urge to start a game dev company and just say "fuck you guys, I am building a hardcore game that I would like to play" and just do it, NQ is just not cut out for it.
  2. This would be a great way of fixing damaged voxels too! got shot yesterday and it was a pain to repair the damage.
  3. This sounds a lot like our small community! I was playing SC and dealing with some dark thoughts, found that helping people stranded in the black of space was a good way to cope, it helped me see beyond my own depression, and I am doing great now! so I created an ORG in that game called Not Alone dedicated to medical and rescue gameplay (still WIP in that game) and to talk to people that are going through a hard time in RL, I would love to hear what your thoughts are on a similar work here in DU! I'll visit your discord in my next day of, and we can maybe talk about it.
  4. A red element means it's blocked by something and will not work/work at reduced capacity!
  5. I would! Just give stuff in magic BPs or give nothing back and start from scratch! Game is in BETA I don't get attached to things in a BETA game and I've progressed quite a bit. Now if they PROMISED there would be no wipes then it's another story, then they should just stick to their guns.
  6. It's amazing to me that these MMO developers simply can't get this right, simple rules: Never underestimate the players, they will break, change, warp and find things, no your game secret hidden in a planet somewhere will not be hidden for long, if you allow players to leave shit everywhere that is what they will do! Please guys, we are kids we need limitations! I don't want to live in a trash heap and play with 2 FPS, please address the issue of litering markets.
  7. I am going to agree with you here, if they can do it without delay and without sacrificing quality (I know that is not possible, they already dropped some visual improvements on planets just to avoid destroying players buildings and diggings) them by all means don't wipe anything, what I mean is: I want this game to be the best it can be, and players always seem to plant themselves squarely in the way of this objective.
  8. There in lays the problem, I've not insulted anyone that chose to stop playing the game if its no longer fun, I'm calling out bulshit on people that play a beta game and demand that all the progress they made be completely safe... that is by definition stupid.
  9. I've done that before, if finding a friend with a Magic Carpet type of craft to help you is out of the question you can just stack dirt up until you get to it.
  10. There is a lot of freaking crybabies in the gaming environment, the game is in BETA it's going to be a worse game at launch if we don't allow them to wipe, DEV time to upgrade and include all the systems and content they want to include while maintaining what people built functioning is going to ruin the game and that is the choice of stupid people who don't understand that joining a game in development means having to sometimes lose progress! I am completely OK with a universe WIPE (maybe they can keep skills but I'll be OK with a FULL WIPE too), the game is in beta let them finish it and then let us all start together in a better and more fleshed out universe.
  11. You can use LUA to program that behavior, I'm sure someone has done it already.
  12. AFAIK You can make them adjacent but you won't be able to link across, can someone tell us if hubs can connect across cores?
  13. That is why anyone that defends people that use exploits are even more stupid, they ruin the fun not only for themselves (after all if you can have everything in a game instantly you'll soon stop playing) but for the rest of us, imagine how fast game dev would be if there where not all those people capable of doing anything to "win"!
  14. There is playing a game how you like and there is doing something with the express purpose of hurting someone else's gameplay just for the fun of it, not saying it should be wrong or it should be forbidden but it is an asshole move, don't get me wrong I'll kill you in a PVP game and take loot from you but killing you just for the fun of it don't know man it feels wrong to me but that is just me a normal person with barely any trace of psychotic behavior in me, EVE had its share of psychopaths its normal that some of you ended up here.
  15. The responses on this makes me want to be as far away as possible from you guys... cringy, unnecessarily belligerent and down right childish to say the least. What this guy is doing is a form of griefing but same as drugs people will do it no matter what so there is very little way of stopping it, just make it as much unfun for them as possible, think about it, he could be out there playing the game but no, he prefers to be there building an ugly wall just to piss you off, really just ignore him.
  16. I second this, it looks so sexy! can you share it? Man I knew some extremely talented people would come out of the woodwork with the possibilities on this game but you guys go far beyond what I would imagine possible.
  17. This is great, gonna be dropping an application soon!
  18. I just gave up hope that any game ever will get Mining right! Its infuriating that they had this great opportunity to create incredible valuable ore veins that could last years and would foment conflict wars could be fought over these special places where resources are extracted and that would be awesome... but no, we get ore veins that deplete as quickly or we get big veins that deplete less quickly... fuck man I wish any games where really trying at all to get this one aspect right at least once, I had high hopes for this game and for SC and both got mining completely wrong, SC approach is kinda fun but too gamy for my taste and DUs approach just leaves a bad taste in the mouth for the missed opportunity.
  19. Yeah there is that issue, so you see bots not going away ever? that would suck but again it would be worse if there where other MMO mechanics like raids and missions to inject money in the economy.
  20. I would pick everything up and try again, it might be a bug! I would report it to NQ.
  21. I do hope they get rid of bots in the near future, they kinda ruin the idea of no NPCs in the game.
  22. That is by definition not possible, you can't please PVPers and PVErs in a shared single shard universe unless you allow some people to play by diferent rules.
  23. Machines and Containers have a hard cap of 10 connections in and 10 connections out so start there, about the build from a container you just have to check the button to make the container your primary container, the UI design in this game has much to improve so it is sometimes in the top left and sometimes in the top right.
  24. Man it sucks they went that way, really? GOLD as a viable building material? man every single time I think a DEV team found their heads some fucked up idea shows up.
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