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  1. In our organization's Teamspeak we have often discussed possibilities to remove "clutter" on and near the District landing pads. Here a suggestion how this could work: When a dynamic core is "parked" near the district for too long (more than 24 hours) it should be "towed" to a virtual compound The player receives a "parking ticket" and needs to pay a fine depending on how often the player's constructs have already been towed. Contructs will NOT be sent to player inventory ... however the "parking ticket" can be traded in at a vending machine at the landing pad and the construct will be spawned immediately (so people can not use this mechanic to get an easy "no weight blueprint" of their ships) First time offenders ... reclaiming the towed vehicle is free. Warning is issued that it will cost from now on. Second time offender ... reclaiming the vehicle costs 50.000 h Repeated offenders ... reclaiming costs double every time a construct gets towed.
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